5 Tips to Maximize Wellness Effects of CBD

5 Tips to Maximize Wellness Effects of CBD

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) as a pharmaceutical alternative to treat medical conditions is becoming more normalized. This has mainly been brought on by continuous studies that show that CBD may offer benefits to its users and alleviate the severity of health issues.

Thus, for users to get the full wellness benefits of CBD, it’s essential to boost its effectiveness. This entails enhancing its bioavailability while reducing the levels of CBD strength and quantity lost to digestion in the gut. These can be achieved with techniques and approaches that tackle the chemicals involved as well as consumption.

Here are five tips to maximize the wellness effects of CBD:

1. Test Out Various Doses

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At the start of your wellness journey, you may have started taking CBD in small doses to get used to it and to discover what levels yield the best outcomes. However, as time goes by and your body becomes tolerant to your usual dose, use it as an opportunity to readjust your dosage. This doesn’t automatically suggest you increase the dose but rather try various products with different potency levels and adjust to them.

If you’re into dabbing oils, you can try switching to CBD concentrates and change up your dose to find the most suitable setting. This also gives you a chance to examine how long CBD lasts in your body and whether the effects wear off too quickly or not. You could learn more when you check this article from SUPA Naturals and others like it.

Keep in mind that dosages are different for each person, and recommendations can be measured to treat specific conditions that may not apply to you. Furthermore, when testing dosages, it’s important to stay consistent with your CBD-taking routine whether it’s daily or between several days. This can benefit your wellness by helping your body create a balance and reduce the period when CBD volume diminishes.

2. Consider Using Full Spectrum CBD Products

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Research has shown that using full-spectrum CBD offers more health benefits than consuming the CBD isolate by itself. The full spectrum products still contain all the compounds found in the cannabis plant such as the plant extract, oils, terpenes, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), among many others. This is in contrast to the purity of CBD isolate products that rely on the strength of a single compound.

These compounds create a biological mechanism in your body called an entourage effect. It suggests they work better together to boost the product’s psychoactive abilities which, in turn, allow you to benefit more from the product. For wellness purposes, it can create a boosted therapeutic reaction in your mind and body to help relaxation if you’re taking CBD for anxiety, for instance.

3. Try It With Complimentary Chemical Agents

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There are certain chemical agents not naturally found in CBD but have been shown to enhance their bioavailability or improve their absorption rate for certain effects due to complementary properties. This can be helpful in getting the most out of your CBD and is essential when used in wellness. For instance, melatonin is a hormone found in your body that regulates your circadian rhythm or sleep cycle. When used with CBD, melatonin has the ability to improve the effects of CBD so that you can get better sleep. This is ideal if you’re taking CBD to treat insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

Another example is how CBD reacts to liposomes which are bodies of fat that surround a chemical. This relatively new study supports the idea that when ingested with CBD, liposomes can improve the amount that gets absorbed by the cells in your lower gut and allow for retention. The result could be higher concentrations of CBD within your body for a longer time. Moreover, many CBD manufacturers have started creating products that combine these complementary ingredients such as melatonin-CBD and liposomal-CBD products.

4. Add It To Fat- or Water-Soluble Food

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Oil-based CBD is fat-soluble which means it dissolves faster and better when it’s with fat. This is why industry experts recommend that you add it to fatty food to make it more effective for your wellness. On the other hand, the dry forms of CBD such as powder packs and granules that need to be added to water should be taken with liquids.

This is because each form of CBD contains specific properties for faster absorption. As such, mixing CBD with non-complimentary food and beverages means most of the CBD will be filtered out during digestion, reducing its effectiveness. Thus, if you want to add CBD oils to food for convenient consumption, try healthy fats such as avocados, vegetable oils, eggs, cheese and fatty fish like salmon and tuna. Water-soluble dry ingredient CBD packs can be poured into drinks such as lavender and chamomile tea and specialized coffee products made by CBD manufacturers.

5. Experiment With Ingestion Methods

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It’s no secret that CBD can be taken in many methods with vaporizing and placing under the tongue being some of the most impactful. These methods allow the cannabidiols to directly enter the bloodstream and bypass the digestive system which takes longer to process and results in less CBD quantity in your body.

You could notice a greater benefit just by choosing a new ingestion method. You can choose to eat it with food, inhale it in vapor, drink it, suck on it, and even smear it onto your body. Choosing which way to take it should be based on what you’re using it for. Topical creams that you can smear onto your skin work well for pain management and post-workout inflammation for instance. Vaping can give you a better wellness effect if your aim is to calm your mind and nervous system.

Just remember that human bodies react differently, so no one method of taking CBD will work for all. Whichever ingestion method you try, give your body adequate time to respond to a change in technique.


Finally, CBD offers a variety of potential wellness assistance that requires enhanced effectiveness to reap the full benefits. To achieve this, you can experiment with the way you consume it or what chemical agents you consume it with. Once you’ve done this, you can change your usual dosage until you find one that finally allows you to gain the desired effect.

A key tip to remember is that CBD has complimentary compounds that make it more responsive for treating specific conditions, which is what you and your consumer research should focus on finding out. Doing this will take a lot of the guesswork out of your testing and ensure you’re getting the right end result for your wellness.