Are You Also Tired Of Drug Addiction? – 2024 Guide

Are You Also Tired Of Drug Addiction? – 2024 Guide

Drugs don’t need to affect all individuals the same. Every individual experiences a different sort of addiction in case he consumes narcotics. Some people use drugs for a long time and still, they can control their doses. They are not fully addicted to narcotics. They don’t develop cravings. Such people get used to narcotics after they consume narcotics for a longer period. On the other hand, some people get addicted to narcotics in just one use. The effect of the same drug will be different for every individual. However, if the person gets addicted soon or later, he mainly passes through four stages that lead to drug addiction. Today, we will explore the four stages and the cure to them.

These stages are identified by the drug rehabilitation centers that are experts at dealing with drug addiction. If you are the one who wants to get over the narcotic consumption habits or even if any of your loved ones is facing trouble with addiction then this guide is for you. Drug Rehabilitation Centers have played a major role in helping addicts around the world. The latest advancements and technology have induced so many variations in the treatment. Many different types of treatments are offered. One of the most flexible treatments introduced these days is the outpatient treatment program. Get more info.

4 Phases leading to addiction to drugs

A person does not become an addict usually on first use of the drug but there are chances that his body may develop a craving for more. The road and journey of addiction of every individual vary from person to person. The phases that are commonly observed in the people are described in detail as follows.

1. Phase of Experimenting with drugs


Phase of experimentation deals with the use of drugs for the first time. In this phase, individuals try out new forms of narcotics due to any reason. They may be going through sadness and trauma, may be dealing with stress, sometimes people are in the influence of such companies who use narcotics, some try drugs out of excitement just to explore what a person feels like when he uses narcotics, etc. In the experimenting phase, the action of consuming is not at all the result of any craving.

It is a voluntary action of an addict and if he starts using drugs for a longer time, he suffers from consequences. Many people consume drugs and think that they would be able to stop the use upon their will and they continue using narcotics just for fun purposes. But unfortunately, this is not the case. One can never know the moment when he became addicted and started making regular use of the drug. Many common narcotics are started by individuals and the most common ones are heroin, opioids, cocaine, ice, bath salts, etc. These narcotics develop strong cravings and the individual starts developing a dependency on them.

2. Phase of Consistent use of drugs


This phase can be different for every individual. The people who consume drugs on a regular basis are at the chance of developing dependency relationships with drugs but they may not become addicted. Such people can stop the use when they want to and they don’t specifically crave narcotics. The issue of this phase is that such people are at high risk of developing an addiction because they are consistently using drugs. They may not be addicted at the moment but later on, they can be addicted because of daily use. Also, the individual at this phase is at risk because he starts living a life under the influence of narcotics. He may drive while he is high on drugs, he can risk his life, he may involve himself in violent acts, which may lead to depression, anxiety, aggression, etc.

3. Phase of drug abuse


There is a thin line that is between phases two and three means there is a minor difference between the daily use of drugs and the start abusing the narcotics. In this phase, the person starts consuming drugs whatsoever the circumstances are. He arranges narcotics for himself even if he has to get involved in illegal ways to achieve them. He only finds escape from problems in the use of drugs. This temporary calmness and happiness lead to an awful situation where a person has to face severe consequences. The individual observes the warning signs at this stage. His body develops dependency against narcotics and he craves specific drugs. He may mix the drugs and consume them with alcohol.

When they try to stop the use of the drug, they feel irritation, fatigue, anxiety, and depression that compel them to use narcotics. This stage is a triggering sign that one should not consume drugs anymore and seek help from recovery centers. This stage is the initial stage and it is easy to control the addiction at this time. The staff will help in the detox plan that will help out in withdrawing the narcotic’s effects.

4. Phase of a purely addicted life


This stage is very critical and the person loses all the control over the use of drugs. His behavior becomes violent and aggressive. He knows no limits and can go beyond the limit to achieve a single dose of narcotics. They may get themselves involved in street crimes for getting money to buy drugs. His personal relationships with parents, relatives, siblings, partners, and friends get badly affected. He faces mental and physical illness. His body loses strength.

His mental health is destroyed and he becomes indecisive. His workplace colleagues also get fed up with him as the person will be no more able to do proper work. His job security can’t be assured because no one keeps an employee who is high on narcotics and can’t perform the task efficiently. The person becomes reluctant to add his name to the list of criminals due to his bad actions around the streets.

Don’t wait for the worst. At whatever phase you are going through, go and seek help from the drug centers. They will help you out before the situation gets out of hand.