5 Things To Look For When Shopping For Baby Food

5 Things To Look For When Shopping For Baby Food

Babies are a big thing. They change your life around but in a good way. In the beginning, they seem intimidating and there are moments where every parent thinks that they have got in way over the head but in the very next moment everything has sense.

Having a baby means that you have to worry a lot. You will worry about big and small things, but the one thing that we all break our head is our baby’s health. Now, the general health of a child consists of many things, and one of those things, and one which we are discussing today is baby food.

Parenthood is divided by this topic and for a good reason. Some are always for breast milk as much as possible as the only source of good food, some are for natural and home-prepared foods for babies and there is the third group that advocates for store-bought baby formulas and food.

Now each of these come in their own time and each of you probably has used some of these three before so bear with us as we will try to tell you a few things that you should look for when buying store food. To be clear, I have two children, and they both went through some kind of natural/store-bought food combo and thankfully they are both healthy and well.

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1. Baby formula

Source: parenting.firstcry.com

Now there are numerous baby formulas out there and thankfully they are widely available to everyone. They are more than a good compensator for mothers’ milk and they provide all the nutrition and vitamins and minerals needed for good development.

Some advocate against formulas because they have been “cooked up” in a laboratory but you have to bear in mind that most parents, especially, moms do not have any other solution when it comes to this. Not every mom is blessed with enough or good quality breast milk to feed her baby or babies.

Formulas have been with us since modern days and they probably helped one or more of you. Try to find the best one out there, from a reputable manufacturer and try to find one that best suits your baby. It is a bit trial and error thing but power through it and you will be set.

2. Solid foods

When your baby is old enough to start with solid food, never focus on only one type of food and stick to it. just like we need variety in our food so do our kids. The things you need to pay attention to here are allergies and resistance to some food, so everything you feed your baby for the first time waits for a possible reaction, and if it doesn’t happen use it for a day or two more and then switch. Some allergens take up to three days to make a rection which is why each new food can be given for three straight days to make sure your baby isn’t allergic to that particular food.

Another thing to have in mind here is to always buy fresh foods if possible and go organic. Some foods are easily obtainable others not so much but if you have anyone you know that can grow something by themselves always make sure to get those fruits and vegetables. This is the only way you will be sure that the food your baby is eating is 100% organic and safe.

3. Meat and fish

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With babies, you have to do everything in due time and meat is one of those things. As soon as your baby is old enough to start with meats, try to give them a good combination of both regular meat and fish as well. Meat and fish are good sources of iron that your kids need.

Especially those that have been breastfed. Irons are important and some of them are easily obtainable in different foods while others are a bit harder. Heme iron is easily found and the best place for it is meat while other important iron like Non-heme can be found in fish which is important for your baby to have a bit of both whenever needed.

4. Dairy products

When it comes the time to feed your baby dairy, given the opportunity they can handle it, you have to worry about expiration dates only. The first dairy product your child will be able to eat regularly is probably milk and yogurt.

There are no bad ones out there, just watch for fat content and the expiration dates. When you switch to cheese look for those that are not as hard on their tummies and those that can easily be chewed and eaten. Also, watch for those expiration dates. The fresher the better.

5. Do not stress about things

Source: parenting.firstcry.com

Whenever a new parent goes shopping for any sort of baby food, either infant formulas or solid foods, we always see a parent or two overthinking and overstressing about these things. If you follow your food calendars and include everything you need to whenever it is time there is no reason to worry about anything.

As we mentioned the only thing you need to worry about is the allergies and when they start eating a bit more “seriously” and generally a store-bought food watch for all those expiration dates. There are not a lot of things you can mess up right here. Make sure you are careful, make sure you prepare everything accordingly and you don’t have to worry.

Another good piece of advice is to never pass on a certain food that you don’t like. Do not assume just because you can’t or don’t like a certain food that your baby will feel the same way. Some things you are skipping might be rather beneficial to your organism. The same thing goes with your children. Include everything you and they need and if possible, even more.