5 Pieces of Furniture Every Office Should Have

5 Pieces of Furniture Every Office Should Have

Whether you are renovating or setting up your office for the first time, this important task will help determine productivity and efficiency in the workplace. People spend over 30 percent of their lives in the workplace, so design is vital. The right pieces can encourage collaboration, productivity, and communication, while the wrong pieces can put people to sleep.

Some furniture, like an office storage cabinet, is absolutely essential in every industry, while other pieces may be optional. When setting up or renovating your office, it is critical that the essential pieces create a superior work environment. While design is important, it doesn’t mean anything without the right furniture. Superior ergonomic furniture encourages proper posture and good circulation for better productivity.

Here Are 5 Pieces of Furniture That Every Office Should Have

Office Storage Cabinet

Office Storage Cabinet
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Office storage cabinets keep things tidy and out of the way. Whether you are storing paper files or employee personal items, like purses, you’ll need at least one office cabinet. More and more offices are using the cloud and moving away from hard paper files that require rows of filing cabinets. Even so, there are always things that need to be stored.

Keeping the office tidy and uncluttered promotes productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Putting personal items inside a storage cabinet helps prevent theft and gives employees peace of mind while they are at the office. Instead of worrying about their belongings, they can focus on their workplace tasks and collaborative projects with other employees.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic Chairs for office
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Ergonomic chairs are a must for any office. Employees are working nearly 8 hours or more daily, and ergonomic chairs promote proper posture. Correct posture promotes good circulation and encourages brain function, according to recent studies. This means employees will work more efficiently.

Uncomfortable chairs that are not ergonomically designed can make it hard for employees to focus. It interrupts concentration as they are constantly shifting, trying to get comfortable. Since employees spend so long sitting in workplace chairs, it can directly impact their physical health.

Sit Stand Desks

Sit Stand Desks
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Desks are a must for any office. It’s where the computers go, and all the individual work is centrally located. It is mutually beneficial to incorporate sit-stand desks that can be adjusted for employees who need to stand. Not only does this encourage good posture and productivity, but it allows employees to switch positions while continuing to work.

It is not necessary for every employee to have their own desk. There are two-person desks and other communal options. Traditional desks do not offer any options when employees need to get up or switch positions. The wrong ones can feel like a ball and chain that keep you weighed down. Employees must stop working and take a break to get up and walk around. When it’s time to get back to work, it can be frustrating trying to find that groove again.

Conference Table and Chairs

Conference Table and Chairs
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Every office needs a conference table. This is where creativity and collaboration take place. A conference table is necessary for meeting with clients, staff meetings, presentations and more. It is essential that there is enough room for everyone so they don’t feel crammed into the space. When employees and clients enter the conference room, it should convey a professional vibe that promotes productivity.

The number of employees you have and the purpose of the room will dictate the shape of the conference table. You may need a small, square table with six chairs or a U-shaped table for massive collaborative projects. Still, some companies benefit from an L-shaped conference table. Consider the most important purpose of your conference room before choosing a table and chairs.

Don’t forget, the chairs should be comfortable and ergonomically correct. Conference chairs typically have arms and are adjustable. Clients and consumers may also be potentially sitting in these chairs, not just employees. You’ll want them to be comfy and chic while fitting naturally around the conference table when not in use.

Cafeteria Table and Chairs

Cafeteria Table and Chairs
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No matter what type of office you have, you’ll need an eating area for employees. When there is no eating area, employees are encouraged to leave or possibly even skip lunch altogether, which can hamper productivity. Depending on the size of your office, you may not need a large set of tables and chairs. One round table with 4 chairs may be sufficient or 2 smaller tables with 2 chairs each may suit your office better. The size of your office space and the number of employees will dictate the type of cafeteria furniture you should choose.

Put some thought into your office design and your staff before choosing a cafeteria table and chairs. They’ll go in or near the kitchen area, so employees have a communal place to relax and eat. It helps if the furniture can be placed near a window that offers plenty of natural light. This will encourage rejuvenation and the natural elements promote a sense of well-being. Employees should be encouraged to take breaks often and eat lunch while enjoying the benefits of natural elements like sunlight and greenery.

Reorganize Your Office Space Today

Whether you are renovating your office space or creating a new space from scratch, it is essential that you have all the right elements for a productive work environment. Employees work more efficiently and are more creative when you incorporate the right elements. Be sure you have an office storage cabinet for them to store personal items and keep the office space tidy. This will allow them to focus on work. Then consider ergonomic chairs and sit-stand desks for more productive staff. Employees who have these options consistently perform better and stay healthier.

Don’t forget your conference table and chairs. This will be where the most intense collaborative work gets done. Comfort and style are the classic elements when it comes to a conference table and chairs. Above all, do not forget to add a cafeteria-style table and chairs for employees to take a break or eat lunch. This will keep them attentive and healthy, and they will be more productive. Incorporating these 5 pieces of office furniture will help you attract and retain the best talent in your industry. When you have the right design elements and office furniture incorporated into your office space, your company will be more productive and efficient and your employees will be happier.