Bookmaker Mirrors

Bookmaker Mirrors

On the one hand, legalization of betting business had positive moments for the players: they can defend their case in court; they can not fear that the institution will suddenly close and will not pay the money on their account; they can pay taxes legally and not be afraid of unnecessary questions from the Federal Tax Service. But on the other hand, there are some disadvantages: the need to pay 13% of every win and a difficult process of verification in two steps. For these reasons, a huge number of people have remained customers of illegal BKs. The only difficulty is that their sites are blocked by Roskomnadzor, which means that you cannot access them in the usual way, you have to resort to various tricks. The simplest, most convenient and reliable method for bypassing the blocking is the so-called mirrors.

What is a mirror of the bank?


A mirror is a spare address of the site, by which it opens without any problems. The owners create it for the convenience of users, so that they can bypass the blocking of providers to visit their resources. The number of possible domains is not limited to anything, there are usually hundreds or even thousands, administrators register new names in packs, and as the other is outdated, use them.

The new site address leads to the main resource, the domains are “glued”, so they converge at one point. To give a simple example: the main name of the portal – the front door, a mirror – the “back” entrance. The first is blocked, no one from Russia can enter it, but the second is accessible without restrictions to all visitors. There can be any number of “black” entrances to one site.

After the mass blocking of their resources bookmakers did not leave the Russian market, they just created spare addresses and continue to provide services to their clients in full. It is only necessary to find them and use them for betting.

How to use mirrors?


There is nothing complicated about using replacement domains, although inexperienced players are wary of doing this, believing that it requires certain skills and performing some additional actions. All that is required from the user can be described in two points:

To find the actual mirror of the office in any convenient way.

Enter its address into the appropriate field of any browser and go to the resource.

A familiar institution will open, no different from the main portal. Then you will need to enter your username and password in the form of authorization and log in to your personal cabinet, and then you can start betting.

The main thing to understand – at the spare address opens a familiar office with all the available functionality: cashier, line, design, the ability to make a coupon, the spread, sports, events. They will be exactly the same as in the central portal, the player will not see any difference. Also, the information about the client: his documents for verification, the size of the balance and other information about the account is completely transferred.

It should be understood that each “new” resource will have to re-enter the data for authorization, so they should be recorded in a separate place, or saved in memory. Otherwise it may be necessary to restore the login and password, during which the administration has the right to conduct another verification.

How does it work?


Above we have already told you what mirrors are and how to use them, but someone may be interested in the purely technical side of the question: how does it work and is it not against the law? And here everything is quite simple. Experienced Internet users, who at least once faced with the creation of sites and their promotion, can skip this chapter, for them the secrets will not be revealed. Newcomers, for sure, will be interested.

In technical terms, the creation of a spare resource address does not take much time, the administrators of the institution cope with this literally for a couple of minutes. First, a new domain is registered in the appropriate regulator, then it is “glued” to the main site name, so in both cases the same portal. As soon as it falls under sanctions, another domain name is created, then the next one, then again. And so on in an endless circle.

The use of mirrors does not threaten the liability of the user, because he goes to a legitimate link, which is officially registered. And the fact that it provides a banned service is not the fault of the player. Also, there are no sanctions for the institutions themselves, because you can create new domains as much as you want, the law does not prohibit it.

Interesting. Mirror links cannot be blocked instantly, as it is a complicated bureaucratic procedure, which is quite time-consuming.

Advantages of bookmaker office mirrors

Additional domains have undeniable advantages over other blocking circumvention methods. First of all, it is convenient to use: you need only the actual address, it is entered into the browser and the transition to the site of the institution.

