How Much Taller Do Elevator Shoes Make You?

How Much Taller Do Elevator Shoes Make You?

No matter how strange or interesting it seems to us, elevator shoes exist and work really well. Some things in life we cannot change. For example, we can go on a diet or exercise to lose weight. We can do make-up, but also change the color of our hair if we think that another shade will suit us better.

Unfortunately, we cannot influence the height much. There are some invasive surgical methods that can add an inch to the height, but that means changing the balance of the body and there is no guarantee of success. In fact, a fracture of the leg bone is made and bone tissue is added, making the patient taller. This method is called leg lengthening and is certainly a more painful solution than, for example, elevator shoes.

If you are wondering if this model of footwear has an effect, we must admit that they are already becoming really popular with the male population. Women already have heels, and for men, for a long time, there was no optimal solution. However, with the help of elevator shoes, every gentleman can add about 2 or 3 inches to his height and no one notices that something like this is happening.

How to choose the right shoes?


Fortunately, there are many suitable models and designs nowadays, so you can have several pairs for different occasions. Of course, our suggestion is to give preference to comfort, unless the occasion requires otherwise. Usually, the sizes are the same as the standard shoes.

The height of the platform is a decisive factor in this case. However, you must be realistic in your expectations, because you still need to be able to walk in these shoes. If you check it here, you will see that there are really a lot of choices and that you can buy shoes according to your personal taste and preferences.

When you try on the shoes, stop, take a few steps and see if it’s all comfortable for you. Next, you can see if there is good support for the leg and if you can walk freely, without feeling any pain.

Do you have to wear elevator shoes to look taller?


This is a matter of personal choice, as even casual shoes have a slight elevation that can add about an inch in height. But if it’s crucial for you to look even taller, then these shoes are the solution.

But does this mean you should wear maximum height? When choosing, keep in mind that your body is not used to holding on to an extra 3 to 4 inches. Take the example of girls who wear heels. It is really not easy and until you get used to it, your body balance changes a lot.

On the other hand, 2 or 3 inches can make you look presentable and show authority. You come to the point where you have to decide what your priority is and how to teach your body to be stable even with a higher platform of shoes.

You should also know that even an inch makes a significant difference, so you do not have to go with the most elevated model.

While talking about this topic, we would like to mention that if you feel the need to wear this type of footwear, then you should not be afraid of controversy. However, it is your choice how you will dress and what you will choose to wear on your feet.

Fight the prejudices of the people around you


Sometimes people can be very rude with comments and not think that it can hurt someone. But we hope that the future brings much better things when it comes to that. Outdated beliefs are that women are allowed to wear heels and bras and all kinds of accessories, but boys should not do such things. It is time to wake up and realize that everyone can wear whatever they want, as long as we feel good doing it.

Would there be disappointments? Unfortunately, many guys judge girls because of their push-up bras, so they have the right to judge guys who wear elevator shoes. Is that correct? Of course not. That is why a line must be drawn between how we look at the home and how we want to look in public.

Do elevator shoes work?

The effectiveness of these shoes depends on what you want to achieve. In addition to 2-5 inches height, you can expect increased self-confidence, better posture, and feel really confident and attractive.

However, you must get used to this type of footwear, as it can easily cause uncomfortable tightening and blisters if you do not wear them with adequate socks.

The important question is do you want comfort or self-confidence? The choice of the favorite model of such shoes also depends on this answer.

At the beginning of the wear, the feeling will be strange and unusual, but we guarantee that you will get used to them in a short time.

As a user, you decide what model to wear and whether to include them in all aspects of life or just stick to formal events. It is best that you can find even a casual variant, so wear them every day. Casual elevator shoes, which are usually sneakers, are a great way to get used to them and the way they work. Thus, you will be ready for the next festive occasion and for elegant elevator shoes.


We need to accept innovations in clothing and footwear openly. They will help us feel confident when needed. You will also be able to choose a model that suits your style and be guided by it. Find your favorite elevator shoes and help yourself “grow” at least one to two inches. Because the difference is visible and you will instantly feel better when you get used to wearing them.

And now, it’s time to go shopping for your new elevator shoes! Get ready, because you have all the information you need about that.