6 CBD Products And Their Health Benefits

6 CBD Products And Their Health Benefits

Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD belongs to cannabinoid compounds derived from cannabis, especially the hemp plant. The compound has been clinically proven to help several problems like cognition, pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and more without ‘high’ side effects. It positively affects the neuroreceptors in regulating mood, movement, immune, and homeostasis.

The WHO also states that the use of CBD has not shown any dependence potential nor self-abuse effect on its users. Hence in some countries, CBD is produced in various forms (oil, edibles, bath bombs, body lotion, vape, and others). Each product brings its health benefit. If you are interested in taking any CBD products, it is better to know each product’s health benefits for your body:

1. Oil

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Among other CBD products, Cannabidiol oil is the most popular one. It can be applied topically, inhaled, or consumed orally. The oil also can be used to make other products like CBD wax and perfume. For direct use, the pain gets reduced during surgical incisions. Another study shows that giving CBD oral spray to sclerosis patients for a month could reduce muscle spasms and pain during movements.

For daily activity, people can rub it before or after exercising to some parts of the body, and this could prevent or recover muscle soreness. Adding a few drops of the oil to the morning drink will give a relaxing sensation that lasts for hours. Inhaling the oil before presentations or any nerve-wracking occasions could calm you. In fact, there are more health benefits of it (read more). You can try and prove yourself.

2. Edibles

Currently, the hype about CBD edibles is everywhere. Nowadays, there are many types of this edible starting from gummies, honey sticks, capsules, and more. They are almost available in all supermarkets or drug stores in countries that allow marijuana, like Canada, the U.S., Chile, Australia, the U.K., Germany, and others. The edibles are basically produced for those who find it hard to swallow the oil form. Though they are infused with the oil, the taste is quite similar to the original with hemp fragrance.

Even though they are good for daily consumption, there are still dosage levels to follow. The dosage is based on age, type of condition, and body weight. Overconsumption will bring side effects, while the right dose could give long-lasting relief, less risk of lung inflammation, good sleep, and normal blood pressure. Besides the snack-type, there are also Cannabidiol medicines like Epidiolex that could treat epilepsy and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

3. Hemp Buds

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Among ways to consume CBD, the best way might be by smoking it. Specifically, people could roll them up in joints, use a piece or a bong, extract the oil, or put them in a vape pen. Inhaling them brings the same benefits as other Cannabidiol products. Yet smoking hemp buds is special because it feels almost close to smoking weed but without a ‘high’ effect.

To have great taste, try to find high-quality hemp buds. They usually look green and fresh with frosty crystals and a strong aroma. Not only in the original, nowadays there are some added flavors such as sour candy, cookies, grape and more. Some brands like cheefbotanicals even provide more variations for people to choose from. They also provide the buds in several qualities that fit the budget.

4. Skin Care

More than relaxing, CBD could prevent wrinkles and acne. It is good for all skin types, including sensitive ones, as it can soothe redness and irritation. The balancing effect also reduces excessive sebum production, which could lead to acne. Additionally, the compound could be a source of hydration and antioxidant for the skin.

To get the most advantages for the dermis, CBD is added to serum, face wash, lip balm, toner, face cream, face mist, moisturizer, and more. Indeed, Cannabidiol is good for the skin, not only which is on the face but the rest of the body also. Hence there are CBD products of body lotion, body scrub, body wax, and others. It is usually combined with other healthy ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, lilac, algae, rose, spirulina, milk, cocoa, and others.

5. Wax

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Wax is probably the product with the highest CBD concentration compared to other products. By consuming 100 mg of edibles, there might be only 4 to 20 mg of CBD that is absorbed by the body. On the contrary, dabbing or vaping the wax allows the body to absorb a hundred percent of Cannabidiol. Most users also add that dabbing is the fastest way to get the effects.

Stress, nausea, insomnia, and other psychological problems could be cured by dabbing. Many find it better to fall asleep after dabbing. More benefits include appetite control, reducing cancer cell growth, minimizing side effects, chemotherapy, and more. Yet each benefit usually is derived by different types of concentrate (link: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/cbd-concentrate#types ) and used by doctors’ recommendations. Things to avoid are taking more dosage and consuming grapefruits along with Cannabidiol products.

6. Toiletries

Almost similar to skincare products, CBD toiletries cover body wash, bath salts, bath bombs, shampoo, mouthwash, and even toothpaste. Showering with Cannabidiol ingredients is not just refreshing but also relaxing. The calming fragrance will linger longer and help to fight the smelly odor, bad breath, and bacteria. Based on NIH research, Cannabidiol kills streptococci bacteria that could cause tooth decay.

Besides, bathing with CBD is also good for arthritis patients. The hot bath and soothing effect from Cannabidiol will loosen the inflammatory in the joints. Bathing with CBD could be a therapy for any pain in your body.

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