How Long Should You Vape to Quit Smoking – 2024 Guide

How Long Should You Vape to Quit Smoking – 2024 Guide

Every year, many people struggle to quit smoking for various health reasons. But it is pretty hard to quit this bad habit. People get used to inhaling nicotine because they think that their bodies are getting relief after smoking. But the ingredients in a cigarette are pretty toxic, and it is easy to absorb by our body.

If anyone wants to leave smoking cigarettes desperately, then vaping is the perfect alternate or solution. One can get the same feeling as smoking a cigarette by vaping, but the ingredients are comparatively different. It is not dangerous for the person who smokes but also for the people around him.

Many people have a common concern about how long one should vape to quit smoking permanently. Anyone who is trying something to leave his old bad habit wants to know how it will be effective. This write-up will help you know the things about vaping that you must know.

Can Anyone Quit Smoking habit by Using Vaping Device?


If you use a vape device to quit your smoking habit, then you are doing the right thing. It helps in replicating the sensation of smoking, and it is easy to switch from a cigarette to a vaping device.

In the beginning, you may not feel like quitting after using the vape. But within a few minutes, you will observe the difference in your body, and you will continue vaping until you leave smoking cigarettes permanently.

What Will Happen When You Start Vaping Suddenly?

A smoker needs to think positively and aim to leave smoking before using the vaping device. A single cigarette is not doing anything good to your health, but you can observe benefits when using a vape device. There are no harmful carcinogens and chemicals in E-cigarettes that you can get in tobacco.

Even if you smoke less, your body starts getting rid of harmful chemicals, i.e., carbon monoxide in your blood. In 12 months, you will observe drastic changes in your body. There will be an improvement in the smell and taste. Your heart and lungs will start functioning well. You will never regret switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping devices.

How Long One Must Vape to Quit Smoking?


If anyone wants to quit the smoking habit, then one should immediately switch to vaping. Within a month, you will observe changes in your taste and health. As long as you vape, you will get rid of smoking tobacco.

It is okay if you are vaping frequently and rapidly. But after some time, you will automatically slow down vaping, and you will not touch your cigarette again. There will be fewer risks of strokes, heart and lung diseases, etc. Every person has a different scenario and willpower. The time for quitting smoking will be different in everyone’s case.

Is It Possible to Crave a Tobacco Cigarette with Vaping?

Undoubtedly, vaping is quite effective in quitting cigarettes. But it is possible to have cravings for cigarettes, and sometimes, it can be irresistible. If you experience cravings, you can have a cup of tea, coffee, or some food. You can distract your mind by doing your favorite things. At severe craving, you must grab the vape device and start vaping.

The q-liquid will give you enough strength to fight against your cravings. Ensure that you have charged your device and it is ready to vape. Slowly, you can easily control your cravings, and one day, you will get rid of this bad habit.

What Type of Vape One Should Buy to Quit Smoking?


Different types of vapes are available, and you can choose any one as per your budget and choice. You can buy high-quality vapes from DashVapes and quit your smoking habit. We will discuss different vapes in detail.

1. Pod Kits

It is a lightweight and portable vaping kit that you can keep in your pocket while traveling. You can get the same feeling as smoking with this device. You will get pre-filled pods that you can refill whenever it gets empty. One can purchase them at an affordable price and vape as long as possible.

2. Disposable Vapes

If you want to try out new vapes every day, then it is better to go with the disposable option. The vaping process will be the same, but you cannot use it again once you use its battery and vape fluid. You cannot refill them, and hence, you have to throw them after a single-use.

3. Vape Pens

It is another affordable and portable option that one can consider. It looks like a regular pen that you carry in your pocket. Similarly, you can also take it with you. If we consider the battery life, then it lasts for a few hours. It is easy to use. You can charge the battery and refill the fluid whenever it gets empty. It is more affordable than pod kits because of the available refills.

4. Vape Kits

It is a perfect device for experienced people. The battery capacity and its size are pretty significant. You can operate it as long as you need to vape. It is easy to customize with the tank and the fluid inside it. You can refill them and charge the battery. There is no need to buy another device if you have this one. You need to invest your money once on this device and quit tobacco cigarettes.

Final Thoughts

If anyone wants to quit smoking, you should try vaping. Instead of taking medications or therapies, you should switch to vaping to get a next-level experience without affecting your health. The device works similarly, but there are no harmful chemicals and toxins.

It will not affect your heart and lungs. If you want to control your cigarette cravings, then vaping is a perfect idea. Within a few months, you can get rid of your bad habit. You can also quit vaping later if you do not like to smoke anymore.