Horror and Thriller Movies to Watch

Horror and Thriller Movies to Watch

If you’re on vacation and you’ve run out of things to do because you’ve seen everything around or you just don’t feel like going out, you can take advantage of the free WiFi to open your Netflix app and watch the scary movies you’ve been putting off because you were too afraid. Why don’t we spice up your trip by watching these scary and suspenseful films? To further enhance your viewing experience, you may also look into these opulent hotels from slingo.com.

1. Orphan

Genre: Psychological Horror

Orphan was released on July 24, 2009 and is currently available on Netflix. The story focuses on a little girl named Esther who gets adopted into a new family. However, Esther is not exactly the little girl the family thought she would be. The movie has great plot twists that you’d never expect and a character whom you’d thought to be the perfect daughter.

Another unexpected thing about this movie is that this year a prequel will be released in the cinemas first. They titled it Orphan: First Kill. It still focuses on Esther but this time the movie will talk about her past.

2. Incantation

Genre: Supernatural Found Footage Horror

Released in Taiwan on March 18, this Taiwanese horror movie was filmed in the style of Paranormal Activity and As Above So Below. The story focuses on a woman named Ronan who narrates the film, asking the viewers to memorize a symbol and an incantation to send blessings and lift a curse on her six-year-old daughter, Dodo. Throughout the film, both the chant and symbol are frequently seen to encourage the viewers to chant along and look at the symbol.

Are you brave enough to hear the chanting and see the symbol over and over?

3. The Whole Truth

Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Thriller

Two siblings find a strange hole in the home of their grandparents’ house, and every time they take a peek, pieces of horrifying incidents and a secret about their family get revealed as they stay with them.

This film was added to Netflix on December 2, 2024, and to this day it’s still available to watch.

4. Choose Or Die

Genre: Thriller, Drama

This film stars Lola Evans from the movie “Splash!” and Asa Butterfield from Netflix’s “Sex Education”. The plot is about a broke student who plays a 1980s survival computer game in a race to claim the $100,000 prize that has never been claimed before. Later on, she finds out that she’s not only playing for the money, but also for her life as well.

Its initial release was on April 15, 2024, and currently, it’s still available on Netflix.

5. Blood Red Sky

Genre: Action, Horror

This movie is a British-German action horror film directed by Peter Thorwath. The story focuses on an airborne plane that is supposedly about to land and has been hijacked – and a mother who is mysteriously ill and has to unleash a monstrous secret to protect her young son. How do you think the story will unfold?

This movie is still available to watch on Netflix.

6. The Turning

Genre: Supernatural, Horror

Starring Mackenzie Davis from Smashed, Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, Brooklyn Prince from The Florida Project, and Joely Richardson from Red Sparrow.

The story follows Kate Mendell (Mackenzie Davis) who takes a job as a nanny for two orphans at an isolated Gothic mansion located in the Maine countryside. Later on the children – Miles and Flora – are emotionally distant and unstable. Strange events start to happen to Kate and the siblings and she suspects that the dark corridors of the estate have something evil.

This was released on Netflix on January 23, 2020, and it’s still available to watch.

7. The Unholy

Genre: Horror, Mystery

What if the saint you pray to isn’t actually a saint?

Written, produced, and directed by Evan Spiliotopoulos he created this movie titled “The Unholy” based on the 1983 novel Shrine by James Herbert. Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is known for his roles as John Winchester in the CW fantasy horror series Supernatural, Katie Aselton, William Sadler, Diogo Morgado, Cricket Brown, and Cary Elwes.

The story follows a journalist (Jeffrey Morgan) who finds a series of seemingly divine miracles in a small town in New England. He uses these miracles to save his career but in reality, these miracles could have something darker.

The Unholy was released on Netflix on April 2, 2024, and up till now, it’s still available to watch.

8. The Grudge (2020)

Genre: Psychological horror, Mystery

Pretty sure a lot of people are familiar with this one but who doesn’t want to watch another remake of The Grudge especially when it’s produced by the producers of Don’t Breathe and Evil Dead?

The story follows a detective that investigates a murder scene that’s connected with a case of her new partner in the past. There is a haunted house where unexplained murders have taken place that places a ghostly curse on anybody who enters. An unaware couple who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a terminally ill woman and her husband, were also affected by the curse.

After being released in the cinemas, the film was included on Netflix and up until today, it’s available to watch.

9. The Maid

Genre: Horror, Slasher

The previous maid of a royal household, who vanished under unknown circumstances and is now stalking and harassing the family, has been replaced by Joy. Joy is investigating the cause of the former maid’s disappearance.

This is a Thai supernatural slasher film directed by Lee Thongkham, and starring Ploy Sornarin. The film was released on Netflix on July 9, 2020, and up till today, it’s still available to watch.

10. Ouija: Origin of Evil

Genre: Supernatural, Horror

Released in 2016, Ouija is an American supernatural horror film directed and edited by Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard. The movie is a prequel to the 2014 film Ouija and it stars Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, and Henry Thomas.

When widowed mother Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser) adds a new trick to support her séance hoax business in 1967 Los Angeles, she unintentionally draws real evil into her house. The little family must face unimaginable dangers to save their youngest daughter, Doris (Lulu Wilson), from the ruthless ghost that has taken possession of her.

This movie was released on October 26, 2016, and is now available to watch on Netflix.