4 Things to Know before Playing World of Tanks For The First Time

4 Things to Know before Playing World of Tanks For The First Time

World of tanks, one of the impressive multiplayer war gaming platforms, was developed by Belarusian in the year 2010. The complete game is based on wars that took place in the 20th century. Players can find a lot of combat vehicles and armor which can be used to defeat their enemies easily. Almost all the facilities in the game can be utilized without paying, but some premium features can be utilized after paying a bit of real cash.

Most of the games will have some preloaded robots, and players will be in a situation of defeating the robots, but the world of tanks is a multiplayer game, so players can play with an enemy who has equivalent skills and experience. This will create a tough competition among players so that the players will never feel bored.

But novice players might have some doubts about clearing all the missions. Even some experienced players are struggling a lot to clear the critical missions of the world of tanks. Here in this article, novice players can find some basic tips for clearing the critical missions of World of Tanks. Some shortcuts for clearing each mission can also be found below, so continue reading this article till the end.

4 Things To Know Before Playing World Of Tanks For The First Time

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1. Choosing The Right Tank

As the name implies, the complete game is dependent on the tanks, so choosing the right tank is mandatory to have a good gameplay experience. Even the tanks can be upgraded and changed after some missions, but the tank that players choose must suit the map they are playing. Generally, people might find either city maps or terrain maps, and some can even find some mix of maps called hybrid maps.

So anyone can play with high efficiency only after choosing the right vehicle for each map. For instance, we can find some small tasks that are fast, so people can easily use this to escape from enemies’ attacks, but this tank does not have much power to attack enemies. So crossing each point can be made easy by choosing the right tank.

But at the same time, small tanks cannot withstand attacks for a long time, so people should always make sure to choose the right tank according to the map they play. Clearing the city maps might be daunting as there will be a lot of enemies in front. To pass these missions, installing some additional armours in the tank in which you prefer to do the attack is mandatory. Most players prefer to choose a vintage tank from where they come from.

2. Positioning The Armor

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The most important thing in this game is positioning the tanks to defeat the enemies properly. Tutorials might help people in positioning the tanks, so players should make sure to complete the tutorial before entering into the main game. As mentioned earlier, passing through the city maps might be daunting, so to clear this part, it is necessary to implement some basic strategies, including the armour position.

Players should implement some powerful armor in their tanks to avoid heavy damage. Attacking enemies with the right strategy can also improve winning the game. Some players might place their tanks just opposite enemy players in the war field, so it doesn’t mean that the tank is more powerful than yours, so attack them by angling the armour in the right way.

This will smash your enemy, which will eventually help you gain some additional points. The armour’s stock position can be set to 45 degrees, and this angle will be a perfect match for defeating the enemy.

3. Plan Your Moves In Advance

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Never rush to complete the mission, as players will be in a situation of moving from point A to B. Most probably, players will be facing the enemy directly in the war field, so they might be heading towards your destination point to defeat the complete team. Some opponent tanks must hide in the opponent’s zone, so planning with the complete team is mandatory to avoid defeat in that war.

Moreover, if you are exposed to the war field, then it will be an easy task for your opponent to smash you down in the war field. So always plan your moves and seek help from your team members. Players can also prefer to attack enemies from where they are staying, and during the attack, it is necessary to move forward using your tank.

This will be an added advantage to conquer the enemy base quickly. Hiding attacks will be an added advantage, but it will take time to conquer the enemy base. So it is a must to attack and move simultaneously to conquer the enemy base effectively.

4. Choosing The Load-outs

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Jumping into the big leagues can be made easy by choosing the right load-outs. Like real life, it is important to equip war tanks with some safety equipment like fire extinguishers, medkit, and repair kits to play the game with care. In case of an emergency, these kits can help players regain their energy. In general, these kits can help people recover wounded soldiers and damaged tanks. Fire extinguishers can instantly put the fire off, so it is necessary to equip your vehicle with some basic gadgets like health kits and fire extinguishers.

Final Words

World of tanks can also be called the strategic planning game from which people can easily defeat the enemy war base by playing as a team. Each player should decide the right position and play the game with care to increase the possibilities of winning.

Moreover, the game is full of fun and entertainment, so gaming lovers should try this game without fail. Choosing the right tank will be an added advantage in many places as the complete game is dependent on the attack that players do. So make sure to choose the right tank before entering into a mission.