How To Make Your Beard Look Fuller?

How To Make Your Beard Look Fuller?

Women are superconscious about their hair, and men are extremely careful about how their beard looks. After all, the beard is a sign of masculinity, and most men are worried if they start noticing that their beard looks patchy or if it does not grow fast.

Men sport beards of short, medium, and long lengths. Some like stubble and others prefer a goatee. There are some men who like to play with the shade of their beard, and they prefer to go for a salt-and-pepper look. However, you can have a fancy beard look only if you have fuller bread. There are several ways to make your facial hair grow faster and look fuller, and darkening beard is a simple way to do it.

9 Tips To Make Your Beard look More Healthy And Fuller


1. Use A Dye To Darken The Color

If the hair on your face is super patchy, simply dyeing it will not work, but if your beard looks less dense because it is of a lighter shade, then darkening it is an easy way to make it look fuller.

Dark color reflects more light than lighter shades, and this may be one of the reasons why a beard that is of a darker shade looks dense than that of a lighter shade. However, while selecting a dye, be sure to choose a brand that matches your natural skin tone and goes with the natural texture of your beard.

2. Brush It Upwards

Another simple way to make facial hair look fuller is to brush it upwards and use a gel to make it look sharper on the edges. Brushing upwards helps because the gaps or patches on the face get covered when the beard is brushed in the upward direction.

If you find it difficult to brush the facial hair upwards, you can use a balm or a gel to make the process more manageable.

3. Wash And Oil The Face


Washing and cleaning pores help unclog follicles. After washing, you can also oil the face. Coconut oil and castor oil are known to promote the growth of hair. Massaging the face with oil also improves blood circulation in the face, and many studies have linked improved blood circulation with the growth of hair. However, this is a long term process, and if you want your beard to look fuller within the next few hours, then it is better to color it or brush it upwards.

4. Try To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is also known as the male sex hormone. It is responsible for all the secondary male sexual characteristics that people see. Thus, the deepening of the voice in males, body hair, beard, broader shoulders, etc, are an effect of the high testosterone levels in the male body.

If your testosterone levels are naturally low, then that may be a cause of sparse facial hair. And in this case, you need to eat food that enhances the natural production of the male sex hormone. Alternatively, you need to exercise harder to stimulate the production of testosterone. It has been shown that high-intensity training can boost testosterone levels, and if you want to grow a thick beard, you can take up this exercise regimen.

5. Stimulate The Hair Follicle

The follicle of the hair is the place from where the hair originates. And if you have sparse facial hair, then stimulating and rejuvenating the follicle of the hair is a good way to boost hair production.

Vitamins like vitamin D and B are known to stimulate and rejuvenate the hair follicle. So you can take vitamin D supplements to boost the growth of your beard. Apart from vitamin supplements, eating food like fish, egg, and soya milk also increases vitamin D levels in the body. For vitamin B, you can eat whole-grain bread and nuts like almonds.

6. Try Options Like Microneedles


Some cosmetic procedures use microneedles to poke the face. Such procedures can stimulate the growth of the beard. Microneedles are very small needles that can create minute injuries (piercings) on the face.

Since the body perceives these piercings as injuries, the immune system of the body is activated, and blood, along with the immune cells, rushes to the face. Improved flow of blood to the follicles improves the growth of hair in a span of about ten to twelve weeks.

7. Shifting To A Healthy Lifestyle

Shifting to a more healthy lifestyle is a long-term solution for problems like patchy facial hair growth. Eating your meals at regular intervals of time is vital for the growth of hair. Likewise, getting regular and adequate hours of sleep, quitting habits like smoking, and getting adequate exercise also promote facial hair growth.

8. Get Over The Myths

There are many myths about beard growth and what accelerates the process. Many people believe that shaving frequently has a direct impact on hair growth; however that is not the truth. It is true that shaving and cleaning your face keeps the follicles unplugged, but beyond that, there is no direct correlation between facial hair growth and the frequency with which you shave.

9. Visit A Stylist


You can visit a stylist to get insights on the beard cut that will make it appear fuller. Most people suggest that stubble makes the beard look fuller. However, depending on your facial structure, a stylist will be able to suggest the best cut and pattern of beard for your face.


Thus if you have empty patches on your face, you try to dye it with a dark shade, or you could use a gel-like solution to make it appear thicker. If you are looking for a more long-term solution, then you should start living a healthy lifestyle.

If you are open to invasive procedures, you can also opt for micro-needling and combine it with supplements that promote hair growth. Most often, cosmetic clinics prescribe micro needling and minoxidil to treat empty patches on a person’s face.