What You Should Always Do Post-Sex ─ Anal Edition

What You Should Always Do Post-Sex ─ Anal Edition

If you and your partner are participating in anal sex, there are some things you are going to want to do when playtime is over. While it is not the sexiest thing to think about, you have to be careful when dealing with an area that isn’t exactly the cleanest.

But still, the last thing you want to do is ruin the moment with a full-out post-sex procedure. You don’t need to do anything overly extravagant, but here are the things that you absolutely must do when you are finished having anal sex!

Switch Condoms

This pertains more to male-female couples than it does to male-male couples, but is still relevant if you plan to use a prostate massager for both partners. With male-female couples, you should never use the same condom that you used for anal sex for vaginal sex. It is all too common (especially in the heat of the moment) to pull out of one hole and head straight for the other, but please spare your partner’s vagina and take the time to put on a fresh condom.

Vaginas are delicate and have a specific PH balance that needs to be maintained. You never want to subject you or your partner’s vagina to the bacteria that exists in the anus. This will help the women stay healthy and free from infection.

Use Baby Wipes

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This one is for the penetrator, especially if you are not using a condom. Keep baby wipes on hand to help clean yourself up after sex, or during if you plan to switch to vaginal or oral sex. Make sure to thoroughly clean your penis off before you penetrate any of your partner’s other orifices to avoid infection or illness. We don’t recommend using baby wipes for the one being penetrated, however. This brings us to our next point.

Clean With Water

If you are the one who was being penetrated via anal sex, then baby wipes can irritate this already sensitive area. The material and ingredients in them can not just irritate your butthole, but it can even cause an infection if used regularly.

Instead, consider investing in a bidet if you plan to engage in anal sex regularly. However, you can also take a warm (not hot) shower post-anal to clean the area if you don’t have access to a bidet. A mild scent-free soap can be helpful to remove any sticky lubricants that are commonly used during anal sex.

Let Out Any Gas

There is a good chance that this could ruin an intimate post-sex moment, so feel free to wait till you are alone, but if you need to let out any gas you should do so. There is a good chance that you will feel gassier than normal after this type of sex due to your sphincter muscles being loose and relaxed.

The good news is that what you are feeling is not exactly a fart, but more of a feeling of air getting trapped in your anus during penetration. If you have ever experienced a queef, this is essentially the same thing. It’s not exactly sexy but it is what it is. You’re gonna have to let that gas go free at some point.

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Beware of Bleeding

Because the tissue in the anus is so thin, it can become easily damaged during anal sex. While this sounds scary, the truth is that you can tear this delicate lining during something as simple as having a hard bowel movement. A small amount of blood in your stool post-anal sex is most likely a sign of a small tear or fissure and that will go away on its own.

However, prolonged bleeding warrants a trip to the doctor (just to make sure everything is ok).

Post-Sex Procedure

While it would be nice if sex mimicked what it was like in the movies (you know the kind where they finish and then immediately role over and cuddle without any clean-up or mess), most sex is going to require some form of aftercare. This is all the more important when it comes to anal sex.

Even though cleaning your butthole isn’t exactly the sexiest thing to do when you and your partner are in post-orgasm bliss, it is important to ensure the health of everyone involved. And, most importantly, taking care of yourselves will allow you to get back into the bedroom sooner.


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What is the best way to clean yourself after anal sex?

The best way to clean yourself after anal sex is to take a warm (not hot) shower, use mild scent-free soap, and gently clean your anus. Alternatively, you can use a bidet with warm water if available. Avoid using baby wipes as they can cause irritation to the sensitive skin in this area.

Should I use condoms for anal sex?

Yes, it is highly recommended to use condoms when having anal sex. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Additionally, it makes clean-up after much easier.

Can bleeding during or after anal sex be a sign of something serious?

Yes, if you are experiencing prolonged bleeding then it is important to seek medical advice. While a small amount of blood in your stool post-anal sex could just be evidence of a small tear or fissure, it is better to get checked out by a doctor to ensure everything is okay.

What should I do if my partner experiences pain during anal sex?

If your partner experiences any pain during anal sex, the best thing to do is stop immediately and let them take some time to relax their body. This can help make the experience more enjoyable for both parties. Additionally, using plenty of lubricant will also help reduce discomfort or pain during anal intercourse.