Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Private House

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Private House

Are you at the threshold of making an important real estate purchase decision? Can’t decide where it is more convenient and profitable to live – in an apartment or a country cottage? The answer is simple – where it is more pleasant and peaceful for your soul! But to make the right choice, you need to consider your preferences: whether you are attracted to the countryside with a house and a garden or attracted to living in a metropolis. Exploring the pros and cons of where you live will help make the decision easier.

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The benefits of a private home


Your own country house with all the necessary communications is not for nothing considered a symbol of well-being. What could be better than the absence of urban bustle, smog, and noise, especially when the family has young children or elderly parents. And almost all of us would give a lot for life without grumpy neighbors! The main aspects of choosing a private home include:

  • Clean air, vibrant nature;
  • Your own plot of land;
  • Large living space;
  • Absence of annoying neighbors;
  • No parking problems;
  • Ability to have several pets.

The main criterion remains the enjoyment of peace and quiet, including the ability to spend any amount of time outdoors. Young children are freer and more content to live in a private home: there is always room to play. On a country site, it is more pleasant to receive guests, and picnics can be arranged at any time of the year. In a spacious private home, there is always room for guests, and if desired, you can equip a library, dining room, and greenhouse.

The advantages of a private home can be attributed and the opportunity to give it personality. After all, you can decorate the home not only inside, but also outside. Now men can think about building their own bath, workshop, pool, garage, or the next floor. Women can realize their hobbies – creating beautiful flowerbeds or growing vegetables.

Space is not limited by the front door


Another plus. What is outside the door of your city apartment? A neighborhood with six other apartments just like it? An entryway in which a neighbor smokes? The mailbox and the piles of papers that unscrupulous neighbors throw in there? Anyway, nothing interesting.

Outside the door of your suburban home begins a world that you can fill with whatever you want. Maybe you’ll plant a small garden on the site, maybe put a summer pool and sun loungers, and maybe a swing for the baby, an aviary for the dog, a barbecue, a gazebo, a bathhouse, a garage – yes, anything or everything at once. It’s your territory, and everything is limited only by your imagination. And a little bit of its size.

A whole new level of comfort

Another obvious benefit of living in your own home is the ability to remodel, add to or change your home as you see fit. You can do this at any time, and you don’t have to get a permit. You can also design the yard to your liking, which is almost unrealistic in the city.

Comfortable or custom home design

If in the city we are limited by the framework of the typical apartments, the country house can be, in fact, any. You can create a building with the right number of rooms and those additions that are needed for a particular family: heated garage, attic, terrace, etc.

Remodeling an apartment is a very difficult task, and not always “a piece of cake is worth the labor.” You can expand the living space only at the expense of the corridor, vestibule or glazed balcony. And for the sake of a few square meters, which can be gained in this way, you will have to spend months gathering documents and coordinating repairs with the relevant authorities. In contrast, you can rebuild your house at your own discretion – demolish and erect new partitions, build extensions, turn attics into habitable attics.

Disadvantages of a private home


One of the most significant disadvantages of living in a country cottage is the need to be industrious. You have to be prepared for the fact that you constantly need to do something, finish and remodel both in the house itself and on the site. So the private house – not for the lazy. Yes, and to clean a large area of the dwelling and the surrounding area is more difficult for the hostess, because depending on the season you will have to clean the yard from leaves, snow, garbage, dirt.


The main disadvantage of country living is considered by skeptics to be the lack of infrastructure. Although today, even far from big cities districts are actively built up and saturated with everything you need. Autonomy of life support systems in the form of sewage, water and gas pipelines is expensive in terms of installation and maintenance. Remoteness from the city and poor transport accessibility are a problem for people who need to be in the city every day for work.

A disadvantage worth thinking about seriously. Medical care in rural areas is often poor. Clinics are far away, in poor condition, and poorly staffed and equipped. If you have people in your family who need constant medical care, moving may not be an option for you.

Another aspect is education. If you choose a school and kindergarten in the city, you will have to constantly drive your children there. If you choose a school in the village, you may face a lower quality of education. In addition, in the village you will not find the same variety of clubs and activities for children as in the city.

Low level of security compared to the city

Residents of the megalopolis can count on a certain protection from intruders, while the owner of a country house will have to solve this issue on his own. He needs a reliable entrance door, roller shutters on the windows, alarm system, video surveillance, guard dog, etc. And these precautions must be several, otherwise it is almost impossible to avoid a robbery.