Other advantages:

  • You do not need to download software to your computer. No need to install or configure anything.
  • Fast access to the desired resource. Transition to the address is standard.
  • Downloading data goes without “brakes” and delays. Unlike, for example, proxy-servers.
  • Quite a large number of mirrors for one office. New ones appear regularly, you only need to follow the actual ones.
  • A safe method that does not require the use of intermediary resources and computers.
  • The actual domain can be easily found. Usually it is only necessary to call the support service, or sign up for the newsletter of the BK.
  • The player is greeted by the same website, just a different link.
  • Almost all illegal bookmaker’s offices have alternative domain names for users, and they are updated regularly.
  • Attention. Do not look for betting company addresses on the dubious portals and forums, it is quite possible to stumble upon a fraudster. About them in the chapter below.

The dangers of mirrors


Along with all the advantages, there is a threat to the user in alternative links. Or rather not in the domains themselves, but in the scammers who use technology for selfish purposes. The main danger that can await the player are clone sites of bookmaker’s offices that have nothing in common with the resources of honest institutions. Attackers are very similar to the BK, the same design, page designations, items in the menu, documentation, forms for authorization and registration. It is very easy to confuse portals.

The unsuspecting user enters personal data into a special form: login and password, which immediately become known to fraudsters. Then they can ask for more information: phone number, email address, photo cards, and more. It all depends on their insolence and the credulity of the visitor. Then the criminals act according to one of the following schemes:

  • when they take full possession of personal information with the help of the client himself, they withdraw money from the account;
  • demand a ransom for the return of the account;
  • They simply amuse themselves by betting on different events in the line;
  • plant a virus in your computer;
  • and then take the money off the card by getting hold of it.
  • Actually there are a lot of variants, as the imagination of swindlers, unfortunately, knows no limits, and nobody is insured from mistakes.

 How not get caught by the fraudsters?

You should carefully review the site to which the transition was made, so as not to run into a fake. The first sign of fraud is a request to send an SMS to a short phone number under any pretext, to deposit money to unlock the account and other ways to extort funds. A real BK will never do that.

The second sign – the “crooked” design, errors during navigation, overlapping blocks of information and so on. A self-respecting institution will not ruin its reputation by creating such bugs on the resource. You should also not be lazy to try to go to the inner pages, most likely they will not be available, or lead nowhere. This is a clear sign of fraud.

Other disadvantages


There are other disadvantages of mirrors, which can not be ignored. The client of the institutions must necessarily take them into account. Disadvantages of substitute addresses:

  • The time of their “life” is limited. At best it is a month and a half, but usually not more than 2 weeks.
  • You need to constantly look for new links to go to the bookmaker’s site. And it is not always possible to do it quickly.
  • The need to remember your username and password, or record them separately. Each time you have to log in again.
  • At the most inopportune moment the portal can be blocked. The player will not have time to make a coupon for the favorable odds.
  • Some foreign offices in principle do not distribute actual mirrors on the territory of Russia. Since the country is not their target market. Looking for their new domains will have to be in foreign forums and resources, or contact support, but in English or even another language.

Alternatives to mirrors


Not all users are comfortable with additional bookmakers’ addresses, especially professionals and bettors who cannot afford to seek out the actual domains every time and lose income on it. Fortunately, there are quite a few alternatives that allow you to visit a blocked resource:

  • The built-in VPN function in the Opera browser. It is turned on in the settings with one click, after which the majority of sites banned in Russia become available. Including bookmakers.
  • Browser Tor. The most famous browser for anonymous access to the network. It uses a lot of remote servers around the world, has a wide range of features and is distributed free of charge.
  • Extension anonymizers for browsers. They are installed in the official market, there are paid and free options. This method does not always work, it all depends on the region where you live.
  • Proxy servers. The most flexible and versatile method. The player visits the BC through remote computers, located almost anywhere in the world. Quality proxy services are quite expensive and not everyone can afford it.
  • VPN. Virtual private networks. Substitute the user’s IP address and use encrypted channels to access the network. As a result, the provider “doesn’t see” what sites the client visits, which means he can’t block him.
  • Players come up with new ways to bypass ISP blocking on a regular basis, you just have to follow the news.

source: bookmakeradvisor