Guide to Wear Utility Kilt with Style

Guide to Wear Utility Kilt with Style

Utility kilt is classic apparel to bless your wardrobe. Since the name is enough to understand the element, utility kilt is the substitute for trousers. Utility kilts are designed according to the user’s convenience. The aim to structure utility kilt was to provide multi-purpose apparel that can cover you from the weather and environmental elements. The astonishing about the utility kilt is that it can be used as a camping blanket. You can easily wear these kilts at any casual and other crowd events or ceremonies, or even weddings. Check for more help.

Utility kilt is rich in benefits with multiple usages. History says that the utility kilts were only confined to wear occasionally i.e. at weddings and social events. However, in the modern world, the influence of utility kilt has been increased. Mostly, men and women both wear utility kilts. In contemporary fashion, you will find variety in utility kilts.

Utility kilts are the reflection of Scottish culture, cargo pants, made up of cotton and breathable fabric. To wear utility kilts, you just require to have a basic fashion sense. It is very easy to wear with extensive benefits.

Follow the instructions to wear in utility kilt properly.

Wrapping the Kilt


UT kilt usually looks like a mini skirt but it’s not in actuality. So, you are going to wrap it first with the right side covering the left side. The belt area of the Kilt will wrap around the waist. The aprons will come at the front while the pleats will go beyond. Now, there are only two aprons left, flap them to the front. It will traditionally cover your knees.

Tie it up

The tying method is depending upon the style of the Utility Kilt you are using. However, every kilt design has a lock system to fix it at a place. It is adjustable in most styles. Lock your kilt to the waist. Remember that do not tighten it more than your size. It may spoil the structure of the kilt.

What to wear with Utility Kilts?


There is no such limitation to wear with the kilt specifically. Although, you can follow the fashion recommendations.

Casual Wear

If you are wearing the kilt casually, you are open to adapting any accessory you want. Your taste for fashion will not be questioned anymore due to the evolution in the fashion industry. It will comfy you at your workplace, in the market or if you need to visit a friend. They have been designed with no packets and with cargo pockets in them. The causal utility kilt will work more than jeans or pocket skirts. It will entertain you to keep your essentials in those pockets. The daily wear kilts use fabric cotton, denim and other wash and wear.

Formal Wear


Utility Kilt can be your occasional outfit generously. If you are wearing it formally or occasionally, the excellent fashion sense will be good enough. High-quality and stylish utility kilts have been manufactured to fascinate users and fashion experts. In contemporary fashion, the utility kilts have been reversed. It also has been wearing out of Scotland. It is good to know that the utility kilts are no more confined to any culture specifically. People love to wear them to look modern. Utility kilt adds glam to the fashion.

There are a few things to be considered informal utility kilt are as follow.

  • Colors: You should have a good color choice or basic fashion sense to select your outfit. Imagine wearing screaming colors in a black-tie event! You may look beautiful but not cool. The same goes when you are choosing a utility kilt. Every color cannot look better in every outfit. The ritual colors are more likely to be worn in formal utility kilts i.e. mid-brown, black, navy blue and charcoal grey.
  • Pleats: the traditional and formal utility kilts offer you two options in pleats; box pleats and knife pleats. The utilitarian box pleats give a perfect fitted structure and easy movement to your body but it reflects the old utilitarian look. On occasions, people are more interested to wear ultra-modern outfits that is why it is recommended to go for traditional pleats.
  • Shirts: A shirt is a must thing to wear with a kilt. You are open to going for different types of shirts as per your choice but the Victorian collar is the most recommended. You can wear standard collar shirts, full dress sporrans, semi-dress sporrans and full leather sporrans too.
  • Kilt jackets and Neckties: they both are not necessary but suggested to wear with a utility kilt. You have several go-to options depending upon the occasion. The most recommended and most buying formal wear jacket is Prince Charlie Jacket. It was famous to wear with utilitarian kilts and tartans but if you wear with black it will not ruin your dressing but will enhance it. Fashion designers recommend the bowties to wear with a formal utility kilt but if it is not possible you can go for cravats or wool neckties.
  • Kilt belt: There is no need to wear a kilt belt or buckle until or unless you don’t have a waistcoat.
  • Sporran: sporran is used to connect the outfits. It is worn around the waist and looks like a pocket to store essentials but actually, it has different functions. However, there are many types of sporrans to worn but the formal recommendation will go to the leather sporran.
  • Socks and Shoes: The socks and shoes to wear with a utility kilt are somehow different from the traditional socks and shoes. The socks are also called kilt hoses while the shoes are known as Ghillie Borgue. The structure and manufacturing process of both the socks and shoes is different from the normal ones. The socks are made up of woollen or thick fabric while the colors are distinguished into cream; for traditional wear and black; for formal wear. In shoes, you have only one choice to wear and is made up of leather. Kilt shoes have long laces to tie around the legs.

Final Word

All the utility kilts are made to comfy the users. There is no rocket science to add them to your wardrobe but you just require to know the complete guidance about how to use it. Once you got familiar with its use, it will not take a long time to be your go-to wear.