Best Fitness Recovery Options From Home

Exercising is amazing for our physical health as well as our mental health. If you’re engaging in some intense exercise like weight training or something more light like pilates, recovery for either of these can be made faster by using certain methods. Waking up and feeling extra achy can be prevented by using some simple tips and tricks, these are our favourites …

CBD oil or a CBD vape


After a workout you will most likely want to lay straight down or run to the tap for some water if you’re at home, but the best thing you can do for recovery is use CBD oil. Well, you can also use it in the form of vape or chewable gummy bears. A few gummies, puffs or drops of CBD will work wonders for your muscles and will be particularly effective if used straight after the workout. Just keep reminding yourself not to forget this simple recovery step! If you usually work out at a gym or go to classes, luckily CBD products are small so you can carry them with you. You can find out more information from trustworthy sources like Area 52.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, it’s so effective for fitness recovery because it directly targets achy muscles and pains. Inflammation will be impacted if you take CBD, as research indicates the body’s endocannabinoid receptors will be affected. These receptors are in the endocannabinoid system that is in charge of regulating sleep, our appetite, pain and our immune systems. When they are affected it has a knock on effect on the rest of the body. Studies show that CBD may reduce acute inflammation which is commonly the body’s reaction to injury after exercise.

Yoga to stretch out and recover

Slower stretches and performing yoga positions and moves can be a brilliant way to recover from more intense exercises, however, some yoga poses can be strenuous so go for slow vinyasas if you are achy. There are many different types of yoga so it’s important to find one that suits you, this will be all down to preference. Yin yoga is a deep stretching yoga that is ideal for recovery and healing aches and pains after a busy week or exercise or sitting down in the office.

You don’t need to leave the house to practice yoga, you can use a mat and watch a YouTube video to relax after work. There are options for morning yoga, evening yoga, recovery yoga, you name it, you will be able to find yoga for your mood. Practicing regularly will help with flexibility and consequently recovery after exercise. The breathing that accompanies yoga also helps to put you in a calm mood and teaches you to control your body and mind. Get that blood flowing to help repair broken down muscle tissue or to generally stretch away the day.

Walking to stay active and get fresh air


It’s a good idea to go for a walk on your lunch break or after work, especially if you’re working from home. This will give you the chance to get some fresh air and at the same time you will be stretching your legs, if you have been exercising frequently this will help recovery. If you’d prefer to stay at home you could invest in a treadmill or some exercise equipment to walk or jog lightly on work breaks.

Book a massage

Whether you’d like a sports massage or something more gentle, this can be done from the comfort of your home. Getting a massage will help your muscles relax and you will help you chill out at the same time. Sometimes it’s nice to goto a massage parlour to treat yourself, but this is down to preference. Recovery usually speeds up after massages if you get them regularly, that will also help relieve tension in your muscles or knots that can be painful.

Invest in a foam roller to use at home


To improve motion and flexibility you can use a foam roller, they aren’t expensive and you can order these online to get a delivery straight to your front door. They’re durable and an excellent way to aid recovery after working out regularly. The form roller provides relief from muscle tension when you roll on it and the great thing is you can pick it up and use it whenever you like.

For very achy muscles, take an ice bath

If you are suffering from very achy muscles you can run yourself an ice bath too soon after working out to reduce muscle pain, inflammation and feeling of fatigue after intense exercises. This might sound like hell to some people but it’s more effective than a cold shower as you’re laying down and it won’t be so bad when you have been in for the first few minutes. Brave the cold for great results, try to live by the ‘no pain, no gain’ motto.

Other tips for recovery from home


Don’t forget you will also need to focus on rest and sleeping after workout, even if you are just doing it once or twice a week. Sleep is when the body repairs cells and it’s essential to rest properly to avoid physical exhaustion. Without eating properly you won’t be able to sleep properly so make sure you eat enough protein if you’re exercising regularly and even if you are just having a daily walk.

Eating your 5-a-day will help you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need to recover efficiently, make sure you don’t undereat or overeat to avoid feeling bloated and fatigued. Along with food, water and drinking enough liquids throughout the day are all beneficial to recovery and energy levels. You can feel tired from dehydration and you won’t recover properly if you’re thirsty.

So, there are lots of ways to recover from exercise and a busy fitness regime, whether you want to stay in the house or go out and about. There are certain products like CBD that will boost recovery time, help you sleep deeper and generally aid energy levels. Good luck with your fitness journey and we hope you recover quickly after exercising.