4 Types of Injuries That Lead to a Lucrative Personal Injury Settlement

4 Types of Injuries That Lead to a Lucrative Personal Injury Settlement

Making sure that you are safe and healthy is sadly not something that you alone are responsible for. While out and about in the world there are many potentially dangerous scenarios that can happen to result in bodily injuries regardless of whether or not you were at fault. Innocent people get injured or even killed in tragic events and accidents all the time, a reality in this world that is rough to deal with. However, there is a good way to counter this or at least to get something positive out of it. When somebody else is to blame for a person’s injury of any sort, the person who suffered has the right to sue and ask for a settlement.

These settlements are called personal injury cases and they are quite common. What is more, they are quite diverse and range from minor injuries due to somebody’s negligence to serious conditions and deaths. All of them fall under the category of personal injuries and they are settled in court after the wronged side sues the wrongdoer. It is a good idea to get familiar with the laws and regulations at play here because you never know when you may need them.

In this article, the personal injury law firm from scura.com covers the four types of injuries that tend to lead to lucrative personal injury settlements. Money is not always enough to make up for the trauma somebody has been through due to someone else’s fault, but it is a start and it does help cover all the expenses and bills. Therefore, keep reading to learn more about these settlements and when you should try to get them.

1. Auto Accidents

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The most common type of personal injury as well as one of the most lucrative settlements one can get comes after a car accident. In the US alone in 2018, there were over 6.7 million motor vehicle accidents which is all the evidence you need. Such a scenario can lead to a wide range of injuries as well as psychological trauma. If you have been involved in something of this nature due to the negligence of another driver, you can sue them and ask for compensation. Drunk driving, speeding, and reckless driving are the easiest cases to win, but the injuries also dictate the size of the settlement. Since there are many he-said-she-said moments involved in car accidents, you need proof, evidence, and witnesses most of the time. It also does not matter if you were driving. Pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle accidents also count.

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side, like Chris Hudson Law Group, can greatly increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for any personal injury case you may face.

2. Slip and Fall

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Have you ever wondered why there is always a sign warning you of wet and slippery floors? It is common knowledge to walk slowly and pay attention if you see something wet or greasy, right? Well, it is, but that is not how the legal system work nor how it should work. It is not up to the innocent passersby to judge the severity of the situation, but the one performing the dangerous task to post the right signage and warnings. If they fail to do it and there is an injury, the injured party has all the rights to sue the person at fault, the business, or whoever failed to issue proper warnings. These accidents are very common, and although the injuries are not that severe for everyone, the settlements tend to be lucrative. It is a very dangerous scenario for the elderly as a fall due to negligence can result in serious fractures and hematomas. Proper compensation usually awaits those who sue for a slip and fall injury.

3. Medical Malpractice

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This is the technical and fancy way of saying that a medical practitioner of any rank or skillset made a mistake while doing their job. This happens far more often than anyone would like it to. It can be as a result of negligence, a lack of skill, education, or experience, or a dangerous mixture of these. Sometimes doctors are in a rush or they fail to spot a key detail which results in the wrong diagnosis and therefore treatment. Not only can something like this be life-threatening, but it can cause other types of hardships that were not supposed to be there based on the original problem. Emotional, financial, and physical issues usually arise out of medical malpractice. Since the suffering party is not only suing the doctor but the hospital and everyone involved, the settlements are usually very lucrative. Maybe even more important, the doctors at fault are either suspended, fired, or their medical license is taken away. This prevents them from doing it again.

4. Workplace Injuries

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In recent years, there has been a lot more attention put towards workplace safety exactly because personal injury cases are more common, while the settlements are more lucrative. Some of the most profitable and significant companies in the world are also the worst in terms of taking care of their employees, which resulted in high-profile cases and a revamp of workplace safety. If somebody is injured on their job as a result of dangerous equipment or practices without proper warnings and training, the deals after the settlement can be astronomical. Evidence is necessary most of the time as well as reports by supervisors and managers, but serious injuries are taken care of accordingly most of the time. Coworkers like to help however they can because it could have happened to them and because they want the workplace to be safer. Injuries range from cuts, bruises, and burns to loss of limbs and life-altering conditions of numerous kinds, depending on the industry. A team of dedicated personal injury lawyers from Shulman & Hill have successfully represented clients in a variety of workplace injury cases, and are committed to fighting for your rights and ensuring you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Other Potentially Lucrative Settlements

There are of course a few other types of personal injuries that tend to result in high settlement cases. These mainly involve assaults and product liability. Being physically attacked is a no-brainer and you should sue for compensation immediately. Manufacturing defects of goods or the lack of instructions or warnings on the packaging are some of the most notable cases of product liability injury settlements. This is why every product has to have instructions and content information, as well as warnings for hot, cold, or hazardous content.