How Many Guys Actually Buy Sex Toys?

How Many Guys Actually Buy Sex Toys?

Sexy toys have not been an uncommon thing for a long time. However, some guys are very shy when it comes to buying sex toys. Part of the reason is the many prejudices that say that men are not as interested in sex toys as women. Sex toys and aids for intimate adult entertainment. Improve your sex life with new toys and experience the climax. Do not be guided by prejudices, but listen to your wishes, as well as the wishes of your partner.

Sex aids can spice up your sex life a lot. Sex dolls are not the only toys intended for men, there are several other great options that are made for the male anatomy. Read more about it in the rest of sex and find out how much men are actually interested in sex toys.

Are men interested in buying sex toys?


Statistics show that men are more than interested in sex toys and are very happy to buy them. The results indicate great diversity when it comes to their motives. Men in a relationship are as interested as single men. We notice a growing acceptance of more open views and experiences in sexual pleasures.

The consumer base is getting younger and men are less and less ashamed. They no longer associate toys with potency problems. Positive attitudes towards sexual pleasures in the media also contribute to this behavior.

Sex toy design

If we look a little better into the past, we will realize that men have long been limited to sex toys. Even when the industry changed its approach, prejudices persisted for a long time until today. These toys have experienced a renaissance of design, quality, and variety. All this has led to incredible growth in production and the old mark of shame is disappearing forever. Men should now be happier than ever to have a penis and a prostate. Because they can expect incredible pleasure with specially designed toys. Which you can check by going to xinghaoya website.

Thanks to the great design of sex toys, they will not only experience a powerful orgasm but will also solve some health problems. One of the most common problems that men face is the problem with potency, but also premature ejaculation. Fortunately, a vibrator or penis ring are great solutions. They will prolong orgasm, but also make masturbation with a toy much more interesting than usual.



In addition to great design, today you can find sex toys made of the finest materials. This means that these materials are very pleasant to the touch, nice looking, and easy to maintain. They will mimic human skin and cavities with quality materials, which means that they provide an incredible feeling.

Vibrators and masturbators

The vibration also opened a whole new world for toys for couples. Vibrators can be used to simultaneously stimulate the intimate parts of two people with the same or different anatomies. It has long been thought that the vibrator is intended exclusively for homosexual men. However, heterosexual men began to demand more stimulation for their P-spot. Over time, they realized the benefits of a vibrator that can cause independent or stronger orgasms through new and old erogenous zones. Research shows that most straight men in relationships have tried or wanted to try prostate stimulation.

At a turning point, brands got a big challenge. They competed with each other to produce a higher quality product, completely different from the others. The best products were created from that competition. Imagine the best oral sex you have ever had… and then multiply that by five. This feeling will be provided by the highest quality sex toys.

If you think about buying a rabbit vibrator or a sex toy you should check the reviews that have been written so far. Read more here about it.

Sex dolls


We have come to the most popular sex toy for men. Of course, it’s sex dolls. They have always been a source of enjoyment. There are plenty of benefits you will enjoy if you opt for a sex doll. The great news is that a large selection of dolls awaits you. You don’t even have to choose between the options offered online or in the store. The industry has advanced a lot lately and now you can create a doll from your sexual fantasies. Everything you ever imagined can now come true for you. You can even find mini sex dolls on if that is part of your fantasies or you just lack space.

So, you can change each part of the body according to your taste. In addition to appearance, it is important to focus on the material, quality, and functions of the doll. Also, consider maintaining it, as some materials are more appreciative than others. Prices vary, but so do the company’s services. So always research well before making a decision. Read several reviews on the Internet, comments from other customers, as well as their experiences. A good trader will be equally interested in your health and satisfaction. Try to find someone who is reliable enough.


As we have already mentioned, there are a lot of misconceptions about men using sex toys. However, most often you can read how a sex toy is a sign that a man has a problem with self-confidence. That’s why some people still believe that only desperate men use sex dolls and other sex toys. However, that is far from the truth. Men who are open to new experiences, aware of their needs, and sex toys are actually happy people. The problem with self-confidence is mostly experienced by people who spread such misconceptions.

They are not brave enough to admit their sexual desires to themselves or their partners. Don’t follow this example, because you will end up like them. Follow the example of 70% of men who know how to achieve maximum pleasure in sex. They will enjoy themselves as well as others. The reason is the popular sex toys of perfect design that suits everyone.


From vibrators to masturbators to sex dolls. We believe that the wish list is long because each person has different sexual needs. So think of some toys that have never occurred to you before that you can include in your sex life. If you find some options interesting, start with them and continue to explore and expand your comfort zone.

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