What are the 5 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement?

What are the 5 Benefits of Testosterone Replacement?

Testosterone is an important male hormone that plays a vital role in developing and maintaining male physical health and characteristics.

Important male characteristics include bone and muscle mass and strength, facial and body hair growth, satisfactory sexual life, and more. However, aging, improper lifestyle, or innate or hereditary issues can lead to the deficiency of this male hormone in a man’s body.

This often results in a number of physical and emotional issues. Men have started taking up testosterone therapy to overcome complications due to testosterone deficiency.

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

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Testosterone replacement therapy is recommended for those suffering from hypogonadism and low testosterone. Hypogonadism is a condition where the body of the man fails to produce enough amounts of testosterone.

This is usually a result of aging. But it can also occur due to medical conditions, hereditary issues or injuries, or infection in the male genital organ.

The main objective of testosterone therapy is to treat Low T levels in a man’s body. The testosterone levels start declining in a man after 30. Other known causes of loss of testosterone levels are cancer treatments, injury to testicles, chronic diseases, and stress.

Thus, testosterone therapy is recommended for men who showcase certain symptoms that address the cause of erectile dysfunction.

These symptoms include reduced sex drive, loss of body hair, decrease in muscle and bone mass, lethargy and fatigue, unexpected weight gain, depression, and anxiety.

The body has androgen receptors in tissues. These receptors help the body in using the hormones for different important functions.

These receptors respond to increased testosterone administered through testosterone therapy. It is important to get expert advice before deciding on the mode of testosterone replacement therapy. Hastened self-decision can lead to harmful side effects.

What are the Five Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

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Undertaking testosterone therapy can benefit the patient in the following ways:

1. Treating Low T

The most common thing that testosterone therapy is used to treat is low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a male hormone that is very vital for growth and development. Most of the testosterone is produced in the testes.

Low counts of testosterone in the body affect the physical characteristics of the man. It can cause loss of body hair, a decline in physical strength, loss of muscle and body mass, lethargy, obesity, and more.

Delays in treatment can also lead to health-related problems. The right testosterone therapy helps overcome all these issues by bringing the testosterone level to normal.

2. Remedying Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is highly prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction. The common symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction are low sex drive, feeling depressed, difficulty concentrating, and more.

Erectile dysfunction while performing sexual activity causes a lot of stress, sometimes also causing embarrassment, humiliation, and low self-esteem.

To cure all of these issues associated with erectile dysfunction, physicians perform tests to determine the best mode of testosterone therapy.

3. Increasing Muscle Building

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Loss in testosterone levels leads to a significant decline in one’s muscle mass. The decline in muscle mass often causes lethargy and a feeling of tiredness. Testosterone therapy is the most effective way of gaining muscle mass.

The testosterone hormones administered via hormone therapy helps in building strong muscles, increasing sex drive, and also contribute to the proper growth of hair.

The renewed muscle mass improves men’s libido, stamina, and strength. However, it is important to get expert advice before settling for the mode of treatment.

4. Enhancing Physical Performance

Low T levels cause a reduced desire to have sex. Restoring the normal levels of testosterone will help in increasing sexual performance, thus restoring one’s satisfaction with their sex life. As mentioned earlier, it also helps in building one’s muscle mass.

Thus, testosterone therapy also contributes to increased athletic and physical performance. Most men undertake this therapy to boost their strength and stamina.

5. Offering Better Memory

Low testosterone levels also lead to a decline in one’s memory powers. Men’s cognitive and thinking ability undergoes severe impairment if low testosterone levels are not treated sooner.

Research has also witnessed that men with low T levels can become victims of Alzheimer’s in their old age. Along with poor memory, people with Low T also experience increased irritability, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more.

It is important to undergo hormone therapy as soon as possible to prevent these symptoms from getting any worse.

How is Testosterone Therapy Administered?

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There are different ways in which testosterone treatment can be administered. These include:


The commonly prescribed testosterone therapy method is the gels. These are applied directly to the skin. The common areas where these gels are applied are the shoulders, upper arms, and abdomen.

However, applying the gel to the body part depends on the brand type. These should be applied on clean, dry, and intact skin to avoid gel transfer. After application, it is important to cover these with a cloth to avoid a skin-to-skin transfer.


Testosterone injection is another popular mode of testosterone replacement therapy. The active ingredients in the injection include testosterone cypionate.

This is mixed with other components to form the final solution. This drug is available in the market in two strengths, 100 mg, and 200 mg.


The most popular brand of testosterone-restoring patch is Androderm. These are applied directly to the skin. It is always advised to apply them at night. For better and complete results, these patches should be kept for 24 hours before changing and applying a new one.

The patch should be applied at different locations every night. One must wait for at least a week before reapplying the patch on the same spot.


The popular testosterone capsules available in the market are Methyltestosterone and Android. The former affects and treats bone growth in boys who are treated for delayed puberty.

These capsules are effective in increasing testosterone levels. In the long run, this will help in improving one’s libido and sexual performance.


Low testosterone levels or Hypogonadism can have serious consequences on the individual’s overall health.

This is where the importance of testosterone replacement therapy is established. This treatment can help the individual in numerous miraculous ways if taken under guidance.