4 Tips for Using Timber Attachments & Grabs

4 Tips for Using Timber Attachments & Grabs

The implementation of technology is very important for this industry. Without the advanced machinery, all processes related to cutting, collecting, and storing timber will require much higher effort. Luckily, there is a wide selection of machines that comes in different sizes and can improve efficiency and decrease the effort required from workers in the woods. For example, a grabber is an excellent option that will help you to collect and store the material much faster. If you are interested in buying timber grabs, visit this site.

Moreover, it might seem like a simple process when you can use all those machines in the process. However, using them requires a lot of experience. Also, you should be familiar with the terrain and types of trees in the forest to secure the proper selection of additional tools. The most common equipment are grabbers and various attachments. Here are some tips for using those additional tools.

1. Learn More About the Machinery

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It is important to know that there are all sorts of machines available in forestry. Therefore, it can be crucial to make the right choice according to the size of the forest, accessibility of the terrain, the amount of timber planned for harvesting, number of employees, and more. Here are the most common machines.

  • Feller bunchers; This vehicle has a cutting extension, and it has high capabilities when it comes to cutting trees. The main advantage is that it can collect more pieces at once. The best option is to choose a model with a track since it offers much better stability. Another benefit is that you can add various attachments to it. It is especially useful on less-approachable terrains.
  • Mulchers; They usually don’t need so much power like most other machines. The main use is to cut smaller trees, which is excellent in the production of wood sawdust.
  • Forwarders; It is also a very important part of the process that makes it much faster and easier when it comes to storing lumber. The great thing is that you can attach it to the standard truck, but be aware that it requires more power for carrying lumber and remain stable.
  • Loaders; It has some similar features with forwarders, but the main advantage is that it possess improved capabilities, which makes it an excellent option for bigger storage. It offers accuracy, speed, and stability.
  • Stump Grinder; When you finish with the harvesting of one part of the forest, you can use this machine to remove the stumps. You can use the material for wood sawdust or in the production of paper.
  • Yarders; It is especially convenient to use it as part of the process in large woods with complicated terrain. You can create a connected root and make the whole process much faster.

2. Choose Proper Attachments

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Besides the machinery, there are various extensions available as well, and proper selection can help you to be more efficient while collecting lumber. Almost every vehicle used in the harvesting of timber has an option to use these extensions. Here are the most common grabs and attachments.

  • Root Grapples; The best advantage is that it will make it easier while collecting the pieces since it has enough space for the dirt to not stay in the device. We all know that some devices could create a mess in the truck or at the logging spot.
  • Log Grabber; Cutting the trees is the easiest part of the process, while it requires more effort to collect the logs. Therefore, it is essential to have a proper grabber that will make the process much faster. Also, the machine can store over 18 tons of lumber.
  • Grapple Saw; The best thing is that it can prevent injuries of people. It is not a rare case that people cut trees with basic machines like circular saws and chainsaws. However, this option will make it much faster and safer to cut the trees right at the spot.
  • Buckets; This machine is great for cleaning the area where you cut trees. It can collect all of the remaining material. That is an excellent option since you can use each piece of the tree for different causes.
  • Bunching Grabber; It is very useful when you need to store the lumber after finishing the cutting process. Also, you can use it to provide the grinders and chippers with higher efficiency.

3. Hire Professionals Only

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Another important tip is related to the workforce. Most of these machines and extensions require a lot of experience in cutting and logging. The main risk is that someone with a lack of experience can get some serious injuries if that person doesn’t know how to operate properly with them. In that matter, be sure to only hire people with years of experience to avoid potential issues. Most of the machinery used in the process can be dangerous since they have a lot of power, and making only one mistake could lead to injuries of the operator or people around him.

4. Proper Maintenance

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It is not a rare case that people choose to buy used machines since they can be a much cheaper option. However, be aware of the fact that most of the products that you buy as used ones don’t have a proper warranty. Therefore, learn more about proper maintenance to prevent potential malfunctions. That way, you will avoid delays at work, and save a lot of money since parts for these machines are quite expensive as well.

Last Words

As you can see, this industry is constantly advancing, and you can choose from many machines and additional equipment that can make this process much more effective. The most important is to choose the right extensions since they are essential in cutting and logging. Besides that, you will need a vehicle that can carry those extensions and timber while having stability and speed. Avoid hiring people with less experience to avoid the risk of injuries, and pay attention to maintenance of all equipment to prevent additional expenses.