Easy but Meaningful Ways to Show Someone You Genuinely Care

Easy but Meaningful Ways to Show Someone You Genuinely Care

There are some people that always succeed in putting a smile on your face, with whom you like to spend the majority of your free time as they make the world a little bit more tolerable and with their help, you would be able to embrace every obstacle that may appear on the way.

They are the ones that you can always count on, the apple to your pie or the peanut butter to your jelly, and without whom you can’t imagine what your life would look like. That person can be a partner, sibling, parent or friend, and although they mean the world to you, sometimes it is hard to express how you really feel about them.

You want to show that you care, but you might ask yourself how you can do that. Well, there are plenty of methods in which you can make them feel appreciated, and you don’t need to make a singular grand gesture, as there are small things that will count more.

So, if you want to show someone you care, keep reading, as we will provide vital information you can easily adopt.

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Lend a Helping Hand

As we already said, small gestures are the ones that count the most, which is why, if you help a loved person when they need the most, you will show that you care. And the simple gesture of taking some work off their shoulder will speak a lot.

Especially if you know that a person is going through a stressful period, doing something very simple will be highly appreciated. It can be a plain activity like cooking a meal when your girlfriend or boyfriend comes from work after a hard day or doing the laundry.

As long as that person doesn’t need to do other chores, you will remind them how loved they are. Classic gestures will never go out of style, so make sure you adopt them from time to time!

Spend Time Together

When you spend time with someone, you show that you care, as instead of doing something else, you choose to be in their company. We all know that life is extremely busy sometimes and packed with loaded tasks from work, chores, and other activities you must attend. And if, in all that chaos, you choose to spend at least a few hours with a dear person, this will show that they are important to you.

In many cases, it is about making time that counts the most, so proving that they are a priority no matter what happens in your life will mean a lot. This is why, when you spend time together, you need to do something fun that both of you will remember for a long period.

Always keep in mind to have quality time, which doesn’t always mean a long time, but a meaningful one, where a few hours feel like five minutes.

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Surprise Them With Thoughtful Gifts

Although non-material presents are very important, surprising them occasionally with thoughtful and physical gifts will also show that you care. Again, it doesn’t need to be expensive, as small things also mean a lot.

Did your friend go through a stressful period at school or work? Surprise them with a ticket to a movie to release the pressure they felt. Or if you know that your partner has wanted something for a long time, why not buy that one gift?

Can you imagine the happiness on their face when they see that you listened to them and bought it even if it was expensive? If you can’t, you need to try it, as it will radiate with joy and be the happiest.

So, buy that one thing they have wanted for a very long time, pack it nicely by adding a tartan ribbon on top to enhance the look of the present, and give it to them. They will surely remain speechless, as this act shows that you know them better than everyone else and deeply care.

Listen to Them

When you engage in conversations with someone, it is important to let them speak without interruptions and not try to always include yourself in the conversation. If you do that, you will demonstrate that you know to listen to them and care about what they tell you.

A true listener is someone who shows that they are hearing what the other one is speaking and can give consolation, advice, or whatever the other one might need. Think about how many times a family member has listened to you, and imagine how much it would mean if you were listening to them at least once.

Ask your mom, dad, and siblings frequently how their day was, and in this way, you will show that you care. If you really pay attention to what they are saying, you will bond your relationship more and can even make your own jokes that nobody else is aware of.

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Keep in Touch

Because we have technology by our side, now it is easier than ever to keep in touch with a dear person. The simple act of calling or sending a message will show that they are constantly on your mind, even if some hundreds of miles keep you apart.

In this way, you can also keep up with what your friend is doing, and when you finally get the chance to meet, you will know a lot of things about each other, even if some great time has passed from the time you last saw. Not to mention that in some cases, hearing the voice of a person that means the world to you can be cathartic, especially if you don’t get the chance to see each other for long periods.

There are many ways you can show a person that you care, but in most cases, the simple gestures are the ones that matter the most, so you should always consider them.