Tips for Mastering Your Bluffing Skills in Video Poker

Tips for Mastering Your Bluffing Skills in Video Poker

Being a good poker player is a goal we all share. Some want to be the best; some want to play and win others try to beat the system by any means. Throughout history we had plenty of poker players, some legit others not so much but they made history.

Today we are talking about poker, skill and bluffing. Now it takes a certain skill and know-how to be a good poker player that can either bluff or play their way out of any hand. This is something not many of us have or are capable of learning. Having bluffing skills in a game that is all about playing others’ hands instead of yours is important. But where does this come into play when video poker is mentioned?

With tech development and with our needs and habits changing we slowly drifted apart and stopped playing games with other people in person. Now we have all of our games delivered to us in a digital form that we still can play with friends but each of us in the comfort of our own home. The same goes for poker. One game that was all about movements, eye contact, smiles and small changes in behaviour became a video game, that most think can’t be bluffed.

The question here is can you bluff a video poker game and how? We will try to answer this and if you want to try it by yourself, go to

Now it should be clear that the machine can’t be bluffed. This is the harsh truth right off the bat. It can’t see you; it can’t feel you and it can’t be affected by traditional bluffing. Humans are different on the other hand we have small giveaways in certain moments that, if you know how to read them, can be better than if you knew what cards your opponent has. These are things that best poker players use to try and “manipulate” and win hands.


When it comes to video poker it is nearly impossible to bluff a machine. It has a set of rules and it has coding that you can’t utilise to your advantage that way. What you can do is have a specific way of playing certain hands-on video poker and give yourself the upper hand that way.

We will take a game 9/6 jacks or better for example, but you can do the same at 8/5 jacks or better and 8/5 bonus poker, and we will give you some of the plays you can do to increase your odds of winning. This works on the highest pay table and you should set it up as well on the game you are playing.

The first hand you can utilise is one where you get four cards, open-ended straight with a low like 4,5,6,7,7 and in this case, you opt to choose the pair of sevens instead of open-ended straight. There is one exception in this hand and it is when you get unsuited J, K, Q, and pair of tens. Pair of tens are non-paying pairs and you will never hold them, instead, you would hold J, K, Q and one ten because you might run up to a pair that pays.

Second-hand you might want to try and the test is when you get a four-card flush with a low pair. Here you should always hold the 4-card flush instead of that non-paying pair.

The third hand you might want to look into is the hand where you could be dealt a flush with a 4-card Royal Flush. What most people do here is freak out and you should not do that. In a situation like this, you always hold a 4-card Royal Flush instead of a possible straight. Always go for a Royal Flush.


Tip 4 is when you get straight with a four-card Straight Flush. Again, another situation where people freak out and tend to aim for the best option but, in this case, you can try and “bluff” the machine and stick with a dealt straight because if you draw a Straight flush of 250 coins, will not compensate what you would have lost.

In situation 5 you need to know when you are dealing with a flush and where you have an open-ended straight flush. Do not jump on the opportunity of the bigger because that is not always a good option. Here you will confuse the machine by sticking to the dealt flush.

Play six happens to a lot of us almost always. It is the situation where you are dealt with a low pair vs the three unsuited high cards. This we see a lot and we also saw many different plays to this hand. What we suggest to do to trick the machine is always hold the low pair.

Example 7 of another similar situation is where you get three cards to a Royal Flush together with a low non-paying pair like a pair of tens and an Ace, K and Q of hearts. This will be tricky but based on what we wrote so far it is logical to conclude that you should always hold three to the Royal Flush. Never hold the non-paying pair. There is an example here you might want to consider. It is a situation where you might end up with three cards to a royal flush and a paying pair. This is the case where you hold to the paying pair.


The last 8th example of a hand that can throw off the machine a bit is when you are dealt with three cards to the straight flush paired with two unsuited high cards. This is the case where you need to restrain yourself and opt to hold three cards to the straight flush. If you have a gap of 1 card in that three cards to the straight flush like 5, 6, 8 of hearts you still hold those three cards to the straight flush no matter if the two high unsuited cards are there as well.

So, as you can see these were some of the examples of hands you may get on video poker and these hands are there to make you pick a wrong play and make a mistake. With some of the unordinary game styles, you can make that machine “confuse itself” and eventually spit out a card combo that will make you take it for all its money.

Best of luck and gamble responsibly.