5 Ways To Know If A Mirror Is Good Quality

5 Ways To Know If A Mirror Is Good Quality

Purchasing a new mirror is a part of our lives, and throughout our lives, we are going to buy dozens of them. No matter if you need to put it in the hallway; if it is going to be a part of your bedroom, if you need a portable one, or if you are choosing reflective surfaces for your bathroom cabinets, you need to make the right choice that you are not going to regret with time. Unfortunately, not every mirror that is available on the market is going to properly do its purpose, and some may show distortions, they may be damaged, or they may easily damage over time, so you need to know which are the things that you need to pay attention to before making your purchase. Here, we will list some of the ways to know if a mirror is of good quality and how to avoid the ones that are not.

1. Is the surface flat?

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The first thing that you need to look for when choosing a high-quality mirror is a flat glass surface. As you already know, these units are made of glass and a silver mixture, but the problem with that is that if the mixture is poured over any type of glass it is going to create a reflective surface. No matter how pure or unpure the item is, and no matter if there are dents, it is still going to create a mirror.

So, when looking for a good unit, you need to physically check if the item is in good condition, and look at it from different sides to see if it is concave or convex. If the surface is fully flat, and if there are no dents or bumps, chances are, you are looking at a good quality product.

2. Does it show any inconsistencies?

Once you’ve checked the surface, the next thing you will need to do is check your reflection and you need to look at not just yourself, but also items behind you, in the distance. You probably know that there are magnifying mirrors and unless you are looking to get that exact type, there should not be any parts of the unit that make the objects seem closer or further away.

You should check for inconsistencies and see if the reflection is distorted at any part of the unit. There might be distortion at the edges of it, or the angles, so double-check every part of it. Know that if you purchase a product like this, with time the only things you will be able to notice are the inconsistencies and the distortion, and that is going to bother you a lot.

3. It is sold by a trusted seller

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Another way that you can be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality piece is if it is sold by a trusted seller. There are hundreds of places in your area where you can purchase these items from, and they can be found both in specialized stores, as well as pretty much every place that offers home items.

The easiest way to ensure that you are going to get a high-quality reflective surface item is by choosing a specialized store that only sells these goods. When you can find anything and everything in the same place, chances are, not all the items are going to hold good value.

As you can see on everbettermirror, a good store is going to be able to offer you a variety of different types and models, and the sellers will help you decide what you want to get depending on the style, and size, as well as your budget.

4. What is the thickness?

Another thing that you need to be careful about is the thickness of the unit. There are three main types of this that are commercially available, and they include one-eight of an inch, three-sixteens of an inch, and one-quarter of an inch. It is said that the thicker the glass is, the better the unit is going to be and the higher quality is going to be.

Note that the ones that are the thickest are going to be the most expensive, so you need to have this on your mind when you are making the purchase. As you have probably noticed, the units that are portable, and that you can put in your purse are usually extremely thin, and that is why they can show some inconsistencies and they are more likely to start peeling with time or get damaged.

The rule is that if you want to have high-quality goods in your home, and if you are able to afford them, then you should definitely go with the units that are one-quarter of an inch thick. They are considered to be the best ones and the ones that are not going to show any impurities, inconsistencies, or distortion.

5. Price

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It is well-known that price plays a role in everything, so these items are not the exemption. Note that sometimes, mirrors that are antique and that have been around for a long time may hold a bigger value than the ones made now, but that does not mean that they are going to be in perfect condition, or high-quality.

When choosing the right piece for you, you will need to make a choice if you want to get something that has been passed down from generation to generation, or that has been displayed in a castle hundreds of years ago, or if you want to get something modern.

When choosing modern goods, know that the cheaper it is, the less likely it is that it comes with good quality. Even though you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a good piece, you should still be ready to spend a couple of hundreds for a nice, large-size mirror.

Besides these things, you should always check the purity of the units, as well as the silvering, and you should talk to the seller about the units that they offer. If needed, research not only the seller but also the manufacturer, so you have a better idea of who makes these mirrors, and if they are a reputable manufacturer. Have these things in mind the next time you go shopping for these units, and know that with just a little bit of patience, you will be able to tell the differences between low and high-quality mirrors.