What Your Favourite Video Game Says About You

What Your Favourite Video Game Says About You

When it comes to video games there is only one certain thing, age does not matter here. Those of us that are true gamers and lovers of all video games do not care if we are 5 or 55 because a controller and or mouse and keyboard with a decent screen is enough to make us happy.

There is a wide misconception and opinion that a grown man shouldn’t love video games and should not enjoy those. Why? Well, no one gives a good reason or explanation. It should be like that, you are a grown-up, you should behave accordingly, and so on. Just a bunch of meaningless excuses by those that do not understand us.

Loving video games is like loving any other sport or activity. If you loved it when you were a kid there is no reason not to love it when you are a grownup. I have a huge love for video games and I enjoy gaming every minute I get even though I have two children, a wife, and 35 years. Why not?! There is nothing more fun to me than sitting down with my six-year-old and enjoying a good game.

But today’s topic isn’t about this, it is about what your favorite game says about you. we will try to start and end, as well as much more, which can be found if you click here.

Building Bonds in Gaming Communities

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A core allure of gaming lies not just in the gameplay but in the communities formed around it. Gamers often find camaraderie with those who share their love for specific titles or genres. The global tapestry of gaming enthusiasts, whether they’re diving deep into the lore of MMORPGs, various casino games, or discussing strategies for competitive esports, showcases the broad appeal of games. These communities offer not just a space to discuss gaming but also a chance to forge deep friendships. The game one chooses often reflects personal values: those drawn to cooperative games may value teamwork, while competitive gamers might prioritize personal growth and skill mastery. You can even go to this site and see the number of casino games that have emerged lately, that can also show your mental preferences based on the games you choose.  

An Escape and Rejuvenation

In today’s whirlwind of responsibilities, many adults turn to games as a sanctuary. Video games present a world where players can immerse themselves in adventures, momentarily shedding real-world concerns. This escapism can be a therapeutic break, offering solace and rejuvenation from daily pressures.

Shifting Game Preferences

Games that enthralled us during our younger years might evolve as we age. As we mature, our gaming appetites might lean more towards profound narratives or cerebral strategies. Life experiences, exposure to varied genres, and personal growth continually shape our gaming choices, revealing that our gaming preferences often parallel our journey through life.

1. Shooters

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Many would agree that shooter games bring violence and cause you to be more violent but it is somehow the other way around. FPS or any other type of shooter game is scripted in 99% and those of us that play them regularly know that. There are not many liberties and ways that you can show or develop any kind of aggression.

In shooters, all you do show is how masculine you are. The thing that proves this is the fact that 93% of all players playing shooters are male and that all of them in some manner show their masculinity through the game. The intimidation one over is done in several ways from guns, voice chat, trolling, chasing, and eventually catching up to your “pray” on the battlefield.

The last several iterations of Shooters from Multiplayer to Battleroyal-type games brought us skins, guns, blueprints, points, leader boards, voice chat, and proximity chat that can all be used to assert your dominance over someone else. So, if you think that these games are played by losers and kids you are sorely mistaken. I have been dominated and I have done the dominating myself.

2. RPG games

There are so many role-playing games out there and all of these usually tell someone that you are the type of person who likes to control things around you. Role Playing Games exist in first, third, and top-down views and we have anything from real-life simulators to magic, fairy tales, and other make belief things.

What you pick as your favorite game tells an additional story about you. If you love fantasy RPGs you are someone that lives in a special world or sees it through different eyes. Some people are more artistic and that fits in a bit differently.

You are still controlling but in a different and more lenient way. Those that like real-life RP simulators like Sims were and still are the types of individuals that like to control every aspect of their life and everything tied to it. they choose this because this is an as near and accurate representation of what they would like or what they would be if they had a say in some things during their growing up.

3. Action adventure games

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These are the types of games that are a bit more lenient and allow more things for players to do. One of the most famous Action-adventure games out there in the GTA series and we all know that this game was and still is under the magnifier for its game mechanics, style, and sometimes unnecessary aggression.

As you know in this game you take a role of a character and through its story, you can do a lot of things, but what players that choose this genre and this game usually do is be aggressive and destructive.

Whether that is a by-product of boredom when you have nothing else to do or is it a clear image of who they are deep down, we are not sure but one thing is in common for all players that take a controller and fire up GTA and that is pure chaos after some time.

4. Sandbox games

With sandbox games, you usually look at individuals that are artistic and creative. These are the types of games that give you a lot of liberty at creation and design and most people that are into this choice are these games.

Some of them have a story behind them, some are historically tied and have your progress forward but most of them focus on giving you every mechanic out there available and letting you design, move forward, plan, develop, and much, much more. These are great for beginners, for kids, but there are titles here as well that are PEGI-rated.

5. Sports games

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Now when you say sports games you instantly figure out that athletes jump into these games and enjoy them the most. Well, you would be wrong. We know of several footballers and basketball players that rather enjoy a good shooter and/or driving simulation that a sports game close to them.

These are the games that do draw in almost anyone but those that love these are types of individuals that are highly competitive and that have to be first and on top always.

You would argue that some other genres would draw in competitive gamers but nothing has a lower learning curve and enjoyment factor as sports games. This is why they have a huge following and why most individuals decide to play them to wind off if nothing else.

Games are games, this is something we all know, but for some reason, we all love them for different reasons. Some resonate with us and who we are, some are tied to us on another level while others play games to simply pass their time. What type of a gamer you are and what does your favorite game tell about you? Comment and write and let’s see if anything of this is true.