7 Series You May Missed in 2024 That Are Worth Your Attention

7 Series You May Missed in 2024 That Are Worth Your Attention

What better way to spend some free time than by watching your favorite series? However, in this era where it seems that every day there is some new show that pops up, it can be challenging to decide what to watch next. This is why many series stay under the radar. To help you out, we created a list that includes some lesser-known titles you may have missed, but they are definitely worth your time. Let’s take a look!

1. Inventing Anna

Source: forbes.com

Have you heard of the Instagram-legendary German heiress, Anna Delvey? She’s got a lot of money and was very popular in New York recently. But we don’t know if she’s conning people out of their money, or she’s just living the American dream. According to ExpressVPN’s report on 2024 streaming trends, this was the most watched show on streaming platforms in April. Apparently, viewers watched 3.3 billion minutes in the first week of its release. If you want to see what else people enjoyed watching in 2024, check out the full list here.

2. Dahmer

Source: netflix.com

One of America’s most notorious serial killers was eagerly awaited to arrive on Netflix. This series features a point-of-view that largely covers the killer’s efforts and those of his victims, with Jeffrey Dahmer looming in his wake. The story also dives into the police incompetence and apathy that allowed the Wisconsin native to go on a long killing spree, dramatizing at least 10 times when he was almost apprehended and then let go, bringing with him, Dahmer, a clean-cut guy, who constantly reaped privileges from both law enforcement as well as judges because he had been charged for petty crimes.

3. Wayne

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A show that many people find surprisingly entertaining and full of action-packed comedy. As for why it is not that popular, it was broadcasted in 2019, but it is still worth mentioning today and mainly for two biggest reasons. The first is the overall impression, plot line, and story, which is written so incredibly that it’s easy to binge-watch the entire first season without realizing how fast the time has passed.

The second reason is that it was a creation by the writers of Deadpool, and since we have all watched this highly celebrated movie, it’s easy to realize that there is some great humor. As for the plot, it follows sixteen-year-old Wayne on his journey to Florida with his new friend Del, a girl he has a crush on.

The mission of this road trip is to retrieve his father’s car, which his mom stole when she left them. Wayne is a socially awkward kid but with the purest of hearts, which makes him a unique lead character for some shows. The entire journey and everything that happens will keep you on the edge of your seat, which is why this series should be on your must-watch list.

4. The Wilds

Source: the-wilds.fandom.com

At first glance, this show might seem extremely similar to Lost, a great series that was one of the biggest hits and ranked high for many years, but the plot of this series actually has nothing to do with it. Yes, there is a plane crash, and people (teenagers in this show) are left alone on a deserted island, but that’s as far as similarities between these two shows go. Okay, flashbacks of how each one of them got to the plane and why they were there in the first place can also be looked upon as a similarity, but the main point in this TV show is that everything happening is actually a part of a social experiment.

The biggest reason why watching this show is a must is precisely about that experiment, as its goal was to show how girls would create a much better society if there weren’t for boys. Yes, as you might have guessed by now, all the characters on the island are teenage girls, but certain things occur that even Gretchen, the creator of this experiment, couldn’t predict. It is a well-packed adventurous mystery drama that gained huge success in its first season but was canceled after the second season premiered because of a drop in ratings.

5. Ghosts

Source: bbc.com

The name of this show might be enough for people who do not love horror stories to decide to skip it, but it would be a huge mistake. Namely, this is not a horror series, and there is nothing to scare you, as although there really are ghosts, they are funny rather than spooky. Our main characters are moving into a brand new house, but there is one small problem – some ghosts already live there and are not happy to share their personal space with anyone. What ghosts do not know is that Samantha can hear and see them, which surprises them and spoil their plans of driving them away.

6. How I Met Your Father

Source: hulu.com

We believe that many of you are familiar with a popular show where the protagonist Ted Mosby tells the story to his children and remembers a series of fun events. The entire story would not be that interesting without his friend, and reliving these memories is something that has made a lot of people laugh. Since HIMYM gained a lot of popularity, real fans were convinced that How I Met Your Father would not be that interesting, and many of them even refused to watch it.

Luckily, the truth is much different, as HIMYF has a similar plot, but it is presented in another way, so it is similar, but not the same as HIMYM. Hence the name, in this show, the story is about the father, and Sophie is telling the story of meeting him to her son.

7. The Girl from Plainville

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The death of Conrad Roy eight years ago shook the entire world because of the fact he committed suicide, and his girlfriend was the one who convinced him to do that instead of trying to stop him. The story is dark and mysterious, and this show is based on real events, which attracts many people to watch it and find out the real truth. Regarding that, keep in mind that you need to set aside enough time for it, as you will not be able to stop.

Final thoughts

This list is not complete, as there are many shows worth watching that many of us haven’t heard about. However, we hope that some of these from the list will be a great choice for you to spend cozy nights alone or with someone special.