30 Different Shoelace Knot Style Tutorials

Different Shoelace Knot Style Tutorials  – Special Purpose Knots

  • Reef Knot

This is particularly suited for shoelaces that aren’t long enough or if they are broken. This knot does not contain any loops and it the loop-less version of the standard shoelace knot. Are you following the latest and sexy sports look for men? 


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  • Halloween Knot

This knot is perfect when you’re dressing up for the occasion of a Halloween party. It resembles the noose around a man about to be hanged. The knot consists of one side of the shoelace wound tightly around the other. The other side is in the form of a loop. The shoe laces have to be considered in length to achieve this knot.


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  • Single Handed Knot

This knot can be made through the use of a single hand. All it requires is to permanently lace the bottom part of the knot. The other end of the knot must be secured to the bottom end through a standard knot.

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  • Equality Knot

This knot was created for supporting the marriage equality campaign started by Puma in Australia. It takes the shape of the ‘=’ sign at the middle portion of the knot. Make a double standard knot and pull both the loops in a criss-cross manner through each other and tighten the knot.

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