Do Outdoor Cats Need A House Like Dogs?

Do Outdoor Cats Need A House Like Dogs?

If you are a pet owner of dogs, understand that cats are inherently different from dogs and will respond differently to your care. The approach one applies to dogs will not work very well with cats because of their temperament. Dogs are highly social and depend on their owners to take care of them to a great extent.

Cats on the other hand can manage themselves and require as little human input in their daily activities as possible. If you have an outdoor cat, the way you take care of them is very different from a pet that is living with you. In this article, we will be talking about whether outdoor cats need a house like dogs. We will also be discussing certain factors that will help in keeping your pet safe and healthy outdoors.

They Need a Backup


Just because your pet is choosing to outdoors does not mean that they will not require your assistance. The basic idea of supporting an outdoor cat is to provide resources for them to survive without needing the obligation for them to live indoors. The pet, therefore, can easily handle themselves in the outside environment.

However, they do need a house in case they choose to step inside for a while. They need a backup option in case they are feeling the need for some protection. You should always be ready to provide a roof over your head because cats are generally temperamental. Know more about giving the right house to your pets with the services of Aivituvin.

Keep Food and Water at the Ready

Just because the animal is not living with a family in their home does not mean that it will not require some support. Cats are predators and can easily gather food for themselves depending on their needs. They can manage their diet themselves and also get an adequate amount of water. But you have to be prepared as a pet owner for any situation which might present itself. Visit here to learn how much food your cat should be eating.

Your first responsibility was to provide shelter if the need arises. The second priority is to have adequate food and water available outside your home. Keeping it outside means that it is accessible to your pet in case they cannot send it for themselves. Especially during summers, one needs to be very careful about how you are feeding an outdoor cat.

Having water at the ready is the first responsibility you should never neglect. Try to keep some dry food outside along with the water. Dry food is preferable because it does not go bad in case the pet does not come home regularly. Also, try to adjust the calories according to the changing season.

For instance, one will need to replenish the water supply every day during the summer season. Make sure the water in the bowl is always clean. The food in winter should have more calories than the food in summer. This is important on two accounts. First, they need extra calories to keep themselves warm, and second, cats burn more calories in the winter so the intake has to be increased.

Have a Litter Box at Home


When the pet is outside, they are out of your jurisdiction and what they do is not your responsibility. These animals can easily take care of themselves so one does not need to worry much. However, as a pet owner, providing all the facilities for a pet inside your home is essential. This does not exclusively include the right food for nutritional value.

Since the pet is being provided shelter, they would expect similar if not better facilities for them available indoors. One of the most basic facilities available outdoors is litter. Having a litter box at home is essential if one is planning to provide shelter to any outdoor cat.

The pet will not visit the pet owner every day and will not be using it each time they chance upon coming home. But having a little box at home is nonetheless essential not only for hygiene but also for providing a safe space for the animal. The more a pet feels comfortable within the confines of your home the better are their chances of cooperating when it comes to health-related checkups and other protocols.

Do Not Hesitate to Vaccinate

Even if the cat is living outdoors, the person in charge has full authority to vaccinate them. You will not just go around vaccinating felines that like to live in the wilderness. But outdoor cats are a different matter because an individual offers them shelter voluntarily. While letting an animal into your personal space, you are subjecting yourself to a lot of germs and bacteria.

This is where proper vaccination comes in. Cats need to be vaccinated so that they are protected from outside diseases. Additionally, vaccination will also protect all the humans who are coming in contact with pets. Especially while dealing with outdoor cats, one needs to be very careful about the claw marks and scratches.

Vaccination will reduce the risk of any kind of infection. It will also create a safe environment for the feline. Individuals will be more open to inter art with an outdoor cat if they know that their health is not at risk. Contrary to popular belief, cats do require pats and cuddles from time to time. This will be made possible with proper vaccines.


The Takeaway

We hope that we have answered the question about how to take care of outdoor cats. They do need shelter from time to time so offering them a home is a noble choice. While they are completely capable of taking care of themselves by finding food and water, providing some extra support does not do any harm. Keeping facilities such as food, water, and litter available inside the home will make the atmosphere more welcoming for them. Adjusting food facilities according to the season is also important for their health and well-being.