7 Facts To know About Online Casino Chargebacks

7 Facts To know About Online Casino Chargebacks

Losing your hard-earned money in an online casino is one of the most frustrating things you can face while gambling. While it is a risk that every gambler must deal with when playing at an online casino, it doesn’t change the fact that some people can go to great lengths to get their hard earned money back, including issuing a chargeback.

However, we strongly recommend avoiding a chargeback in the first place by looking for a casino that is both reputable and reliable and has all the games that you need for your entertainment. If you are looking for a casino like this, we recommend choosing Casino Gorilla about which you can read information in this review right here.

Regardless of how and when you lose your money, you can consider getting a chargeback with your bank to get your money back from the casino. However, there are certain facts that you should know before you issue a chargeback with an online casino which can largely impact your success down the line and whether making a chargeback is really a good choice for you.

In this article we will be listing these very facts in a detailed manner and we recommend that you read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any crucial details before your chargeback.

1. Your location and legislation affect your success with chargebacks

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Your location and the legislation of the country you are from affects the success rate of a chargeback considerably. If you are an US citizen, banks are willing to go to extended lengths to ensure that you get your chargeback back to you. However, if you are outside the US and anywhere in the EU or Asian countries, New Zealand (more about New Zealand online casino check here), Australia and are thinking of issuing a chargeback for the casinos situated in the same location, your success rate falls dramatically.

This is an important factor to consider before you go ahead and issue a chargeback for the casino and also one that should make you consider if issuing them in the first place is a wise decision or not.

2. You cannot issue chargebacks if you lose your money while gambling

One of the most important things you need to know when issuing chargebacks against an online casino is that you are not liable to any form of refund or reward if you issue them because you lost money while you were gambling. The casino will refuse your claim outright and it can cause you to pay unnecessary costs to your bank which can even result in criminal charges for defamation and fraud.

When you gamble in an online casino, you do so after you create an account and willingly sign their terms of agreement which clearly state that any money you lose while gambling is your own responsibility and the casino is not at fault for it.

3. Chargebacks are only authorized in the case of fraud or rigged practices

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Now that you know when chargebacks are rendered useless by the law, it is important that you know when they are actually useful for it. In case you encounter an online casino that is using rigged games that always favor odds in the casino’s favor and never gives you a reward, you can file a chargeback on the casino as long as you have some semblance of proof that the games are rigged and the casino is a fraud.

These proofs are extremely hard to come by and thus the real number of authentic chargebacks against online casinos is negligible. However, if you do get proof of such activity and you have already used your bank account or credit card for paying the casino your money, then you have all the right to go to your bank and file for a chargeback against them.

4. Chargebacks can only be issued if you use your bank’s credit cards or account

While we are on the topic of going to your bank for a chargeback, the only way they can issue one against an online casino is if you used your bank account’s currency to pay them or used your debit card or credit card for payment. If there is no proof that you used your bank or its accounts for facilitating the transactions, you are ineligible for the chargeback from that respective bank.

5. Casinos will always have the upper hand in chargeback disputes

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No matter what you do and how well you present your case, casinos will always have an upperhand when it comes to disputing chargebacks. This is because most online casinos out there are quite accustomed to getting chargeback disputes from angry individuals that lost their money while playing the casino’s games all by themselves.

Thus, online casinos are more than prepared to always handle these disputes in the most seamless manner possible and have all evidence ready at hand for proving that they are a reputable online casino and that you, the chargeback issuer, have lost your money through invalid means.

6. You need legitimate evidence to back your online casino chargebacks

However, there is one way that you can win these chargeback disputes without much competition – evidence. If there is any way that you have the evidence and proof that a casino is using unfair and illegal means to conduct their services and business, you should bring it up in court to back your chargeback claims. It is also worth noting that the speed of the transaction plays an important role in making such payments, ideally it should take no more than 10-15 minutes so that you can be sure of the reliability of the gambling site. The best payment method for this is a cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin.

7. You can face criminal charges for false chargebacks


All that being said, in case you don’t have any valid evidence, your claim for the chargeback is based on false grounds and you wasted the casino’s, bank’s and court’s resources and time on your chargeback claim, you can be fully charged and arrested for criminal charges of defamation, fraud and wasting the court’s time.

This is an outcome that you want to avoid at all costs as it can affect your life adversely and set you up with a criminal record stain that will be hard to get rid of for the rest of your life.


There are several facts that you should know about online casino chargebacks before you proceed with using them. We hope this article was helpful regarding that and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely. You can find out more information on https://theinternetslots.com/au/online-pokies/.