How to Find the Right Tech Major for Yourself

How to Find the Right Tech Major for Yourself

Which tech major do you want to choose? How much time and opportunity do you have for this? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have put together a guide that will help you choose the major that suits your expectations and predispositions.

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Software Engineering

Before a product is released to the market, IT companies test it. Basically, the tester uses the site or application as a usual visitor. They press buttons, fill out forms, monitor the animated elements – and if there are errors, they mention them in the report.

The tester also checks the operation of the system in the worst scenario. For example: what happens if ten thousand items are added to the cart?

In fact, this profession is a good stepping stone in IT. Plus, testers are always in demand: wherever there are programmers, tests are also needed.

Who is this major for? For those who like to find bugs and improve things. For those who are not afraid of monotonous work. For those who are patient and diligent.

Data Science


A data analyst collects and finds useful things in a pile of data. It helps businesses make decisions based on information they already have, not on intuition or theory. Surely, studying this area, you will barely have time for other subjects. But don’t worry: you can always send your homework to the best essay writing services and concentrate on areas that need your attention more. So, what do analysts actually do?

For example, analysts of chain clothing stores or online marketplaces study sales data. They predict seasonal demand – they suggest ordering white sweatshirts from suppliers since they were super popular last April. Or in contrast, they recommend giving up selling iPhone cases as the numbers are slowly falling.

Analysts are searched for by organizations that have many clients. These are banks, chain stores, IT companies, and government agencies. The analyst knows the basics of statistics, understands business metrics, and is able to explain the results of their research. Plus, the recommendations they come up with must be effective.

Who is this major for? For those who like to analyze, look for patterns, build hypotheses, and aren’t afraid of huge data tables.


Let’s take Python developers as an example. They write the internal code of sites and applications (i.e., the backend, which users don’t actually see). These are algorithms that process user requests and interact with databases and Internet services.

Python is a relatively simple and universal language. Therefore, a Python developer has a large field of activity. They can create bots or online stores and social networks, write algorithms for data analysis, and even create neural networks.

Who is this major for? If you are not afraid of long, methodical work, then it’s a great choice! Do you have structural thinking? Do you like putting things in order? This is essential for code writing.

As for the front-end developers, they bring the designers’ layouts to life. In fact, their task is to ensure that animations work, buttons are pressed, and forms are filled with data. That’s how they make a static picture come to life.

While backenders write the internal code, UX/UI designers make the site user-friendly. But to make it work, you need another specialist. The front-end developer publishes the product on the web and makes sure that it looks right on different screens.

Who is this major for? If you pay attention to the appearance and convenience of sites and applications, then go for it!

System Administration


These specialists ensure the smooth operation of the corporate network, server equipment, office equipment, and work programs. They automate routine tasks and monitor data security.

Our reality is becoming more complicated, and so do system administrators’ tasks. Supermarkets install self-service checkouts, social networks store lots of data on servers, banks perform complex calculations, and any production is automated. So, computers and equipment need to be connected to the network – this is what the system administrator does.

Who is this major for? For those who adore hardware as much as programming. You will work with utilities, network protocols, databases, etc., so the willingness to learn and grow must be your top quality.

Game Development

Do you dream of creating mobile, PC, and console games? Well, in simple words, a game developer is a programmer in the entertainment industry. They embody the ideas of screenwriters and game designers. They write the code to turn the script into a finished game on the screen.

A game developer can also rely on artificial intelligence or write programs for colleagues to help them solve routine tasks faster.

Who is this major for? Those who want to work in the gaming industry. Those who love to play. And most importantly – love being part of the team.



Now, let’s have a closer look at specialists who turn a layout drawn by a designer into a full-fledged web page. They do this with HTML/CSS.

The main job of a markup developer is to turn the design into code. They create an HTML page, which should be the same as it was approved by the customer. Later, front-end and backend developers will work with this page as well.

So, what are the responsibilities of a layout designer?

  • Create a layout according to the approved design;
  • Maintain existing UI components;
  • Adapt the site to different device sizes and screens;
  • Optimize site loading speed;
  • Write simple JavaScript code.

Who is this major for? For those who can focus on the little things, correct their mistakes and be part of a team. Plus, some tasks may be monotonous, so you are expected to be patient and calm.

To Wrap It Up

Today, any tech profession provides a lot of opportunities. They are great salaries, a chance to live in any country in the world and cooperate with motivated people and professionals in their field. Of course, each major implies its own tasks, needs, and pitfalls. Above, we talked about the main directions, and now, the choice is yours.