How To Make More LGBTQ Friends Online as a Gay Man

How To Make More LGBTQ Friends Online as a Gay Man

Everyone needs friends. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to, friends are a necessity. This is how our world functions. You can’t tell us otherwise. Since the early ages, people have been seeking companions for hanging out, hunting, and sitting by the fire. Today, there are plenty more things to do with our close ones. Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of prejudice in our society. Things are changing for the better, but as a gay man, things can sometimes get complicated. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community you know what we’re talking about.

There’s a lot of prejudice that gay men or women face every day. For one, people always assume they’re looking for relationships. But, gay men can be friends with other men or women. If anything, this is what Sex and the City taught us. Yes, some parts of our society remain closed. In recent times, we are making huge strides forward. NFL star Carl Nassib openly came out and became the first member of a football franchise that declared himself as a gay man. We can only hope that many will follow in the future.

Before that happens, we must remain focused on other ways of making friends. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do this. We live in the age of social media and the internet so at least some things are way easier than they were ever before. Yes, the term friend has been thrown around a lot on Facebook, but who are we to downsize its effect on the world we live in. Mark Zuckerberg did do wonders for connecting people all over the world. All of this brings us to our subject for today which is how to make more LGBTQ friends online as a gay man? It can be done, don’t worry, and we’re going to discuss it in the paragraphs below.

Find the Right Platform


As we said, we live in the time of the internet and social media platforms. These days you don’t have t exit your house and you could make a friend or two. But, if you go down the standardized way of making friends you could end up hitting the brick wall. There are plenty of unpleasant people still roaming our streets. On the web, their number is even bigger. Some simply love the anonymity that the internet brings to be the worst versions of themselves. So, while unpleasantries can happen, you could avoid them by not trying to go down the crowded alleys.

No, what you should do is find a website or a platform that is open for gay men, and where everyone will be understood from the start. One such place is without a doubt Jerkmate, and it can be a place where you’re going t meet some genuine people, who share the same passions and interests as you do. Even if you fail to meet the right people, and make friends from the get-go, you’ll still have plenty of fun we can assure you that.

Go Down the Social Media Alley


Facebook Twitter and Instagram can be cruel sometimes. But, we can’ say that they’re not a great way of making friends online. For a while, they were the only way to do it. So, if you’re into making new friends Facebook could be a great place to do it. Yes, there are a lot of fake profiles out there, but if you’ve been around this network since its inception you know how to notice fake ones. These days some groups have members who are explicitly members of the LGBTQ.

If you join one of these groups you’ll be halfway there to making a friend or two. If Facebook is not your cup of tea, don’t worry, there are other options. One of the best could be Tumblr. Yes, it can be ad bit complicated, but if you focus only on the gay content and blogs that follow LGBTQ you can make strides towards what you desire. Sending a message after reading a blog you liked was never easier. You could also do this on Twitter, but we don’t recommend it. Twitter can be cruel, and in no time you could find yourself facing bigotry. There are just too many bots on Twitter to be ensured that you’re talking to a real person. This could be one of the stumbling blocks for why Tesla owner Elon Musk is not going to end up as an owner of this platform.

Use a Dating App


This is the way to go for many people. Yes, we know, you’re looking for friends and not for a romantic interest. But, you could end up with both. For one, dating apps are used to connect people. You could make a profile and list your interests, select a picture, and talk a bit about yourself and the app will connect you with similar people. Of course, you need to make it clear that you are a gay man.

This will make the circle narrower but that’s what you want after all. It’s all about being open. As we said, many people who you will be meeting this way will be seeking a relationship, but that doesn’t matter. You’ll find those who will be looking for the same things as you – a true friendship. Once you meet one such person, the circle will be expanding in no time, we could almost guarantee you this.


As you can see, meeting people online is not all that difficult regardless of your preferences. The right approach is to be direct in your actions. Luckily the internet made the entire ordeal much easier. As you can see from our article above, in the end, the only thing that matter is to find the right platform. If you’re looking for a more explicit approach you’ll go with our first option. The standard way includes going via the social media road, and in the end, you have the dating apps that are all over the place. Whatever you choose you’ll have the Will and Jack from Will & Grace type of friendship in no time.