Love Dolls: Can They Substitute You as a Real Lover?

Love Dolls: Can They Substitute You as a Real Lover?

Can love dolls substitute real lovers? This is the question as old as time, or at least as old as the first love doll. You could also ask what’s older the chicken or the egg. Maybe there’s no answer to that one, but the former one might be answered. Of course, there needs to be a little bit of subjectivity involved. After all most of us see ourselves as adept lovers. There’s no arguing it. No, none of us is Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, or Casanova, but there are bragging rights invoked with every man and woman.

Unfortunately, for some people, there’s no point in arguing about this as they have no partner nor a means to prove that they’re good or bad as a lover. Some people had partners but now are alone. Of course, there are solutions and possibilities these days to solve the issue of loneliness when there’s no partner involved. Those who have been left by a partner who has access to a love doll have it worse. They tend to ask all the hard questions. The one that pops out the most is, of course, – can they substitute you like a real lover?

This is a hard pill to swallow if they can. We can argue one thing or another, but the truth is there’s no definite answer. In the end, it all comes down to individual preferences. For some people, the warmth of a human body can’t be replaced. For others, it is easily substitutable. To which group do you belong? This is a subject for a poll or a query, rather than for an article. But, we’re not the ones to give up at the first sign of trouble, so we’re going to try and provide the answer to this unusual and harsh question. Can a real lover be substituted by a love doll? Keep reading, and find out what we think of it.

Is It Possible?

We don’t want to scare you off or bring out an unpopular opinion, but it is possible. Of course, it is, to an extent a love doll that can replace any lover. Of course, there are limitations, but it can be done. We are all in danger. Joking aside, if you’re using a quality product such as those that offers, you can recreate the same pleasures as you would with a partner. As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from, which means that various levels of pleasure can be achieved. For some people, it can even get better as there’s a possibility to get yourself a customized love doll. A doll that would appear as your ex-girlfriend, but that’s sick, or as a favorite adult movie star. These days, the shapes and sizes are almost limitless. Furthermore, they are even making them for women. Yes, that’s right. Sex dolls are no longer associated with men only. We live in a world of equality, at least in this department.

What Are Your Options?


This is the best part. The funs starts when you learn that your options are numerous. There are shapes and sizes for anyone’s liking. The abundance of love dolls can’t be compared to anything else in the sex industry. It is a touchy subject so it has been refined to suit even the most selectable customers. A great effort has been put forward to make them as realistic as possible. This is what makes them ideal to replace any partner. You can have someone, a doll, in this case, to spend quality time in bed with, but without all the additional issues that could arise in a relationship. A silent partner that has little needs but can fulfill any you might have. When you see things from this perspective you understand why they are gaining popularity in all parts of the world. Of course, there’s still plenty of taboo regarding love dolls in some parts of the world. But, in essence, their usage is getting normalized in developed countries.

For some men and women, this is the best thing ever. Everything they ever wanted. For some, it is s clear signal that our society is moving in the right direction. People who use love dolls have preferences, desires, and needs of course.

All of it is tailored by the industry which is growing as we speak. Thanks to the voices of the customers and the ears of the industry love dolls have come a long way. You can have them made soft or hard, whatever you like. They can be made of the finest latex, or from that rough version if that’s what you like. The high-end ones are made out of surgical materials which allow you maximum satisfaction. When we talk about the love dolls, many people assume that you only receive the torso of a human body with genitals attached. But no, that’s not what it’s all about. You’ll be receiving a full package. Here, we’re talking about real-life, real-size, latex models suited to please your every need.

With a fine love doll, no one needs to be lonely ever again. Yes, we know it is a big promise, but one that these dolls can fulfill.

Final Verdict

We are all replaceable. This is a story as old as time. It can be applied when it comes to real-life partners, friends, employers, and employees. You can change a light bulb and a smartphone. In most cases, we upgrade these things.

When it comes to love dolls, they can replace a real lover. Of course, it’s not the same thing, but for some people, it could be an upgrade. It all comes down to your point of view. For some people, it would be something they would never try out. For others, it might be a lifestyle they always wanted. The extent is important here, but in our opinion, a love doll can replace any lover. After all, Real Madrid replaced Cristiano Ronaldo and won another Champions League shortly after. Everyone is replaceable. Have that in mind you lovers the next time you mistreat your partner.