Top 11 Manga Books You Should Start Reading ASAP!

The best way to enjoy your favorite manga is to read it all throughout! However, getting caught up in the drama and page-turning might not be your strong suit. In this article, we discuss the top 10 manga books you should start reading ASAP. You might think that you have time for one more super-deformed genre. Well, think again. Every single one of these Japanese comics will have something to offer you from start to finish. Here’s why: If you’re looking for a manga that will take you back to your childhood, a book that will have you asking yourself questions like ‘Where is my friend?’ and ‘Am I able to save money?’ then you might want to give these a miss. But if you’re looking for something completely different, then these books are for you!

1. Bakemono from Baka to Boogie


This is one of the most popular graphic novels in the world right now. It has been translate into more than 30 languages and has been both in English and Japanese. It’s a story about a little boy named Hazuki who loves his favorite sports – and he loves to cheer for his favorite team, the Boston Red Sox. When his team goes through a hard time, he even goes as far as to help out his hometown team in exchange for money. While the storyline might be a little predictable, the characters and their relationship to one another are what make Baka to Boogie so great. If you’re looking for a story about a family who faces personal challenges and then rises to the adventures, Baka to Boogie is for you.

2. Green Light from Guilty Crown

This is the perfect book for anyone who loves dark, suspenseful mystery and romance. In this novel, Jonathan, a Wall Street Journal reporter, solves the mysterious surrounding his missing mentor, the late Artur Grushenko. There are many similarities between the two cases, but the connection between the two is what makes this an amazing read. We get to see the relationship between Jonathan and his friend, Ami, grow and evolve throughout the novel. This is not a romance novel, but a mystery novel! You should read this book if you like a good mystery, a romantic mysteries, and/or romance.

3. Hana to Yuna


This is a hands-off novel about two people who have a deal going for them – Hana, her friend Yuna, and the rest of their family. They sell handmade garments in a Kyoto-based loom shop and then take them to Asia with them to find work. But when they arrive in Japan, they find themselves face-to-face with the Harajuku District’s all-night party culture. What makes this novel such a great comic book is the way the author, Haruki Murakami, turns the everyday events of life into beautiful vistas. He paints the names of the people he meets in his novels – such as the persons in his loom shop and the people in Harajuku – on yarns that are then cut and pasted together to create stunning, unforgettable art. To top it all off, this novel is filled with infectious, high-energy characters that will have you laughing out loud and asking yourself ‘What can I do this weekend?’

4. Ranma ½


One of the most popular manga books in the world, Ranma ½ is one of the most popular series in the world. If you love old-fashioned adventure, with your favorite characters journey through an endless forest of adorable animals, you’ll love this series. If you’re looking for a light read with a few laughs, interesting characters, and a fascinating complexity, then Ranma ½ is for you.

5. Steins;Gate


This novel is very different from other graphic novels in the series. It follows the story of two young boys – one black and one white – who embark on an amazing quest across the US with the help of a Japanese extended family. Although you may not know it from the other books in the anime series, there is a point in the novel where the boys’ curiosity is satisfied and they become fully realized – physically, mentally, and financially – Americans. This novel is also known for its fantastic art. A true master of visual storytelling, Steins;Gate is a treat to read.

6. Addai: The Emperor and the Phoenix


This novel is about a man who may have been a god, but who might also have been a devil. It’s a story about Satò, a man from a family that has great wealth and powerful connections, who is gifted with extraordinary powers that allow him to see into the past, the future, and the invisible. If you like stories about good and bad people who go about their respective businesses in partnership and then have a major disagreement about who gets their due, then this novel is for you.

7. The World Ends with You From Rosemary’s Baby


While many think of Rosemary’s Baby as a bedtime story, the novel is also one of the most compelling fantasy novels ever written. The story follows a young woman named Charlotte, who accidentally ends up in a world where every day is a new adventure. From there, we follow the journey of her family, her friends, and the reader as they discover new joy, adventure, and love through their reading and sharing. If you’re looking for a book that will transport you to a world of innocence and wonder, then Rosemary’s Baby is for you.

8. Final Fantasy


This is an exciting, fun, and downright gorgeous series that will have you wondering where it is possible to know every book in the series in one sitting. There are many similarities between the series and other novels, but the way these books are written makes them stand out. From time to time, you’ll come across a familiar character who you’ll remember as a friend or a peer; after that, you’ll be whisked away in a world of fantasy where anything is possible. If you like fantasy, and adventures and can’t get enough of this endless list of fantastical creatures and environments, you’ll like Final Fantasy.

9. Fullmetal Alchemist


This is probably one of the most popular series in the world. If you love to follow your favorite characters around in a quest to save the world, and if you also love to read about their defiance and transformation, then you’ll enjoy this series. If you’re looking for a light read with plenty of fun characters, some shocking twists, and a wonderful adventure, then Fullmetal Alchemist is for you.

10. Death Note


This is a Cult classics series that follows two kids who use a peculiar Japanese anti-anxiety drug called N discriminated. Their method of self-medicating is different from other people’s ways, but it works like magic on the mental level. This novel is also famous for the amazing art featured on the pages. It’s one of the most recognizable books in the world and it’s easy to see why it is such a popular series.

11. Princess Mononoke


This is a young adult novel that tells the story of a family who lives in a small town in Japan where everyone speaks Japanese and everyone is very strict. Their town is also called ‘The Land of the Future’ and there is an endless field of bright, colorful trees that they can all use to inspire and help each other survive. If you love standard fantasy novels with lots of action and adventure, then you’ll enjoy this one too.


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