Online Baccarat Gambling ─ What Does Judi Mean?

Online Baccarat Gambling ─ What Does Judi Mean?

If you’re not an Indonesian player, chances are you might not know what the term “Judi” means. However, most likely, if you are an online gambler, you may have heard or seen it on online casino websites or even on online baccarat gambling. OKBet will explain what online baccarat gambling means and its significance in the online Baccarat casino.

What does Judi mean?

‘Situs Judi’ refers to websites for online betting in Indonesia, but more Indonesian players search for ‘online gambling’ on Google than simply typing’ situs judi’ when looking for online betting websites on Google.


OKBet found out that the Republic of Indonesia has a population of over 250 million and covers an area of almost 2 million square kilometers, making it the largest country in the region in terms of population and territory. With 88% of the population adhering to Islam, Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim population in the world.

Indonesia has a rapidly growing economy. The country’s GDP for 2021 was $1.19 trillion, ranking 7th in the world and first in Southeast Asia. Strong ties with various Asian countries and numerous Western partners have brought impressive growth to Indonesia’s economy in recent years.

The country also boasts a strong telecommunications network accessible to a large portion of the population. Indonesia ranks fourth in the number of internet users in Asia after China, India, and Japan, with 90% of the population having access to cell phone coverage. Despite strict local laws, due to high connectivity levels, it’s relatively easy for locals to access the online gambling market.

Online Gambling Industry in Indonesia

Many countries in Asia continue to view online gambling as a vice and prohibit it on various platforms, in Indonesia. Indonesia prohibits all forms of gambling, including casinos and lotteries. This is because most Indonesian players are Muslim, and Islamic law considers gambling, including online gambling, a serious sin.

Indonesia’s Online Casino Technology


Because Indonesia is a booming country, their technology in terms of online casino games are top of the line. Their online casino tech adheres to the principles of Tech Niche.

Various areas of specialization exist:

  • Game development ─ Companies or individuals specializing in creating casino games like slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, and others for online platforms.
  • Software and platforms ─ Developing and maintaining the software and platforms that power online casinos, ensuring they’re secure, user-friendly, and compliant with regulations.
  • Payment systems ─ Innovating payment solutions that facilitate safe and efficient transactions for deposits and withdrawals within online casino platforms.
  • Regulatory compliance and security ─ Developing technologies and protocols to ensure online casinos comply with regulations and maintain high-security standards to protect user data and transactions.
  • User experience and interface design ─ Specializing in creating intuitive and engaging interfaces for players, enhancing their overall experience while navigating the online casino platform.
  • Analytics and data science ─ Utilizing data analytics and machine learning to improve player experience, predict gaming patterns, and personalize offerings.

Popularity of Online Baccarat Gambling

Nevertheless, the strictness of Sharia law is not a significant barrier for players in Indonesia. Gambling, particularly online baccarat, is part of the culture and history of Indonesian players, often enjoyed with family and friends since their youth. Due to the prohibition of local gambling sites, players have shifted to safer online casino platforms offering various options.

Despite no official regulator releasing statistics on participation or earnings from online casinos, the presence of numerous illegal operators in the country provides good indicators of its market size. Police action against an online betting platform in 2012 showed daily earnings reaching up to $33,000; another closed in 2019 was earning $43,000 in bets per day.

Legal Consequences of Online Gambling


Engaging in online gambling in Indonesia can lead to severe repercussions. The country’s strict anti-gambling laws, rooted in Islamic principles, result in hefty fines and even imprisonment for those caught participating in such activities.

Indonesian authorities have been vigilant in enforcing these laws, targeting both operators and players. This legal strictness aims to uphold religious and moral values while discouraging the growth of the online gambling industry within the nation.

Impact of Online Gambling on Indonesian Society

The proliferation of online gambling has not been without its societal consequences. While it provides entertainment and an outlet for some, there are concerns about its impact on society. Families may face financial hardships due to gambling-related expenses, and the social fabric can be strained by addiction issues.

Furthermore, the normalization of gambling can potentially lead to increased rates of addiction and associated problems, affecting the overall well-being of Indonesian communities.

Government’s Approach to Online Gambling

The Indonesian government has taken a resolute stance against online gambling, citing Islamic law and moral principles as the basis for its strict regulations. This approach involves active efforts to curb the growth of the online gambling industry, including blocking access to gambling websites and penalizing both operators and players.

While these measures aim to uphold religious and moral values, they also present challenges in regulating and monitoring the online gambling landscape effectively.

International Online Gambling and Indonesian Players

Indonesian players often seek alternatives on international online gambling platforms due to the stringent local regulations. Many access these offshore websites to enjoy their favorite games, including online baccarat.

This presents a challenge for authorities trying to control online gambling within the country. While Indonesian authorities have attempted to block access to international gambling sites, the high connectivity levels in the country make it relatively easy for players to circumvent these restrictions using various methods.

Social and Cultural Significance of Gambling in Indonesia


Gambling has a long history in Indonesian culture, often intertwined with social gatherings and traditions. While traditional forms of gambling have been a part of Indonesian life, the advent of online gambling has transformed the way it is perceived and practiced.

The shift from traditional to online gambling reflects changing cultural norms and preferences, highlighting the evolving role of gambling in modern Indonesian society.

Gambling Addiction and Responsible Gambling

The rise of online gambling in Indonesia has raised concerns about gambling addiction. With easy access to online casinos, players face heightened risks of developing addictive behaviors. Recognizing this issue, some online casinos implement responsible gambling measures, such as self-exclusion options and responsible gaming resources.

However, it remains a challenge to promote responsible gambling practices effectively and protect vulnerable players within the Indonesian online gambling landscape.


Despite Indonesia’s strict prohibition of online gambling, particularly online baccarat, it continues to grow in popularity among Indonesian players. Options in online casinos provide an alternative way for online casino lovers to stay engaged in their favorite games.

Despite risks and legal consequences, strong connectivity, and player demand pave the way for the continuous growth of the online gambling industry in the country.