Why You Should Buy a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Why You Should Buy a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When you want a way to help the planet and save the environment, you can buy a stainless steel water bottle.

We were all buying plastic bottles for a long time and we were damaging our bodies and our world at the same time. The easy thing is that a steel bottle is a great answer to both of these problems. To date, I have already purchased seven stainless steel water bottles on the website Vlone Official, an amount to supply my entire house. I think the bottle is the number one best choice. Many of my co-workers bought a stainless steel bottle because of its bright colors and designs.

Most stores sell refillable sports bottles made of plastic, so you don’t have to buy water in stores. It will surely reduce your impact on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, it just doesn’t have any health benefits. Common drinking bottles will leak dangerous chemicals into your drink. To enjoy your water bottle safely, make sure it is made of stainless steel.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​a steel drinking bottle, there are a few other alternatives. A Nalgene water bottle is made from plastic that does not contain BPA chemicals and will not be as hazardous to drinking water. Recently, plastic bottles made by Nalgene have been recalled and that means I will not be changing my stainless steel bottle anytime soon.

One advantage that I have found from drinking from bottle is that I spent a lot less money on water. Before, I used a whole box of bottled water every two weeks on my own. I also discovered that the weight of a box of water was taking its toll on my back. Water should not be an expense, the cost of the stainless steel water bottle is nothing compared to what you will save. It is a good idea to buy another steel drinking bottle and leave it at the office. When I showed my new bottle at work for the first time, all my friends were raving about it. A day later, many of my co-workers already bought one as well in many different designs.

A Guide to Choosing Stainless Steel Water Bottles

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These water bottles are made of a variety of materials, from small models that fit into pockets or purses to large ones that can hold a liter or more. Several bottles have lithographed graphics on the outside. Some bottles are available in a variety of colors. Even the best graphics can be damaged by scratches caused by normal use. Consider an elastomer or other sleeve on the bottle in case normal use causes scratches.

Why is it important to use double-wall bottles? The majority of bottles are single-walled and made from one layer of stainless steel. Some are double-walled, which means they are welded together from two separate bottles. As a result, air often escapes from between the two bottles, creating a vacuum. That’s why vacuum bottles have an inner and outer liner, and the air is sucked in from between them.

For decades, vacuum insulation has been used for transporting coffee or soup in bottles, so it makes sense that this superior insulation material would soon be used for drinking water bottles as well. The vacuum insulation in a vacuum insulated bottle helps keep drinking water cold throughout the day, much better than a plastic bottle.

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In response to customer requests, many manufacturers offer multiple cap types and the ability to exchange caps among their different bottles. It is obvious that this is beneficial. Replacement caps are readily available and there is a wide range of caps available for all bottles. Most manufacturers offer polypropylene caps in several major styles that can be found in food-grade polymers.

Commonly, they have a small spout that can be activated by pulling a small cap or pressing a button. A straight cap without a sipping pot is another common breed. Having thoroughly removed the cap, you can completely pour or drink from the bottle.

When choosing a stainless steel water bottle, you should also consider the liner. On the inside, these bottles are usually made from stainless steel or medical grade stainless steel, without any plastic or epoxy coating that could harm beverages inside. There are manufacturers who use plastic or epoxy coatings on the inside of the bottle. This occurs more often with aluminum bottles, but occasionally with stainless steel bottles as well. It makes little sense to buy a bottle that is coated with plastic on the inside if the purpose of the bottle is to avoid plastics and chemicals.

Your Stainless Bottle is doing a Lot of Good

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Done with plastic. That harmless little plastic bottle in your hand is actually a threat to society. Recycle properly and promise not to buy any more. Invest in a household water purifier and a good glass or ceramic container. Invest in and cherish a new steel bottle for your car, gym and trail use. You get a stylish little product that will not only save the planet and contribute to a sustainable economy, but will also provide years of reliable service in the most difficult conditions.

Your metal bottle accomplishes a lot by everything it doesn’t. Does not introduce BHP, PVC and phthalates into the environment or the body. We do not add 1 billion tons of waste to landfills each year. It does not consume 17 billion barrels of oil on production and distribution. But steel water bottles encourage innovation in American manufacturing, resulting in thousands of outsourced jobs. The steel water bottle will last a lifetime, and the manufacturer “cycles” it when you are finished with it. Best of all, a steel water bottle will keep your beverages icy cold and mightily refreshing with no strain on your conscience or the planet.