Mythology Behind the Chinese Zodiac Signs

Mythology Behind the Chinese Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac is interesting, and no matter if you share the same beliefs or not, or if you believe that your fate is written in the signs, or if you think that we create our own destiny, reading more about these things is always fun. One thing that you probably didn’t know is that there are so many myths and legends connected to the signs, and what they represent. Here, we are going to tell you more about the mythology behind Chinese zodiac signs, and what they represent.

The myth about the animals


There are many different myths and stories about the animals in this zodiac, but there is one that is best known and many people know it and love it.

The story starts with the Jade Emperor’s birthday party and he ordered every animal in the country to come and congratulate him. The emperor promised that the first 12 animals that come and share their happy wishes are going to earn their place in the zodiac, and they will get their place there depending on who comes first.

The task was easy, the animals were supposed to cross a river, and go to the emperor. When they heard about the task, they were all excited and started preparing.

The story follows with the cat, who asked the rat to wake them up the next morning before the race because the cat was known as an animal that can easily sleep for too long and forget about important things. On the day of the race, the rat was extremely excited and forgot to do this.

After the rat got to the shore of the river, he saw the ox that was about to go in, and the rat asked the ox to give him a lift so he doesn’t drown. The ox was nice enough and did that. When they got to the other side of the shore, the rat started running and got to the emperor first. The ox followed quickly behind him. That’s how they got the first two spots.

After them two, the tiger arrived, which was strong and fast. Right after the tiger, the rabbit managed to come in fourth place by jumping from one stone to the next in the river and using a floating log to pass it with ease.

In the fifth place, the dragon came, and the only reason why he didn’t finish first was that he stopped during the race to make some rain. The snake hid in the horse’s hooves and as soon as the horse galloped through the river, the snake came out and managed to get to the emperor before the horse. So, the snake and the horse finished in fifth and sixth place respectively.

After them, the goat, the monkey, and the rooster came together, and close after followed the dog, that decided to stop and swim in the river for a while, so he was late. Lastly, the pig arrived, who was late because he overslept.

The story finishes with the cat, who never got a place in the zodiac because the rat never woke him up. This also explains the feud that the cat and the mice have, and it is said that since the emperor’s birthday, their rivalry started, and they are still arguing to this day about that.

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Personality traits


Now let’s talk about some of the personality traits of the signs. Know that depending on your birth year, you may find out much more if you dig a little deeper, so make sure you explore more about your sign and find out what is said about your past, present, and future, depending on the animal that is represented in the year you were born.

The rat is said to be ambitious, and good with words, but people born in this sign can also be pretty private and critical. When it comes to the ox, these people are those that you can rely on, and they are always willing to help. Nevertheless, you should never underestimate this sign, as they can also be pretty stubborn and difficult to work with.

The tiger is majestic, and they are strong and magnetic people, but they can also be selfish and pretty arrogant. On the same note, the people born in the years of the rabbit can be pretty judgmental, but they are also kind and sensitive.

The dragon is extremely nice and generous, and these are some of the smartest people you will ever meet, but you should be careful because like the tiger, the dragon can also be selfish and impatient. People born in the years of the snake are great with words, and they are intelligent, but they can also be jealous and moody. When it comes to the horse, these people are energetic and they are the light of the party, but they can also be pretty lazy and sometimes even materialistic. The goat is nice, kind, and always willing to help, and people born in this sign can be sometimes moody and impulsive.

The monkey will always be smiling and happy, and they can sometimes be unpredictable as well, so be careful around these people. The rooster is talkative, funny, and they will be there for you always, but they can also show some arrogant traits as well.

People born in the sign of dog are the ones that you can always rely on, and they will do anything to help you, but know that sometimes they will bite back, and they will stand their ground no matter what.

Finally, those who have the sign of the pig are people that are really intelligent and generous, but they can also be impatient and even self-involved.

Make sure you delve deeper into the Chinese zodiac so that you can have fun while researching and you can find out more about yourself and your loved ones.