15 Practical Fashion Tips For Short Height Men

15 Practical Fashion Tips For Short Height Men

Want to be stylish and impressive? But then your height comes in the way? So what? But for that to happen, you need to follow a set of rules. Not exactly rules, though they are some very important tips that will make you look longer, sharper and poised. And that’s exactly the motive, isn’t it? So here are some Practical Fashion Tips for Short Height Men that you must definitely give a try.

When it comes to making an impression, the appearance is the foremost thing that is often relied upon. The appearance is nothing but an illusion that you need to play with. Play with it, alter it or create it, just remember that you want the end result as an illusion of you, looking taller and handsome.

Practical Fashion Tips For Short Height Men

Find An Expert Tailor

Give the short height; you never know when a tailor might come handy. Even though you don’t use tailored outfits, it is best if you know one when the time comes. With short height, it often becomes a problem to find the perfect length of trousers or sleeves for you. And the first thing you need to avoid is to look boxy and baggy. A good tailor will make the correct alterations for you in exactly the same scenarios.

Say No To Loose Clothing

No matter how much you loved the texture, no matter how much you loved the color, you can’t buy it if it’s loose and baggy. Saggy and floppy clothes will make you look shorter than you already are. So unless you don’t mind looking like an old short guy, you can end up with loose clothes in your wardrobe.

Keep An Eye On The Shirt Fit

For a guy who is avoiding the baggy clothes, simply choosing a tight shirt won’t do. You need to pay attention to the shirt fit. Make sure that the shoulders of the shirt sit correctly and if it does not then best keep it away. The shirt should also be well-fitted through the chest. The idea is to narrow your torso.

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Trousers That Will Hug Your Legs

No loose pants or low-rise trousers for you. The trick is to make you look taller and these types of trousers will do the exact opposite. So buy trousers with medium to high-rise. Also, while buying the pants make sure that the inseams of the trouser fits well and sits properly where it’s supposed to be.

Monochromes Must Be Your Thing

Monochromes will not just add the extra flair to your style but will elongate your stature. The monochromes will not break your body into two parts and hence will easily add the illusion of length to your height. So avoid contrasting colors and better include the clothes in similar shades. The dark shades will definitely work much better.

Wear Vertical Lines To Add The Height

The trick is to create an illusion and manipulate the others mind and make you appear as a tall guy. With the vertical lines, the eyes travel in the similar direction as that of the pattern, and hence easily elongate your appearance rather than giving you a wider mien. So make vertical patterns your best friend.

Long Hair? Absolutely Not!

If you have long hair then I would suggest cutting it off right now. But if you love them so much that you are ready to ignore your appearance and so miss out on winning your girl’s heart then ignore the scissors. Long hair adds more bulk to your shoulders and makes your neck look shorter. It also gives you an elderly look which I am sure you don’t want to have. So don’t grow them long and if you have it then chop it off. No pain, no gain mister.

How Do You Make Yourself Look Taller?

Follow these few simple tips that will make you look taller.

  • But if suspenders are not your style then try belts that are thicker not more than 1.5 inches.
  • Avoid contrasting colors with your trousers and shoes. Better wear both with matching shades to elongate the stature.
  • Wear shorter jackets that will not make you look baggy.
  • Avoid the slouchy back. You don’t want to reduce your height with that. So make sure that you have a straight posture so that you don’t ruin your appearance.

Things That Short Men Must Avoid

If there are things to do then there are also things that you must not do.

  • Don’t buy any type of clothing with horizontal patterns.
  • No double-breasted jackets for you. You want to look taller and for that, you need to have a slim torso. Now double-breasted jackets won’t help you in that.
  • No excessive use of accessories to steal away the focus from your legs. That will only ruin all the hard work you did with the proper fitting and stuff.
  • No breaks in the trousers.

Accessories That You Could Use

  • You can use a scarf in cold weather and hats in the summer to create the illusion of height. Not to mention they will add more pizazz to your wardrobe.
  • Match your socks with your trousers as well.
  • Wear pointed toe shoes so as to avoid the shortening of the foot.
  • Try skinny ties with thin lapels of your suit jacket.

Follow these few simple rules and you will totally love the effect they have on you.