5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

The digital age we live in means that we are constantly surrounded with different kinds of radiation. Modern devices like smartphones and computers emit radiation that we have to protect against if we mean to stay healthier for longer and have better life quality. Perhaps the most important type of radiation on you are exposed to on a daily basis comes from cell phones.

Using a cell phone comes with a set of rules that sadly, not a lot of people use. Most are not even familiar with them thinking that there is nothing wrong with constantly using the gadgets throughout the day. There is a lot you can do if you wish to protect yourself from such bad exposure. In this article we will talk about the crucial ones you should definitely implement in your life. Moreover, advise your loved ones to do the same.

Why is it Bad?

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Cell phone radiation, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and radiofrequency (RF) energy are all bad for human beings. Sadly, we carry devices on our bodies almost all the time that not only ruin our own health but that of the people we interact with while carrying the devices. If you think about the fact that every single person you pass by on the street does the same, you will begin to realize how dangerous it can be.

Receiving and sending so many signals for the internet, cell phone reception, and everything else the phone needs in order to work is hard to measure. What is not hard is understanding that it is not good for you and that you should go out of your way to limit it. A whole range of problems arise from too much exposure. In the following paragraph you will learn the worst of them.

First of all, too much exposer can increase the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, as well as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. An increased risk of cancer is also possible, with most links pointing towards brain cancer and leukemia. By far the most common and referenced issue with cell phone radiation and health deals with decreased fertility in both men and women. If you think about where you carry the phone, it is usually in pockets or bags around the waste, either to the sides, to the front, or to the back of the genital region. First studies on this date as far as 2008, and since then numerous others proved that increased and prolonged use of cellular devices decreases the quality of semen.

Other problems and issues include increased depression and suicide rates in people who live within 150 meters of power lines of high voltage, as well as cell towers. Increased blood glucose and problems with diabetes could be a result of EMFs. Lastly, heart disease risks are elevated if there is more radiation of any kind especially when there are repeated short exposures like with smartphones.

If we add 5G into the equation, numerous other reported issues appear such as headaches, insomnia, decreased mental capabilities, brain fog, pains and fatigue, weaker immune system, stress, premature aging, and hormonal imbalance.

Battling the Effects

Finally, it is time to determine what can be done to limit your exposure and greatly lower the risk of all the aforementioned health issues.

1. Use Airplane Mode

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The easiest thing to do is to use the airplane mode setting on your phone as often as you can. This setting turns off all sending and receiving of data meaning that Bluetooth, cellular, and Wi-Fi will all be off. This is where most of the radiation comes from so you are instantly safer.

2. Never Sleep Next to the Phone

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When you are getting ready to sleep, do not fall asleep with the phone near you. Younger children and teens do this often, but adults are also guilty. Keep it at least a few feet away from the bad, ideally with a few obstacles like shelves or furniture between you and the device. If you have to keep it close, turn on airplane mode.

3. Keep it Away from the Body

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This is not always possible, but try to keep your device as away from your head and body as possible. Try to carry it in bags instead of pockets and you will already be doing more than before. Also, do not constantly carry it in your hand. When talking, keep it slightly away from the ear and the temple. You do not have to glue it to the face to talk.

4. Use Protective Equipment

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Special cell phone cases and other items like EMF protection pendant necklaces you can find at EMF Harmony will help you with exposure to radiation. Numerous other products exist but these are usually the most fashion-friendly and visually appealing for most customers. They utilize special materials that defend against electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency, so they will not only guard you from the cell phone but any other type of radiation you may be exposed to.

5. Spend Time with People and Outside

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Perhaps the best thing to do when limiting your exposure is to simply use the phone less. If you want to talk to people, do it face to face outdoors where you will be surrounded with nature. While the aforementioned tactics will surely help you to feel happier and be healthier, you still need the good old nature and the human touch to truly reconnect with the world and detox your body from the negative effects of modern technology. Turn off the phone or leave it at home, do the same with the TV, the PC, and everything else you probably have, and have a technology-free day. You can either use the time to do something else you have been missing on that does not require gadgets, or go someplace where nature will remedy all the negatives you have been exposed to for days. What is more, walking barefoot on the ground is a proven method of allowing your body to soak up negatively charged electrons which help with heavy metals, trans fats, inflammation, air pollution, and most modern diseases described above.