Real Relief: Your Complete Guide to Ridding Rats Fast

Real Relief: Your Complete Guide to Ridding Rats Fast

Have you ever wondered if there is ever a time that rats take a vacation? If you are feeling the holidays this season, don’t you wish that rats and pests as rodents will also take a break. Don’t you want them to take a vacation for life?

The boiling question with you now is, “what is the best way to kill rats?” Yes, the best way to get rid of them will not happen in one time trapping them. You also need to consider that there are high possibilities that rats you trapped before may come back. Eradication and exclusion are some of the expert’s recommended best solutions. Rat Relief further discuss ways to kill them instantly, check here:

Get real with facing the rat problems and have your lifetime relief from pests at homes and other properties—all you need to know ahead.

A complete guide to how to get rid of rats fast


You want to get rid of rats fast, so jump right in the following discussion before those sneaky rodents jump into your roofs or down in your food storages. There is no delay in giving you the essentials on rat killing. This guide gathers all you need to know to successfully erase any trail of mice, rats, rodents, and all of their relatives out of your properties with rat killer experts.

You can start with two options you have:

1. Professional rat and rodent control

2. DIY rat killers and pest control products

Experts-Recommend-Ways to Best take Rats Out of Any Property

Begin with the most effective one, which is professional rodent control. Experts employ strategic techniques to lure, trap and eventually kill or throw rats out of a community.

Here are the critical process and procedures a team of expert rat exterminators employs when shooing the mice away:


Exclusions will involve your traditional and modern rat repel practices. Also, this includes rat trapping with the use of either modern traps or zappers. Under this process, some essential tips and steps follow, such as luring the rat in the right way, and you’ll learn more about that later as your read.



Elimination involves practices to prevent rodents from coming into your properties. Here are some practical ways to eliminate rats:

  • Eliminate rats nest
  • Eliminate rats scent
  • Eliminate rats food sources
  • Setting up rat repellent


Extermination is not an ordinary rat killing process, and this will range from trapping, capturing, and poisoning the pests. Extermination will require professionals as this process aims to erase the whole population of rats on a property.

With extermination, you are determined that the stubborn mice will NOT EVER come back.


Fumigation requires the use of a fumigation or fogging machine. The purpose of fumigation is to sanitize all areas. The fogging will help kill bacterias lingering in every side, corner, hole, unseen spots, and the unreached regions where rodent may have left their mark. This process also is essential to sanitize the area.

DIY Pest Repellent


When killing pests and rats using DIY methods, often effectively would reach only 50% to 70%. That is why even with DIY pest control, homeowners will still take advice and support from professional rodent control to ensure at least near a hundred effectiveness.

If you want successful DIY rat eradication, you need to think like rats. Ultimately you must outsmart them to give you real relief that no trace of them remains and no tail of them would ever catch your eye, ever!

Here are things to consider if you want an effective DIY rat killing method:

  • Identify the rats or pests that are infesting your property
  • Determine what attract them
  • Identify what nesting ground that lures them
  • Determine what scent and taste they hate and like
  • Set up an effective trap that will not make the rats suspect

That recently mentioned above will not only apply to DIY pest control. These are actually what the pros do expertly so that whenever they provide service, the results are 100% foolproof.

Now learn the nitty-gritty of how to kill the rats best. Take into consideration who or what type of pest you are after? Where do they nest? What is their behavior?

Dig deeper.

Who are you after?


You can identify the pest infesting your property by the following traits:


“Catch them by the tail.” Experts will know best. And that is evident every time they employ their traps and control method. It yields a hundred percent effectiveness. It is all because they know who they are after.

In a snap, they catch the pesky rodents by their tail. They will have tails longer than their body and snout between the common roof rats and the field mice. In contrast, the latter will have hairless tails and grow the same length as their body.


Pests leave their droppings even if they sneak out of your sight. You can tell right away rodents infest your property by their poop.

As ordinary homeowners, rat poop will help them in disgust and will never dare to look and touch those litter. And it is also because pests litter are dangerous to health.

Rodent droppings are key to identifying the source of the infestation. With years of professional pest control experience, experts can quickly identify the type of pest by the poop. They differentiate the litter according to color, shape, and size.

It is better to call on expert rodent control services to identify the source of infestation. You may get challenged looking at pests’ poop even if you read sources online helping you describe how they look. Leave it to the experts



Finally, you can rid them effectively if you are familiar with their behavior. And what might surprise you is that rats are familiar with human behavior, which is so because they share around 90% of the same genes as humans.

Shocking, is it? They are smart, and they can outsmart humans. That is true, so do not be so relaxed when dealing with pests like mice.

That is also why even though you keep the food all stored and locked up, the mice can still climb on the cupboard and open the jars. There are also rodent species that are so skilled that they can open up tin cans.

Here is more of what to watch out for about your number one house pest:

  • Eating behavior
  • Nesting behavior
  • Pooping behavior
  • Smell preferences
  • Taste preferences
  • Sound preferences

Good riddance

Yes! Now that you have the essential tips and, at the same time, an in-depth look at the factors that make a pest at home, you can strategize how to lure, trap, catch and exterminate mice and other rodents in and out of your properties! Good luck with your rat hunting adventure, and have good riddance!