What Questions to Ask If You Have A Scalloped Tongue

What Questions to Ask If You Have A Scalloped Tongue

Have you ever noticed that your mouth is irregularly shaped, with round and half-circle protrusions around the corners?

That’s what a scalloped tongue means. Your tongue’s serrated presence is caused by your tongue pushing up against your gums as it remains in your mouth.

Scalloped one can cause the situation colloquially as the asset includes tongue, common language indentation, or pie crust mouth.

There could be several reasons why your tongue is putting pressure up against your incisors.

This could be a sign of underlying health problems.

Possibly your teeth are not correctly spread to enable enough interior for your mouth. Perhaps your tongue is pressing up against your gums which is leading towards a scalloped edge of the tongue.

What Causes a Scalloped Tongue?

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People are always seen asking why are my teeth white?

Several reasons cause a scalloped tongue. Research shows several habits are included in these factors that lead to a scalloped boundary of the tongue.

One of the most likely reasons for this is bad habits.

Many folks clench their teeth with their native languages. Some people grind their teeth, suck their cheeks, or pick at their teeth.

All of these behaviours can lead to the emergence of a scalloped tongue.

Other behaviours that lead to dehydration or inflammatory processes contribute to scalloped tongues. Cigarettes and excessive alcohol intake are examples of this.

Here are the top practical reasons for it:

1. Parafunctional activity

Parafunctional activities, also known as negative behaviours, are thought to be the primary factor of the scalloped tongue. Teeth grinding, cheek trying to suck, and tooth picking are all bad habits.

Stress, sleep disorders, inflammatory processes, and other factors can all lead to a person engaging in repetitive activities.

2.  Infection, Allergy & Pain

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The immune system causes inflammation in response to infection, injury, and allergens. Various reactions will cause it to enlarge. As the tongue expands and thickens, it pushes up against the tooth, creating abrasion or cracking.

A scalloped one is also a flecked tongue, an asset that includes a pie crust, or a lingua ellipsis.

Although it is very seldom excruciating or a symbol of more severe conditions, knowing this same consequence can assist diagnose or managing any underlying problems.

3. Dehydration & Smoking

People have several bad habits like smoking and consuming too much alcohol. Most of us also don’t drink adequate water to run all the activities of the human body positively.

Dehydration randomly results in surging, and that causes it to be condensed in the jaws and aimed at the teeth.

Smoking works by triggering the immune system and irritating mucous membrane tissues, increasing the chances of inflammatory processes.

Smoking also raises the risk of water loss, linked to its development.

4. Other Conditions

The scalloped one can be caused by trauma or chronic health conditions encompassing the temporomandibular joint, which helps connect the jaw to the skull.

People suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) may create markings in their tongues as an outcome of water loss, teeth clenching, or the jaws trying to push against the lower teeth to compensate for the unaligned tendon.

This is most usually associated with TMD cases in ladies, as well as matters involving constant headaches.

Scalloped Tongue & Health Issues

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This is not at all an issue to neglect. Several health experts suggest visiting or appointing a doctor as soon as you find your tongue unfit!

One of the justifications, why the tongue is bingeing pressed against your teeth, is that it may surge. Numerous systemic conditions and difficulties can result in an eruption of the tongue. One of the widespread costs is hypothyroidism. In hypothyroidism, the thyroid isn’t generating sufficient thyroid hormone.

This affects metabolism and can direct to adiposity and other crucial fitness situations. Allergies are often direct to the surging. Tuberculosis and some categories of cancer have been correlated to scalloped ones.

Some nutrient weaknesses may be correlated with it, and in Chinese treatment, spleen weakness has also been deemed a reason for this.

And pain can lead to swelling. If you have a scalloped one, you should speak to your physician about these probable difficulties as well as insomnia, which may result in an extended tongue.

A scalloped one usually doesn’t have to be surged to mash against your teeth usually. Instead, it will possibly press against the teeth as your arch (downwards) is too limited.

It would probably not have enough space.

It is seen in some trials or cases that it’s feasible to renovate and reconstruct the lower jaw to improve the space for it, particularly if the difficulty is distinguished at a young age.

But, you have to understand that if there’s a quantity of space for it, and it’s still scalloped? In this case, inclined, it is gradually being pressed up in between the teeth.

Treatment & Diagnosis

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Let’s now have a look at how to get rid of scalloped tongue?

Firstly, a person with a scalloped one needs proper and expert guidance for the most appropriate diagnosis. Remember, the beginning is the primary key here. Several treatment options are-

1. Using mouth guards

Doctors most often suggest having a mouthguard. It helps the jaws to stay in one place and prevents them from moving. That’s why it helps from not being swollen. Grinding and clenching cause discomfort.

2. Prescribed Medications

These types of treatments assist when a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism is prepared or provided or when an automated immunity illness exists in the body.

3. CPAP Machine

This is commonly known as a continuous positive airway pressure machine. The equipment is the criterion of maintenance for insomnia or sleep disorders.

Alleviating sleep apnea possibly also lessens the eruption that results in this. They may also strive for additional dental equipment for sleeping disorders.


So, you have positively gained a clear idea about the scalloped tongue, how it appears, the health issues and how they can be treated at HealthClubFinder.

It’s always best to consult a health expert or doctor before having treatment for your scalloped tongue.