Gas or Charcoal Grill? Which is Better for the Environment

Gas or Charcoal Grill? Which is Better for the Environment

Unless you are a person who lives in heavily urbanized areas of your town, you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to grill every single weekend. We all know how exciting this is. All your friends and family can gather in one place and have a great time. That’s why these weekend grills are so important.

Those who live this activity usually debate on what sort of devices they use. Some prefer gas grills, while others prefer charcoal grills. Naturally, both of these options are extremely popular among users, but we can see that there’s no consent on which one of these is better for the plant. If you want to check out some gas and charcoal grills, be sure to visit this site.

In this day and age, care for the world around us has become a necessity. Preserving the planet should be the goal of every individual. We can provide our contribution by starting from things as small as this one. That’s why we want to discuss which one of these two options is better for the environment.

Without further ado, let’s check both of these options in greater detail.



It needs to be said that pretty much all modern barbecues are running off propane gas. You will find some devices that still work on using butane, but it is really to say that they are simply not as common as they used to be a couple of decades ago. On the other side, you can find some hybrid versions.

Today, these devices work mostly on LPG. Naturally, you need to be aware of the fact that this can differ, depending on the part of the world where you live. Sometimes, that would be propane, and in some other situations, it will be butane. It can even happen that it is a combination of these two.

No matter what sort you are using, you can be sure of one thing. All of them come from one place, which is not something that can be addressed as green. Therefore, we are not talking about renewable materials. Naturally, when you look at it from the green agenda’s perspective, we can all agree that this is not the best decision someone can make.

What are the Benefits?

Despite gas BBQs not being green, that doesn’t mean that there are no benefits to using them. A rather obvious one is that the smoke they produce cannot be compared with the amount you can find in some other types. Therefore, you can see that the polluting levels are simply not as high as is the case with others.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, we are talking about gas, not a commodity that can be burned, like charcoal. Besides that, the temperature can be sparked instantly, and it can be lowered when you don’t need it anymore. With other options, this is simply not possible to pull off.

Not to mention that the energy efficiency is much higher than in other cases. The amount of CO2 emissions is not nearly as high for the simple reason that the burning time is significantly lower. That way, you can prevent quite a lot of carbon emissions. Even though it is not fully green, it has certain aspects.



Charcoal BBQs, even though they are not considered green by any means, is still preferred by many people out there. It’s because of the touch they provide to the food prepared for them. However, it is not recommended to use this one indoors, because of all the smoke this can produce in a single session.

The smoke produced by these is the highest out of all the devices out there. The material used to burn these can be of numerous different sorts. However, it could be said that charcoal briquettes are the most widespread one by far. They are made of numerous different elements.

All these elements are kept in a single place because of the starch. Still, it is not always specified. That’s probably the biggest problem for many users out there. They are not certain about what they are using. Not to mention that this means there’s a lot of space for scams. So, be careful about the places where you shop.

What are the Benefits?

The most significant benefit out of them all is that charcoal adds an interesting touch to the meat, as we’ve already said. There’s no person out there who cannot say that it loves this. Besides that, the meat will not get dry for whatever reason. It is possible to preserve the juiciness everyone loves about stakes.

But for those to be as tasty as they can be, it is important to have the ultimate control over the fire. Charcoal offers you that possibility. When the stakes are close to being cooked properly, you can move them to the part where you don’t have any fire. Before that, you would need to move the charcoal to the other side.

You can do that rather easily, by using a stick. Also, controlling the temperature is a must since it offers a chance to use a thermometer in the way you need it. Stories about master cooks who can work without them are simply not true.

When it comes to the renewable aspect, it needs to be said that some charcoal variables are renewable and others are not. Those who are will require much higher investment on your behalf. However, neither of these two options can be described as green by any means.



The Verdict

If environmental friendliness is your main criterion, then it needs to be said that neither of these options is perfect. However, if we were to choose one over another, we would need to say that gas BBQs are much greener, in terms of energy and pollution. Here, you can take a look at all the most important points in both these two cases. All these points are there to assist you with making the best decision.