How To Know If You’ve Found the Right Social Security Disability Attorney

How To Know If You’ve Found the Right Social Security Disability Attorney

Some people do not realize that filing a claim for social security disability is a slow process. If you file a claim on your own and it is denied, you may feel you’ve wasted a good deal of time. That is why it is important to seek the guidance of a disability advocate – a legal advisor who can help you win your case and support you through the entire process.

So, how do you find the right attorney for your social security disability income (SSDI) claim?

First, you want to make sure you choose an experienced attorney from Betz and Baril or someone who is strongly acquainted with SSDI claims.

Next, you want to learn more about his or her reputation in the legal field.

You should also feel comfortable communicating with your lawyer, as, again the process is not streamlined or fast.

More than One Million People are Awaiting For Approval


All the above points are important, as about one million people currently are waiting in line for SSDI approval. Therefore, the legal process can last as long as four years.

By choosing a recognized attorney in the field, you can speed up the proceedings. In some instances, the processing goes slower because the applicant leaves out details or does not attach the required paperwork. As a result, some of these applications are denied after waiting a frustratingly long time.

Get Legal Assistance Early


Don’t wait until Social Security denies your claim to get help from a social security disability attorney. That only delays processing. By selecting a good SSDI representative, you can file a claim much faster. Even if the claim is denied, you will still have someone, on your side, who can help you with the steps for an appeal.

If you have not yet filed a claim, contact a lawyer first so you can receive help early and navigate more easily through the steps. Going over the requirements with an attorney will give you added confidence and make the process clearer to understand.

Filling Out the Daily Living Activities Questionnaire

One of the first steps you will need to do is to fill out the SSDI questionnaire that reviews Daily Living Activities. For some people, this form is somewhat intimidating, especially if they are not acquainted with the claim filing process. By using the services of an attorney, you can increase your chances for approval and avoid going through an appeal.

Seeking the Right Legal Representation


Seeking the right legal representative is an important process of filing an SSDI claim, as you need someone committed to each step. They need to be someone who will dedicate themselves to working purposefully, if not enthusiastically, on your behalf.

What to Ask a Prospective Attorney?

To find the right attorney, you need to ask the following questions:

  • How much experience do you have representing someone with my disability?
  • How long have you practiced SSDI law?
  • Is your firm Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited?
  • What is your rate of success?
  • How much do you charge? What are the specific fees and what do they cover?
  • Will you provide assistance in completing the required documents?
  • Do you monitor the steps of the claim process so everything is completed on time?
  • How many people will work on my case?
  • Will you represent me at hearings? Will you charge an additional fee for this service?
  • Will you contact my healthcare providers for treatment information and files?
  • Can I call you or email you with questions or concerns?
  • Can you ensure that my claim file is kept current?
  • How long should I expect to go through the filing process?
  • May I speak to prior legal clients for references?

Meeting the SSDI’s Disability Criteria


Social security attorneys handle a large range of disabilities – each of which is defined under specific guidelines. These guidelines follow the SSDI’s rules for impairment. Therefore, the SSDI has defined specific criteria to determine disability payments for conditions such as AIDS, heart problems, fibromyalgia, and cancer.

Experienced lawyers know, when filing a claim, that it is imperative to communicate in a way so a disability is specifically addressed. This prevents problems with denials or delays.

Approvals for Claims

Did you know that only 30% of SSDI claims are approved from the one million-plus filings received each year? That is why you cannot take this type of claim lightly. Getting an attorney gives you more latitude and lowers the risk of a denial.

By obtaining the best legal representation, you can make approval easier or pursue an appeal with more assurance. Remember, you want to make sure you realize a positive outcome. You can only do this by retaining the services of an experienced disability attorney.

A social security disability lawyer should ensure that all steps in the filling or appeals process are fair to you. Therefore, make sure he or she has a keen understanding of SSDI laws and what it takes to receive approval.

Also, the attorney you choose has to know more than how the process works. They should also have a special understanding of your disability. Therefore, your lawyer should know how to approach your specific needs in this regard. What is his or her success rate for your type of impairment?

Does Your Child Have a Disability?


Needless to say, you have to do your due diligence when filing an SSDI claim. Maybe you have a child with a disability. If so, your selection criteria will be different. The claims filed for children are different from what they are for adults, so the lawyer you choose should be knowledgeable in this specialty.

Where Is the Lawyer Located?

Also, remember, it is better to choose a lawyer who is located close to you, or who has practiced SSDI law for several years in your town or city. He or she will have more experience working in the local courts and have the connections needed to work through the process.

What Is the Lawyer’s Reputation?

If the attorney has a good reputation in the field, as well, you will have a higher chance for approval or the turnaround of an appeal.