5 Must-Watch Players For The 2024 AFL Season

5 Must-Watch Players For The 2024 AFL Season

In our free time, each of us should have something to dedicate that time to, and most people decide to make it a sport. Why sports? Because sport and sporting events are something that relaxes and entertains people, as evidenced by the Australian Football League, better known as the AFL. It is a competition that is very popular in Australia, but also around the world. It is especially popular in Australia, as evidenced by the high demand for tickets to matches for which you can find out more. Otherwise, this competition is so popular that a large number of people watch it through the stands of the stadiums, but they also watch it on TV screens.

What you need to know about the competition is that some of the best Australian football teams that play football according to Australian rules compete in it. It was first organized in 1984 and for almost 40 years has existed as the most popular league enjoyed by sports fans. In the stands, but also in front of the TVs, the spectators could see a large number of players who went through the teams and played great matches and it was their game and sacrifice that made them continue to follow this championship.

When it comes to players, it is good to say that every league that exists has its own teams. So this league has its own teams and in those teams, there are players who represent themselves every season, and every season they have something that they are recognizable and the best. This means that it is necessary to follow their game in order to know the course of the championship and how that championship will take place. This year AFL has a lot to offer, and proof of that is the interest of each of you fans who follow the competition. Your interest is due to the game of players who have great skills in football and surprise more and more in every match. When we are already with them, today we decided to single out the best ones to which you should direct your attention this season because only the best is expected from them. And who are they? We bring you much more about them in the continuation of this article. Let’s get started!

1. Lance Franklin

Source: sportingnews.com

Lance Franklin or better known as Buddy is a famous Australian player who is 35 years old and who is part of this league. He has stood out in the past seasons for his unique game, but this season he is especially popular showing a game like never before. This season he plays as part of the Sydney Swans team. Only the best is expected from him, but also from the whole team in the coming period, and a large number of sports critics and fans who follow this sport are convinced of that, so keep an eye on Buddy.

2. Toby Greene

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Another player you need to keep an eye on is 28-year-old Toby Greene, who comes from the ranks of the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the Australian Football League. He is a young but especially experienced player from whom a large number of great results are expected this season. Knowing his skills and his readiness it is good to say that he always knew how to surprise well and that many more such surprises are expected from him this season as part of his team Greater Western Sydney Giants.

3. Charlie Cameron

Source: news.com.au

If anyone is a sensation and if you should ever watch a good game, then it’s when one of the best players plays, and that is Charlie Cameron. It is about the player of Brisbane Lions, a team that always creates an abnormal atmosphere in the matches and always surprises with its game, and most often the culprit for that great game is Charlie himself. With his 27 years, he brings us an incredible game and a great experience that he shows after being involved in the games since 2014 when he studied carefully to now show us a number of surprises that every spectator will be delighted with.

4. Marcus Bontempelli

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The boy who at just 26 years old is making an incredibly positive turn in the Australian Football League is really enjoyable to watch and brings a lot of surprises. His name is Marcus Bontempelli and since 2024 he has brought a lot of surprises during the game with his team Western Bulldogs. Proof of that is the large number of actions performed last year which seem to be repeated this season, and we can only watch and enjoy those incredible actions and the great game that he has prepared for us.

5. Dustin Martin

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The most prizes won during competitions, a lot of epithets, and a great game that we all remember, and of course, it should be part of this list – it’s Dustin Martin. This player this season will delight us with his game and the incredible fighting spirit in the ranks of his team Richmond Football Club. He should remain under the watchful eye of the sports public and all the fans this season as well because we can always expect only the best from him, and what is this season will be shown as the best of him remains to be seen this season for 2024.

As we have already said, this season of the AFL will be great to watch, and that is why we have selected the best 6 fighters that you will need to follow and see what they will present to us from their game, but also from the overall game of their teams. It seems that we will have a lot to watch and a lot to tell in the matches that will follow, so all that remains for each of us is to follow all the matches, especially those of the best players, to get a ticket for the matches or to be in front of the TV screens with certainty in the moments when an AFL match will be played. Be prepared, this will be one of the best seasons ever!