Why Does January Have the Highest Divorce Rate in a Year?

Why Does January Have the Highest Divorce Rate in a Year?

January is usually reserved for turning a new leaf, kicking bad habits, and working on New Year Resolutions. For some, this may include filing for a divorce, resulting in the month being unofficially named “Divorce Month.” But why does January have the highest divorce rates in a year? Keep reading to find out.

Reasons why January is a popular month for divorce

Here are some reasons why many couples file for divorce in January:

1. The holidays are over

The festive season comes along with numerous family-centered holidays that make it difficult for couples to file for divorce. Some don’t want to stay alone during this time, while others want to maintain one more seemingly normal holiday for their kids before filing for divorce.

Once the holidays are over, there’s a spike in filings in January. Additionally, many couples rely on their family and relatives during the holidays to give them advice and support regarding their marital status. This support usually gives them the strength they need to finally seek a divorce from their spouse in the coming year.

Holidays also tend to be a stressful and emotional time for many, and with so many obligations and stressors, couples may fall apart. This prompts them to ask for a divorce in the New Year.

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2. Reality check

For many married couples, problems and irreconcilable differences are easy to look over and ignore during the holiday season. All the numerous celebrations, joyous music, and fairy lights make it easy to smile and try to make the relationship work.

However, once the holidays are over and January checks in, real-life problems start piling up again. This prompts couples to begin speaking to family solicitors to learn how they can move forward with their divorce.

3. A fresh start

Like everyone, married couples regard January as a month to start over. It’s a new year and a new you, which gives them a chance to start afresh and focus on their New Year’s resolutions. This means if any issues in the marriage are causing turmoil and hindering their happiness, they choose to leave them behind.

There’s no need to carry them into the New Year and continue being miserable. So, many couples end up filing for divorce in January as a way to welcome the New Year differently for a fresh start.

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4. Delaying things until after Christmas & New Year

Another reason why the period of January after the festive season is a common time for couples to file for divorce is the timing itself. People often wait for this time of the year as they don’t want to disrupt the family during Christmas and the New Year and feel as though it would be better to wait until January.

It is in January that most people don’t have any more plans set in stone that can be disrupted so a good time to start the divorce process which can be lengthy and not enjoyable.

5. Weather

The 5th reason that we feel as though January has been labeled as a divorce month is due to the weather. January in the UK especially is one of the months that gets the worst weather outlook and has a lot of cold spells, rain, and often snow.

During these spells of horrible weather, it is common for people to feel more depressed, and sad and want a change in their lives that will change those emotions.

Due to this fact many couples experience problems as they don’t have anything to look forward to and end up falling out.

It is important that during these low months when the weather is horrible that spirits are kept high and couples do not turn on each other.

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6. Kids have Settled into New Schools

This reason proves that parents are aware of how much a breakup in the family can affect their children. Another reason that parents may wait until January to get a divorce is due to the school rota.

September in the UK is the month when children move up to a new year in school and for many, they start new schools or begin education.

The summer is also the season when most exams take place so parents feel as though by January, it is expected that their children would have settled into their new schools and will not require to be studying for any exams for at least a few more months.

For this reason, many parents delay the divorce process to provide as little disruption to their children and school like as possible.

Divorce Month

As you can see, there are many different reasons why family members, parents & even grandparents may delay getting a divorce until the festive season is over and January sets into full motion. These reasons are commonly due to the disruption it may cause or in many cases due to family feuds that happen when they are forced to spend time together over Christmas and the New Year.

Although filing for a divorce in January isn’t the most cheerful way to welcome the New Year, it’s quite common. If you’re in such a situation, it’s advisable to find reliable family solicitors to help you through your divorce. Filing for a divorce is often difficult and overwhelming, and having someone to guide and advise you eases the process. You should also have a solid support system you can rely on for emotional support, especially family and friends.