How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Girlfriend at Home

How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Girlfriend at Home

Throwing a birthday party is a great way to show your girlfriend that you care, while also having a great time. But if you want to take things a step further when celebrating a birthday, why not throw a surprise party for them?

However, while they are amazing when done right, surprise parties can be notoriously difficult to organize and pull off. But with the right preparation and knowledge, it can be done. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few tips to help you throw a surprise birthday party for your girlfriend at home.

1. Get the Decor and Theme Right


As with any party, it is very important to get the decor right. You need to make sure it looks great, and exactly as the birthday girl wants. You should have happy birthday flowers like the ones from Bouqs, streamers, balloons, signage, and anything else that you think could contribute to a wonderful design.

While choosing decor that looks good and fits well together, you also need to consider what the person likes. Some people have definite likes and dislikes when it comes to party decor and games, so be sure to consider those when planning and designing for the party.

Also, make sure that you have a theme picked out that will make them happy too. It could be something relatively general, or a theme tied to a specific movie or video game franchise. The choice is yours and depends entirely on the interests and passions of your special guest.

2. Don’t Forget the Gift


While a surprise party is a little more involved than a traditional party, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a gift. Sure, the party itself and the good times/friendship is more important than the gift, but it is still nice to get someone something and see their face light up when they open it.

There are plenty of thoughtful gift ideas you can choose from, and make sure to get something that the individual will like and use. Take time to make sure they don’t already have it or a version of it, too. Always consider giving them a receipt in case they want to return or exchange the gift, too.

Of course, before buying a gift, be sure to do your research. For example, there are plenty of questions to ask before buying a new tablet and reviews that you can check out for just about any product or idea on the market.

3.  Have a Plan and Don’t Be Afraid to Get Others to Help


One way to help ensure that a surprise party is a success is to have a plan ahead of time. If you try and leave things until the last minute, your party is likely to be a failure. From planning the decor, getting a decoy plan in order, inviting people, and getting the food ready, there is a lot involved in the process, and it can often take weeks to get done correctly. Trying to rush things could lead to things being forgotten, or simply done halfheartedly.

Planning this type of party is also a lot of work, so don’t be afraid to lean on others for help. Enlist the help of friends and family members to help you out, and most will be more than happy to have a role in planning the very special party. A great way to ensure the planning is done successfully is to give everyone a role.

Have one person focus on the guest list, one person create and keep a budget, one person create the decoy plan, and so on. Splitting up the work like this keeps it simple, and ensures that the party can be planned much easier.

4. Ensure Your Decoy Plan is Solid


One of the most important and underappreciated parts of any successful surprise party is the decoy plan. This is what the special guest believes they are going to be doing, instead of attending the surprise party. You need to have a decoy plan that the girlfriend is excited about, but also one that seems normal.

If your decoy plan is something completely out of character and not something you would normally do with your girlfriend, it can lead them to be quite suspicious and wonder what is going on. You don’t want her to figure things out right before the party, so keep this plan to things that are plausible.

Also, do your best to make sure that no one spills the beans and ruins the surprise. Make sure everyone knows what the decoy plan is, especially if your girlfriend is going to be texting or calling her friends and family on the day of the party.

5. Get Everyone on the Same Page


For the surprise to really go off perfectly, you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. If people are confused about where to hide, what to do, or what to say when the person enters, it can ruin the surprise and make the start of the party a little more lackluster than it needed to be.

As a result, make sure to make it known what people should do once the special guest arrives to ensure the surprise is one that they will never forget. Talk about it well in advance, but also remind people a couple of minutes before the birthday girl arrives to make sure everyone is refreshed. Nothing can ruin a surprise party quite like everyone doing one thing, and one person getting it completely wrong.

While there are many strategies you can use to surprise someone, a few of our favorites include things like having all the lights off and turning them on when they arrive, or having everyone hide out of sight and pop out when the special guest finally makes their entrance.

In conclusion, these tips will be able to help you throw an awesome surprise party for your girlfriend at home.