5 Ways to Look Really Good on a Budget

5 Ways to Look Really Good on a Budget

Looks are not a matter of budget; you can look great even when short on cash. While money makes things easier, it will never do the job for you. Sure, you can hire a stylist to help you, but being in charge of your looks is far more satisfactory.

It makes you self-sufficient and independent, making you feel adult and accomplished. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top five ways to look really good on a budget.

Spend more time on grooming

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A fresh haircut, healthy skin, and neatly trimmed nails will make a much bigger difference than any clothing piece. Most importantly, this is not just about looks. It’s about self-care and self-appreciation.

The best part about this is that it’s inexpensive, especially skincare, as you can do it independently. Unless you decide to go for something really high-tier, chances are you can find a good moisturizer and a cream on a budget. The downside is that this is a recurring expense.

New, clean, and ironed clothes are always impressive, regardless of how much they cost. Even a $5 t-shirt will look great on you if it’s new and the color still hasn’t washed out. Regardless of what clothes detergent commercials tell you, new is new, and there’s no way to restore the original color after a certain number of washes.

Find what suits you

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Clothes are always designed to fit nicely. The key thing is that you find your size number. The problem is that some people feel uncomfortable about this, especially if they’ve recently lost or gained much weight. So, they’ll stick to their old clothes, burying their head in the sand. Being realistic and buying clothes that fit will already make a difference.

Another thing you need to understand is that not every color suits everyone. So, you need to find the right color for you. Try out several combinations and ask someone you’re close with to give you some insight. Now, when choosing this confidante, make sure that this person has a fashion sense that you respect and that they can be honest towards you. Without these two things, no insight is worth it.

Lastly, look for a style that you can pull off. Just because someone else is rocking an outfit doesn’t mean it would look just as good on you. The attitude that you can pull anything off is great for morale but can backfire. Conversely, just because someone can’t pull off a certain style doesn’t mean that the choice is wrong for you.

Buy pre-owned accessories

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How can you distinguish between a pre-owned Rolex watch and one you bought 10 or 20 years ago? The truth is that you can’t! What’s the difference? Well, the difference is that you can afford a pre-owned Rolex.

Remember that this is a luxury accessory, meaning the original owner probably looked after it. The value drop is just because of the age of the watch and a standard depreciation, not because of the watch’s condition. A Rolex can last you a lifetime if you look after it properly and have someone look into it every 5 to 7 years.

Also, before selling it, the pawn shop or reseller probably did some maintenance work. They probably fixed the straps and took it for a service. In other words, it’s probably in as good of a condition as it gets.

This tip is not exclusive to luxury watches. In fact, you could do the same with any expensive accessory type. Designer bags are just one of many examples.

Wear something you like

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Wearing something you like will help you be more confident. Being confident is the key to wearing your outfit combination the right way. You see, feeling good in your skin can be radiant, which might be the missing component to getting the most out of your looks.

Now, before you assume that we’re talking about the beauty that comes from within, the truth is that there are physical impacts on this, as well. First of all, your posture is different when you’re feeling confident. Second, by wearing your outfit in this way, you’re revealing all the details that would normally stay hidden.

For instance, previously, we’ve talked about wearing a luxury watch. Well, if you keep your hands in your pockets all the time, chances are that the majority won’t even get to see it. Knowing how to present your outfit is a game-changer, and confidence has everything to do with it.

Working on confidence on its own is also important. This will allow you to try outfits that you normally wouldn’t dare. This can revolutionize your fashion sense in ways undreamed of.

Buy items that go into a combination

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A simple white shirt can be combined into so many fashion combinations. This means that you’re filling a sizable part of your wardrobe by buying this one item. This is not the only item that fits this category.

Whether you’ve bought an item in a thrift store, second-hand shop, or ordered it online doesn’t matter. No one will inquire about its origin if it looks good in a combination. At the end of the day, everyone can buy an item, but not everyone can have a sense of style.

Another thing you can do is look up ideas online. Pinterest is generally a great place for finding new ways to combine items from your wardrobe. The reason why this is so great is that you’re using items that you’ve already paid for.

Wrap up

Finding a way to look good on a budget is resourceful. Resourcefulness is a trait you can benefit from in every aspect of your life. Now, looking good is great for your confidence and your social life, and it teaches a lesson or two about self-love. If you can do all of this on a budget, it’s even better. This shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish with the above five tips on your side.