7 Hidden Instagram Features and Hacks to Ease Your Life

7 Hidden Instagram Features and Hacks to Ease Your Life

Even though there are numerous options to choose from when we’re talking about social media, Instagram is easily the most popular one. Many statistics confirm this claim of ours. According to one of them, this social media has one million daily active users, which is significantly more than any other.

In a couple of years, Instagram’s popularity will become unrivaled. Not only that this is a great platform for basic users, but we can also see that it offers a plethora of options for brands and businesses. So, it’s no surprise that pretty much all the biggest brands in the world have a business account.

There are so many of these features to try out, that many are still undiscovered by a majority of the users. That’s why we would like to provide you with a couple of hidden features and hacks that can help you realize the platform’s full potential. Let’s check some of these.

Intensive Filters

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The first thing we would like to talk about is filters. Sure, we are aware of the fact that this is among the best-known features. However, we are certain that a majority of users out there are not fully aware of just how intensive some of them are. For instance, you can see that many people use them too much.

Not being able to control the intensity leads to some results that are simply not satisfying enough. Thankfully, the developers have made it possible for users to have much efficient control. A couple of years ago, we can see that this simply wasn’t the case.

Story GIF

In the last couple of years, the opportunity to make story GIFs has appeared. Still, for some reason finding some high-quality ones is quite hard to do. Not to mention that creating one of these on your own can be quite challenging. Just imagine how you can boost engagement with one of these.

But, for you to find a quality story GIF, the search needs to be as detailed as possible. Besides that, it is important that you exactly know what you want to receive. You can access these by visiting a sticker function and selecting a GIF option. Try a couple of keywords before you find the best one.

Story Links

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Among the most efficient ways to promote your business or brand on this platform, you will find story links. The links on the posts are simply not as effective as users would like them to be. Thankfully, putting a link on your stories will not reach as many people as possible, but they will access it easier.

The best way to describe this feature is to say that this is some sort of call to action. With that in mind, you can presume how many users out there will click on that particular link. Adding a link is an easy thing to do, you can find it by visiting a paperclip icon when you’re about to share the story.

Story Downloading

You will certainly agree with the fact that Instagram stories are probably the best feature on this platform. We can see that numerous platforms out there have added this function. But they are simply not as efficient as this one is, right? Still, this is a great way for users to express their creativity.

Maybe some of your friends will have some great things to present to the public. In some situations, it is possible that someone would want to download these stories. If you want to take a look at a website that will help you to download these much easier, be sure to take a look at Toolzu.

 Efficient Responding

When someone has millions of followers on Instagram, responding to all the messages can be quite a hard thing to do. Just think about it, there are many people out there who would want your opinion on a certain topic. Not responding to these messages can potentially leave a lot of them disappointed.

Responding to all of these messages is certainly significant, especially when you have a business account. Sometimes, providing a proper response can mean that you will sell your product or service. Thankfully, Instagram can provide you with a feature that will help you to respond to all of these easily.

Different Fonts

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Adding some texts to a post or a story is a great option. Surely, you know that it is possible to add it whenever you want on the screen. It needs to be said that you can add as much text as you want, as much as it can, to be precise. There are a couple of fonts you can choose from.

We’re talking about modern, typewriter, classic, strong, and neon. All of these fonts fit into the specific surrounding. Besides that, it is possible to choose from a wide array of different colors. Once again, we would like to stress out that they should fit right into the surrounding.

Color Customization

The final feature we want to talk about is the potential color customization. Obviously, you can use this feature for whatever posts you want. Sometimes, this customization is used to highlight the context of the text. On the other side, there’s always a possibility that this will shine a whole new light on it.

Since we’re talking about color customization, it means you can combine a wide array of different colors and turn them into one. Therefore, there’s a lot of room for creative people. So, we would like to recommend you start using color customization whenever you have the chance to do it.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is a place that can turn any of your ideas into truth. But, it is only possible if you learn about all the potential features and hacks out there. Here, you can check some of the most popular ones. Having an insight into all of these will help you to use them more efficiently. We are sure you will find all of them useful.