How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Take to Develop?

How Long Do Cannabis Seeds Take to Develop?

When it comes to cannabis, we are divided into it being good and it being bad. We wrote many times about its benefits but we also wrote about it being bad when it is abused and misused. The consensus is that some parts of cannabis are “bad” while others can be and are used for good.

Marijuana has two essential parts to it – THC the hallucinogen and CBD the good and health-beneficial part. What you take out of the marijuana plant is what you get so it boils down to personal choice. What we see more and more these past several years is that people all around are turning to the CBD part of the plant because it can have benefits for your mental and physical health. We wrote about that too which is why we won’t go into too many details.

As you can see today, we are turned to the very start of the plant, the development of seeds. We will talk about the process, and what it takes for a seed to sprout and develop into a full-grown plant that will be used for whatever you have in mind. Those of you that don’t have the means, skill, and place to grow these yourself, can always visit a place like Jealousy strain that can offer already feminized seeds that you don’t have to mess with a lot.

Now, let’s dive into the details regarding seed development and the early stages.


The general rule of thumb is that you can grow a cannabis plant within 3-4 months but when you are a bit more prepared and with a good growth strategy you can get that down to a whopping 8 weeks.

The process needs to start with the germination of seeds. Most beginners have trouble doing this and if this is happening to you, some or all of your cannabis seeds there is an easily identifiable reason. Let’s try to help. Germination dent means just your seed cracking and opening up with tap root appearing, it is also a transition of that seed to a very small but viable cannabis plant.

Germination of seeds depends on several things starting with the soaking time of those seeds in water. What happened to them during that period? Did they sink on the bottom or remained swimming on top before you transferred them to the moist paper towel? Unlike some other seeds, your cannabis seeds need to sink to the bottom of the glass. Those that remained on top mean that they didn’t absorb a sufficient amount of water to successfully germinate. You also have to watch out not to leave the seed in the water for too long because the tap root will not form and your germination process will stop.

Once this is done it is time for the damp paper towel you need to leave your seeds in it for several days and remember not to leave the paper towel dry at any point. If you make even the smallest error in this process it may have major consequences on the plant afterward. You also need to worry about the optimal temperature for these seeds. They need to be in an environment where it is between 70- and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature plays a great role in germination as well where a too-cold room or too-hot one will destroy your seeds and they will not germinate.


Now that we have sorted out what not to do let’s talk a bit about timeframes.

Most beginners in growing their cannabis plants from seed up think that this takes a long time, but in reality, this is not correct. Let’s go through all of the steps and explain how many days you are looking to spend until you see at least a small cannabis plant.

When you start germination, you need to spend 2 to 5 days until that seed sprouts. This includes soaking in the water, a damp towel, and everything else until you see that tap root coming out. A good amount of water, a damp towel all the time, but not soaked in water, and a dark room will speed this up to this time frame and if you start Monday, your seeds will be ready by Friday. That isn’t too long, right?

One thing to keep in mind is that will take some trial and error until you dial everything up. No matter how many handbooks you read, how many tutorials you watch, and what type and quantity of equipment you get, you will make mistakes and you will have to tweak things along the way. No matter how everything you have for germination is perfect there is always that mother nature effect that says that some of the seeds will be a dud. They will sprout and grow but not yield much or anything at all, some won’t grow at all, and some will dry out. This isn’t what we control it is just the way nature is.


Not every seed is the same and not everyone will like what you are doing to it. It is important not to give up but try to mix and match things until you hit that perfect recipe for germination. Read, study and try yourself for as long as it takes to perfect these. Just don’t play too long and too much because it may break your bank at some point where it will not be either appealing or profitable to grow your cannabis plant from seed up.

This is something that takes a bit of knowledge and skill and often a lot of luck. Sometimes you will do everything the right way and it will not be good in the end because you got a poor batch of seeds or something completely different. Take it slow and go step by step and in 5-10 weeks you could have a smaller but viable plant that will be ready to grow and yield something good. This is a game of wait and tough nerves so if you want to do this then you better suit up for this and suit up well.