Are Views More Important Than Likes On TikTok?

Are Views More Important Than Likes On TikTok?

Presenting your work to a large audience has never been easier than since TikTok dropped. It is a platform where creators come up with content that interests their followers in exchange for popularity. In addition, the platform is paying creators as a motivation to create better videos, and get an income.

Many people had the dilemma of which is a better indicator of a creator’s popularity. Some say it is the views, and some say the likes. In short, they are both important and they show how many people engage with your work.

To show you in detail whether views are more important than likes, we have made this article. In addition, you can get informed about the algorithm and how to gain more views on your future content.

How important are the likes


The likes are an indicator that people enjoy your work. It is harder for people to press the button than solely watching the video. Whenever you notice an increase in likes, that means the people enjoy that type of content more and you should stick to it.

Not only that your audience will enjoy your work better, but you will gain this statistical information that boosts your profile additionally. This platform is made in a way to reward both the creators to motivate them further, and casual people to get better content.

What makes the views more important?

The views and likes work proportionally. Without them, there will be no engagement that will help your profile growth. For that reason, you should firstly focus on getting a larger number of people watching your work and then adjust your content better.

When it comes to views, you need to understand the way they work. Every time someone opens your video, even for a second, that is being counted. If they watch it again, it is counted again. In addition, you should focus on creating content that will be watched until the end, since the platform awards you for that.

In addition, the increased number of views will grant you more followers. That is the most important metric to observe when managing your TikTok profile. It is a direct indicator of popularity and you will acquire more business inquiries.

What is the importance of these metrics?


Your TikTok work is evaluated by the reach and the stats your videos collect. For example, you are more likely to see content with a lot of views on your page. Besides views, profiles with a huge follower base and liked videos are also part of the algorithm.

The platform is boosting profiles and content where they see major traffic. When people engage with your videos, it means you are doing a great job so you are being rewarded.

How to gain more views?

The magical question is how to gain a larger audience and with that more views on your work. That can be only achieved with hard work and knowledge. To help you increase those numbers, we provided a couple of tips that you should implement in your creativeness.

1. Use like/view boosting services

The first and the easiest way of acquiring a large number of views is by using special services. Many websites, like likeskopen offer views and likes for a small fee, so don’t be afraid to use them.

You should see this as creating a domino effect. As soon as the metrics begin to rise, even with this method, you will see how your audience base will rise. We all get to follow people who are already popular, and since views are indicators, you can understand the mechanism.

2. Use tags


Many creators forget to use tags and they wonder why they see no progress. The hashtags help in grouping videos from various users and present them to a large fan basis. Whenever you see something funny, you search for that tag hoping for more. That is why you should never forget to use a tag.

3. Create short content

As mentioned above, your profile is being rewarded with promotion if your videos are seen through the end. By creating short content, you ensure that your videos will be completely seen. Many of us have a short attention span, so long videos become boring and we swipe them quickly.

Creating short media does not mean it will lack quality. Getting a video to last up to 20 seconds is just enough to show humor or something sweet that will easily become popular.

4. Use popular sounds

The use of popular sounds helps you in promoting your work. Whenever a tune becomes famous, you can implement it in your videos and use it to increase your popularity with it.

They work similarly to the tags, where you can browse through videos with the same song. If there is another video with the same tune, your video will be surely among the others presented.

You can find popular tunes in the menu where you are supposed to add a song. Use them and see the results.

5. Think of interesting descriptions


Writing funny or teasing descriptions is another way how to increase engagement in your videos. Whenever there is tingling writing, we become more interested. For that reason, do not forget to use this tool and think of something interesting to write.

6. Get in collaborative work with others

Another way to meet a new audience is by doing collaborative work with other creators. You can simply engage in a duet, or get together if you live nearby. This will create content that will be enjoyed by both fan bases and you will gain new views and followers.

7. Be consistent and time your posts

Consistency is the most important factor on this platform. You cannot expect to create a couple of videos and become recognized instantly. The platform does not work in that way, so you will need to work harder. This will create noise around your name and you will start seeing a gradual rise in the metrics.

Get to post at least one video daily. At some point, you will have more content where some of your videos will pop up on someone’s page. This will introduce them to your work, and you have gained a new fan.

Lastly, make sure you time your posts properly. This means uploading only when most of your viewers use their phones. You can see this through the analytics and will gain you larger exposure with quick and evident results.