Can We Rent a Car for Another Person?

Can We Rent a Car for Another Person?

When renting a car for someone else, the expression “No good deed goes unpunished” does not necessarily apply. You might need to rent a car for someone else for a number of reasons, so it’s important to know if this is allowed and how it will work.

You might be assisting a friend or family member. You might be giving a vehicle rental as a gift to somebody as a shock or to decrease their movement stress. You might be renting a car at work for another worker. Regardless of the reason, you and the other person will have an easier time if you are sufficiently prepared before you begin.

In fact, you can’t lease a vehicle in your own name on the off chance that another person will get it and drive it. This is primarily due to the fact that the rental agreement for the car is a legal document. According to state law, each party must be honest and of legal age to rent a car, just like in any other legal document or contract.

Your car rental company will request that the person making the reservation be the one picking it up because they are entering into a legally binding agreement with the company. It makes perfect sense in light of the concern about liability.

First, cars cost a lot to buy and replace, and legally, car rental companies must know exactly who is driving their vehicles. From an insurance standpoint, things can become complicated if the driver is not the person named in the rental agreement.


Naturally, the rental company is protected by the policy that requires the renter to be the one who returns the vehicle, but you are also protected by it.

So, is it still possible to rent a car for somebody else? Is it possible to protect yourself while being thoughtful or helpful? Might your great deed at any point slip through the cracks? Yes, but you must perform it correctly. How to do it?

Add Them as an Extra Driver

On the off chance that you need a simple and direct arrangement, this is the most ideal choice to have another person driving the rental car other than you. You will be regarded as the primary driver, with the secondary driver being secondary.

You still have responsibilities and obligations as the primary driver. To pick up the car, you must be present. The lease will still be signed by you. The security deposit will also be paid for with a credit card. Although you won’t be required to drive at all if you choose not to, you will be regarded as the primary driver.

The car will be available to the additional driver without any restrictions. They shouldn’t have any issues driving the rented car because their name is included in the rental agreement as well. You should be fine as long as your additional driver satisfies the age requirements for renting a car and possesses all necessary documentation to operate a car in the location where the car will be driven.

Fee for an Additional Driver

Please be aware that the rental company may charge a fee for an additional driver. The majority of the time, this does occur, but it doesn’t always. The cost varies based on a number of factors, including the rental company, the location from which you will pick it up and drop it off, the type of car you rent, and more; as a result, we recommend doing some research to find the best deal!

Online Car Rental for Someone Else


If the additional driver option doesn’t work for you and you know the person’s information. This assists the other individual by opening up a portion of their time while they with arranging different parts of their movement, and it holds you back from being the party in question for the rental.

To begin making a reservation, you will need their first and last name, email address, and phone number at Other data assists with guaranteeing the outcome of your endeavors.

You will need to be aware of the other person’s preferences regarding options like the size of the vehicle, the requirement for a child safety seat, additional packages for roadside assistance, additional insurance, and so on. Before making a reservation for someone else, it’s important to be aware of these options because you’re essentially spending their money and putting them in a position to sign a legal rental agreement.

If you have any desire to make sure about their booking around then, you may likewise require their Visa data to save the vehicle and the choices they need for the dates they need. You would want to be as prepared as possible if it were your rental, so ensure that you do the same for the other person.

As may be obvious, it’s feasible to lease a vehicle online for another person, yet that doesn’t mean it’s fundamentally speedier or simpler than if they did the vehicle rental themselves. Simply select the best option for your circumstance.


It is possible to rent a car or, at the very least, help someone else rent a car. What works for yourself as well as your circumstance might be unique in relation to others, so you should do all necessary investigation and know your choices.

Keep in mind that you must first take care of yourself before you can help someone else. The risk of letting someone else drive a car you’ve rented in your name is not worth the risk you run. You should think about adding another driver, setting it up online for them with their information, or giving them money to pay for it.



Can another person drive my rented vehicle?

You can rent the car in your name and add them as an additional driver if you want to pay for the rental but have someone else drive it.

To rent a car, how old must I be?

Depending on the rental car company and the location, the minimum age to rent a car is typically between 18 and 25 years old. Drivers under the age of 25 may be required to purchase additional insurance or pay an additional fee.

What kind of insurance do I need to hire a car?

In most cases, you will need liability insurance to cover any harm or damage you cause while driving the rental car. You might also want to consider purchasing additional insurance to cover injuries or damage to the rental car in an accident.