Top 10 Movies on Apple TV in September 2024

Top 10 Movies on Apple TV in September 2024

One of the most bizarre streaming services can be Apple TV+, with virtually no licensed film or TV programming and only a handful of originals. With money spread across genres and aimed at getting its customers to view them as a legitimate rival, Apple favors quality over quantity. The bonus cost is just $4.99 each month or $0 for those who have recently purchased the latest gadget and for the entire year.

It’s the most up-to-date selection on our list of popular TV and movies accessible via Apple TV+, including newer shows such as Black Bird, Cha Cha Real Smooth, and the most up-to-date seasons of All Mankind. With the latest new additions to the streaming service, we have compiled a collection of the best movies to stream through Apple TV Plus.

Top 10 Movies on Apple TV in September 2024

1. Luck

Sam Greenfield is a hopelessly unfortunate person whose destiny changes forever as she travels to the fabled Land of Luck. Luck is a Skydance Animation production.

Sam must work with the mysterious locals of this newly discovered region with various animated landscapes and animals to free herself from the curse of misfortune hanging on her shoulders. The top animated films of Disney and Dreamworks appear stunning like this one.

2. Cha Cha Real Smooth

In the comedy/drama Cha Cha Real Smooth, directed by Cooper Raiff and starring Ral Castillo. Dakota Johnson, who is always a joy to watch, is the mother of one Domino. She develops an unlikely connection with recently graduated college graduate Andrew after conversing at a Bar Mitzvah with her autistic daughter Lola.

Despite their age differences of ten years, the film closely follows the disappeared characters. They attempt to find their way through life while discovering their true motivations.

3. Swan Song

After being told he’s suffering from an incurable disease, Cameron (Mahershala Ali) must face death in a way never before anyone else. The family is forced to consider a new husband and father that even mirrored Cameron in every way.

However, they are not the same person when offered an experimental cloning procedure; that would give a copy that resembles Cameron to his son and wife after the death of Cameron. Swan Song, an intense combination of sci-fi and drama, is a plethora of important questions about the lengths we’ll go to protect the memory of our beloved relatives.

4. Sidney

Few people who have made it into the halls of honor of Hollywood legends are as talented and continually innovating as SIR Sidney Poitier.

He was not just the first Black person to win the Oscar. However, the actor also tirelessly advocated against Black; in Hollywood blockbusters; when actors of non-white backgrounds were often given cliched roles.


The Oscar-winning and critically acclaimed film CODA is a dramedy for young adults. It follows the character named Ruby Rossi, a deaf child adult. She is in her struggle to decide between staying home to aid her family’s fishing business or attending their dream university. Deaf actors with talent, like Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur – the second deaf actor to win an Academy Award.

6. Black Bird

One of the rarest animals of all time The most sought-after bird of the year is the Black Bird, a terrifying adaptation of a true crime that is fresh. The drama-based series, developed by the writer Dennis Lehane and based on James Keene’s autobiography In With the Devil, stars Taron Egerton.

He plays Keene, who is facing ten years in prison when he gets an unexpected deal to be released if he can make friends with and get an admission from a suspect murderer (Paul Walter Hauser). In one of his final performances, the father of Jimmy, an ex-cop with an issue of his own, can be seen by Ray Liotta.

7. The Greatest Beer Run Ever

What distance would you travel to enjoy a drink with your beloved friends? At the height of the Vietnam War, would you travel to areas in Vietnam that had been destroyed by war? The year 1967 was when John “Chickie” Donohue did something I would never do.

Zac Efron is Chickie in the controversial Peter Farrelly sequel Best Picture winner Green Book. Chickie traveled to Vietnam for an entire four-month beer run to inspire her New York City buddies.

8. The Sky is Everywhere

The Sky is Everywhere is a young-adult romantic drama based on the Jandy Nelson novel. The story follows 17-year-old musician Lennie Walker as she tries to grieve losing her elder sister Bailey as she falls in love with beautiful Joe Fontaine.

In the adaptation, Grace Kauffman and Jacques Colimon portray the young lovebirds. Their relationship is tested due to Bailey’s grieving boyfriend, who sympathizes with Lennie.

9. The Tragedy of Macbeth

Shakespeare’s classic is adapted in a daring black and white production featuring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. Joel Coen’s version retains the bulk of the original dialogue but is reduced to keep the story short and precise. The setting is reminiscent of a classic stage scene. However, it still appears incredibly cinematic; the stunning set is stark and geometric with clear German Expressionism influences.

10. Bad Sisters

The Irish dark comedy series, similar in style to Big Little Lies, was produced by and starred by the famous Sharon Horgan. The show follows five sisters, among whom one is married to a horrid man played by Claes Bang. Who is dead by the time the show begins, performed by Horgan and Anne-Marie Duff, Eva Birthistle, Sarah Greene, and Eve Hewson.

The show’s storyline is divided into two different timelines. And there’s the possibility of a mystery in both of them in the past. How did he die, and what precisely did the sisters play a role in the murder? And in the present, they can cover up the mystery. It is filled with the infamous sensation of Horgan’s sharpness.


The millions of films that Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max provide are not accessible for streaming on Apple TV+. However, it has an array of top films by well-known directors and celebrities. These are the best films accessible for streaming through Apple TV+, whether you’re seeking a thrilling dramatic drama, an insightful documentary, or something that appeals to children. It’s not just that; it also features stars from the top of the list, like Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, and Bill Murray.

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