What Countries Allow Mail Order Brides

What Countries Allow Mail Order Brides

No one is surprised by successful online dating, and the popularity of dating applications is constantly growing in the digital world. According to statistics, the number of matchmaking services may reach 113.7 million by 2024.

Finding a mail-order bride is easier than ever due to the services for various categories and ethnicities. According to a study by the University of Chicago, dating apps like topforeignbrides.com allow for much stronger pairs than traditional dating formats.

Dating services have become more similar to social networks, allowing you to meet people for relationships, find like-minded personalities in your location, and mail-order brides from various countries worldwide. Dating platforms only paired people in the past. Today, they create messengers and support users in all relationship stages.

International dating platforms are the latest trends. Millions of men dream about mail-order brides sweeping the boundaries and prejudices typical for interracial relationships and mixed marriages. As a rule, they face no obstacles because the institution of mail-order brides is officially recognized in most regions worldwide.

Countries Where Mail Order Brides Are Not Legit

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Fortunately, most authorities do not prevent their citizens from marrying foreigners. However, it doesn’t go without exclusions. So, where are mail-ordering brides illegal?


The government had charged foreigners $50,000 for permission to marry Turkmenistan girls until 2020. And although the law has been recently repealed, no visas were provided for women to travel to the USA or other countries for marriage.


The country bans local marriage agencies, brokers, and matchmakers. Still, no international firm registers its business there. Hence, you’ll find many Belarus mail-order brides on the USA dating platforms.


You can still marry locals but not through international marriage agencies registered in this country. So, you only need to find a relevant dating website or apply to the nearest marriage agency.

North Korea

The reason for no opportunity to find a bride in North Korea is obvious until the current political regime exists. The only way to marry local women is to meet them in South Korea. It is possible because nearly 600-700 North Korean females cross the border and settle down in South Korea.

Top 5 Countries to Find Legit Mail-Order Brides

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Although most countries allow mail-order brides, some are more loyal to foreigners. And the official part of the issue is not the whole story. Suppose you want to find Scandinavian or French girls for marriage. In that case, a tricky game awaits you because those women prefer to “see” rather than date men, putting the idea of getting married on the back burner. Moreover, their through-the-roof requirements for potential spouses may create an inferiority complex for foreign fiancées. However, the brides listed below are much easier to attract:


Passionate and faithful ladies are also lively and cheerful. They never hide their emotions and always look sexy and feminine. Yet, despite their apparent open-mindedness, they seek family-focused men with traditional values.

Do you want to marry a Colombian woman? Then, you need to obtain a Migrant (M) visa of category 1 (an M-1 visa). It allows you to live, work, or study in Colombia for three years, looking for a compatible partner to build a happy family life.


Because local women have various origins, you will easily find a bride to your taste. Brazilians are almost obsessed with their appearances but are interesting personalities at the same time. They like flirty men who shower them with compliments. Still, shallow guys are not for them because Brazilian girls need well-established fellows with far-reaching intentions.

Have you decided to marry a Brazilian lady? You’ll get a permanent Brazilian visa (Visa based on Marriage) after the wedding and provide your birth certificate and the marital status statement.


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Modern Chinese women are not submissive, notwithstanding many western men’s stereotypes. On the contrary, they are confident, self-sufficient, intelligent, and practical. Yet, at the same time, they remain feminine and always support their husbands.

The law requires a Chinese woman to marry at the location of her residence registration. In turn, men must have a Residence Permit for Foreigners. However, females involved in important confidential work cannot marry foreign men.

The Philippines

Filippo women stick to gender roles and traditional family values. They are not passionate about careers but prefer to tie the knot with respectable gentlemen and live a quiet family life. Local females are also very beautiful and pay much attention to their style.

Suppose you want to marry a Philippine girl in her native country. In that case, you should obtain a legit persimmon after proving your single marital status. For this purpose, an American man should apply to the embassy for an Affidavit In Lieu of a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage. This document is called the Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) for Australians. It has different formats and titles for other countries’ residents.


The country is famous for devoted, independent, intelligent, and gorgeous women. They are the crown jewel of Slavic beauty and have impressed the world with their strong characters long ago.

Foreign-Ukrainian couples should go to Civil Status Acts Registration Agency and ask for marriage a month before the wedding. Besides, a foreigner must provide a passport and its notarized translation.

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How to Succeed in Marrying Mail-Order Brides

Thousands of single men worldwide meet foreign women on dating sites every year. Some guys have specific preferences, and many run businesses or work abroad and dream about settling down at their place of work. And some just have found a love for life during their vacations in exotic countries. Anyway, a successful marriage implies mutual respect, equality, and some knowledge about mail-order brides’ cultural backgrounds.

Each country has its dating etiquette, wedding traditions, and courtesy standards. Hence, it would be better to leave fetishes and stereotypes behind but accept the real culture, which is integral to mail-order brides’ personalities.